Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 2

Wai dog Life! (´・ω・`)


A figure of a white wolf is reflected on the surface of the lake

I was overlooking it in a depressed mood

「Goau……(Such a wonderful wolf. It's a miracle that No one is worried about me attacking someone. Other than the female swordsman.」

I let out a sigh

If I grow any bigger than this more people will become suspicious

If you at me you will see something hellish

Water sprinkled on the surface of the lake and the appearance of the wolf warped

「Routa, come in as well, let's swim together」

Mary who was lifting the hem of her skirt came running over.

She is unexpectedly a tomboy

With an appearance of a water fairy playing in the shallow water

Super cute.



When answering usually a scary bark came out.

I am a dog.

I am a dog.

I am harmless and incompetent

「Hey are you scared of water? But I thought you loved baths?」

Ojou-sama grabbed my front leg and pulled but my gigantic figure was not disturbed

「wa, wan wan(I, I'm coming right now!)」

It is quite hard to imitate a bark of a dog

I worked hard and raised the sound of a dog so now I will enjoy swimming with my Ojou-sama

Burun Bururun

I shake my body throwing water everywhere


Ojou-sama receiving the water laughed happily

When I shook off the water I returned to my normal fluffy look

「he he, look Routa a rainbow is coming」

The spray became a fog that showed a brilliant rainbow

Even though it was beautiful, with the summer heat it eventually went away

「Routa, Routa」

Ojou called me

Eeh? What to see it again, then It can't be helped

Again, I was about jump into the lake but the maid who was waiting at the carriage came calling

「Ojou sama, we will be returning soon, there will be study in the afternoon aswell」

「Uu. Let's go Routa, I cannot make sensei wait.」

「wan wan!(Ojousama has to study hard from morning to night. Because of that I sleep and eat untill she comes back. So leave it to me!)」

I comforted Ojou on the carriage

It is a four seater horse drawn carriage but, two of the seats are mine

I have not realized it until now but things like this are expensive

Moreover I still have signs of growing further

「With this, We leave.」

The person that is the horse man? It is my friend the swordswoman zenovia

I have been so lucky to be reborn in this place

First of all imagine old europe

 Stone buildings. Fields of golden wheat. Echoing in  the dark forest, the sound of a wood is very calm and beautiful.

However there is a misunderstanding in the world of swords and magic which cannot be considered common sense in the modern world

Monsters in this world are called demons.the people who fight them day and night are called adventurers

This swordswoman is one of those

She is a falx family friend, but it seems she was an adventurer in the past

It seems fighting demons is a fun thing

But here we do not need the sword

Here is a place monster rarely come out, it is the influence of the holy lake

Zenovia does not work next to me at the house

At best she comes along when papsan or Ojou-sama go outside

That is nothing, when compared to me! HAHAHA!

 ……I just noticed it now.

This guy is my rival!

This family can't support two good for nothings, not in this house! There is room, but there is not. This is for my safety.I have to think of a way to get rid of her……

Well, then let's get back to the story

The big lake is visible from the carriage. It twinkles in the sunlight

Under this lake. Is a huge crystal that is blessed by a saint and sun, that is the source of the holy power and the reason that nearby demons do not come out

 To swim at a holy place like this some people would normaly get annoyed, but it seems papa owns all of this land so nobody cares.

I think that land that demons don't come out is a wonderful place.To own so much land just like that, my family's wealth is immeasurable

I did it, I am a dog of a wealthy family

But, even this swordswoman is the same somehow.

In this place with no violence,only the swords woman is vigilant, there is no demons here, the reason is because I am here.

Please focus on your job,I will not do anything.

 I mean no harm, But I understand your feelings! I would be cautious as well!

Such a huge wolf,I do not when such a thing would attack

I was wondering If I would be allowed in the carriage

Such a thing is done to me, I feel like I'm being thrown away

Even if you desert me it will be useless

I will be a parasite until I die

Do not underestimate the man who died from overwork

I snorted and decided I would continue my pet life

Getting back to the subject

Two carriages ran through a road built through the forest

The lake is not too far from the mansion

If you run for half an hour you can get home

I put my face out the window and enjoyed the scent in the wind


Blending in the smell of the tree a strange scent was found

It is faint, but it is something I have never smelt before

Searching for the source I moved my nose all around

Where is. This smell comes from where?

