Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 10

Chapter 10 I called a friend and was taken!


It came out easily(´・ω・`)


Currently I am in Ojou’s bed with my head being held


「Routa. Do you know why i'm angry?」


Even if I were to turn away I could not escape

It isn't because I was held tightly

It is because my spirit is weak


「no, please understand. You are smart」


James is nearby

Angry, by every meaning he is angry

Scary! More scary than zenovia!


「wa, wafun(wha, what is it?! I don't know at all?!)」


「You smelling of ham is the biggest evidence! to break into the cabinet and eat all of the preserved meats! there is still three days until it will be refilled from town!」



I didn't know there was such a thing


「the quality of food the master and Ojou will get is going to drop, I want to feed everyone. Of course that is you too! Everyone is hungry but I feed them!」


「wa, wafu(old, man……!)」


Is so cool

Very cool

I might fall in love. Rather I have fully fallen in love!




The old man laughed while my head was beaten with a pon pon


「You will get the meat」




「by the way, this is your breakfast today」


「wafuu?!(E?! just this?!)」


The amount on the plate was small, only a mouth full


「There are only a few ingredients. The amount you eat late at night has been too much. The amount was less than expected. I intended to do something with all that meat, but you ate it last night. There are vegetables. There is wheat too. But no meat.」


The Old man had a closed fist pressed against my chest.


「take the consequences if you are a man. If you want to eat more, find it yourself. When you bring it to me I will cook it. Bring anything. You can do it. Regain your wild instinct」


「wan wan!(no no no no ! impossible impossible impossible impossible! there was never in wildness in this pet who was once human! there has never been a time when I was wild)」


「Go fight! Routa! Go untill you find food! ths is no joke! You will not eat tonight! you will go hungry!」


「Kiyaiiiin!!(EE?! You wont eat?! If you say something like that I can do nothing but go! I HATE IT!!!)」






「Take care! catch something big and bring it back!」


「Wafu~……(I will……)」


I was seen off with a wave, but my tail did not move.


I left the mansion with my head low being pushed by the eyes of the old man.


「kuun(haa, how could this be…… How could I be sent out to hunt……)」


I kept walk without power and then looked up


「wan!(Ahh, it is so! In such a time I should call out to those guys!)」


I had forgotten about my strong ally

The professional hunters


「Waoooooooo!(Garo! Garo chan! where are you?! Come here!)」


I raise my head high and let out a howl


「Gau(ha, here I am!)」


Behind me a black wolf appeared






「wan wan!(So fast! How did you get here so fast!)」


「Gau(I have always waited for King to get back so I was always prepared)」


Is this a stalker?


「wan wan!(You got here so fast, you suprised me with your scary face)」


「Ga, Gau……(Sc, scary?……)」


To my casual remark Garo seemed to hit very hard, and now looks quite sad


「Gau Gau!(Inspite of fear! King!)」


One of the wolves who was behind Garo came forward


「Gau Gau!(I am Baru! King! Garo here is the most beautiful of our familiy, our princess! To say such words to a lady……!)」


「Gau(it's fine baru. King, I apologize for the impoliteness. To show an ugly face there is no excuse)」


「wan?(Ee?, Garo. you were female?!)」




Unable to stand anymore Garo fell to the ground


「Gauuuu!(Your mageeeesty! This is too much! to say such things!)」


Baru spoke up and tried to protect Garo


「Gau Gau!(no where on this planet is a wolf that is to the same standard and Garo sama)」


Is that so?


Garo turned away after such was said

When I saw that form I got a feeling of a gentle being


「wan(Even if you say that, I cannot distinguish between your faces……)」


「Gauuuu!(Your mageeesty!)」


Saliva was flung and baru flew into a frenzy

It's dirty


「wan(no no, it's because, I ,  am not an animal……)」


「Gau?(A, nim, al……?)」


「……Gau……Gau……(It's fine. It is all fine, Baru. King, I'm sorry for showing you such a unsightly figure. It won't happen again, please accept my humble appology……)」


Yoro yoro Garo who is now standing bowed


「Wa Wan Wan(Ah, no, It is my fault. It was bad. I not understand beauty. I did not inted to speak i'll of you.……Im sorry, Garo)」


「Gau……(no no such a thing. I must appologize aswell)」


Was my apology accepted? Garo has raised her head and is sitting in front of me again


「Gau(It is fine King. What is it that you need of us)」


「Wan(no, well I kinda. It's embarrising but I have a small favour to ask of you)」


I was embarrassed talking like this to garo


「Gau(do you want us to leave the forest and invade the land of man finaly?!)」


「Wan Wan!(no it's not! it's different! it is very diferent! I do not want that to happen!)」


「Gau……(is that right?……)」


Why does she seem disappointed?

These guys are dangerous


「Wan(actually, though It is an imputdent request……)」




「Wan Wan(for a moment, can you help me with hunting? can you hunt for I who has never hunted? in place of me)」


I trust that wolves would be able to do such a thing easily

This is the perfect plan that I thought up

Reliance upon others is my creed!


「Gau……!(ah, oh……! it's spended!)」


Garo raised an impressed voice


「Gau Gau!(everybody everybody! Rejoice! The king has said he will guide us all in a hunt!)」




No no no ! did you hear what I said?

It is for you to hunt and for me to eat!

Is this it?!




The number of wolves kept increasing without me knowing


「Wa, wan?!(E?! wa?! wait!)」


「Gau(King here. In fact a troublesome demon has appeared. It was good timing. Please let us all see the strength of our King!)」


「wan!?(Garo?! Garo chan?! are you angry?! Are you really angry?!)」


「Gau Gau(no no no, there is no such thing. To be angry at the king no such disrespectful thing will be done!)」


「Wan wan(no but, ……I feel that you are angry?)」


「Gau(no, I do not feel angry at all. I merely want to see the brave figure of our king)」


「Wan wan!(it's a lie! You are really angry because of what I said earlier!)」


I do not like this, this guy is definitely holding a grudge


「Gau(now king let's go!. We will all do our best!)」


「kiyaiiiin ! !(I don't want tooooo! I don't want to fight against the scary demon ! !)」


Being partly dragged I was taken by the wolves.



A womens grudge is scary(´・ω・`)


Chapter end

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