「……You, what are you doing?」

 Then I was called by zenovia who was sitting on the coach man seat.

When I looked up I saw that she was making a scary face.


Eyes full of murderous intent was staring back at me.

Super scary

I retract my head from the window in a hurry

From the front, I heard the sound of furious sniffing.

What the heck did I do? I have not done anything!

Even now I am not doing anything, I just want to spend everyday sleeping and eating

「what happened, Routa? Was there an insect?」

「Kwuu!(No it's not Ojousama!zenovia is a bully! He scolded me!)」

「Eh?, is the back of your ear itchy? Here?」

「Kun Kun!(You are wrong! I should be the only good for something at home! Please kick her out! Please send such a scary woman away!)」

「are you hungry? What about your legs?」

「kuun kuuun!(oh why can I only comunicate with you like this! Oh no! soko!

It feels so goood!)」

Ojou is familiar with my weak point,like this I cannot oppose her.

The was a pleasant 30 minutes back to the mansion


When we arrived at the mansion we all got off

「Well then, because I am studying. Please wait for me! when it's over let's have dinner with everyone and then we can have a bath together!」

「Wan wan!(Roger that,ojou-sama I will wait while taking a nap!)」

Whoa, I just used『wan wan』instantly isn't that just barking like a dog?

While wagging my tail and replied in good health

Ojou-sama waved back at me while reluctantly leaving, So I went inside with the maid


 A hard voice was raised behind me

Behind me was zenovia releasing a large amount of blood thirst

I do not want to turn around

「back in the wagon, I have something for you. wait here quietly」

The woman handled the horse and left

What are you doing?

Maybe It's some good food?

Whats going on?

What am I supposed to do?


「Gafu Gafu!(Bones are good! So good)」

I heard the cook threw the ribs of a cow that had been dried in the sun into light oil and fried

Not wasting food is wonderful

The flavour seeped out and combined with the crunchiness. It was truly a jewel

「Oi oi,Calm down eat it slowly. You really like that don't you. You」

In the corner of the kitchen I got a snack from the cook

「Wan wan!(Ossan, It's really good! Thanks!)」

「Oh, you sound like a dog now.…Or were you always a dog?」

Ha ha ha, with a smile the old man laughed and stroked my head

When i'm being stroked like this, I don't really care about anything. More stroking please.

I think that I am a dog just like this.

I got a feeling that I am hungry, I wonder If I just going to sleep here.

I rolled on the floor, I filled my face with a fluffy tail and used it as a pillow

「Kuu……(Good night……)」

The sound of the kitchen knife preparing food sounded around the kitchen,I feel drowsy and I embrace it

I was slowly falling into the world of dreams


Something is making a lot of noise, A female knight rushed into the kitchen

「What were you not waiting!! I told you the Reason but, UGH」

「Ah?! zenovia is it? What on earth do want? To be in such high spirits?」

A surprised old man, Look out of the kitchen from the back.

She was seen, then zenovia hurriedly fixed her appearance

「Sorry for being rude. James」

「Does zenovia want a snac as well? Unfortunately there is nothing like that……」

The bone cooking old man avoided making another dish, I patted about moving towards zenovia and offered a bone.

「no no, I don't want anything like that. …… Sure ok then.」

Then zenovia sat down in the corner at slowly chewed at the small rib

There are somehow some cute things about this girl.

Chewing on the rib and lowering her head.

「That was very nice. Thank you」

When  I raised my head I saw her gaze was focused on me


 When I was thinking about walking away. Then my head was grabbed for a moment。

I was taken out the back door.


The place was the courtyard where me and zenovia confronted each other

「I know you are not a dog.」


「is there a dog that grows this size in a month. And that face. Whoever looks will say that is a face of a wolf. First of all, I do not understand why anyone in this mansion is not worried」


「……You look like you would attack someone.And If I am not here I will not stand seeing anyone here in danger」

「Kuun kuun」

「is it useless! Even if you make such a pathetic noise. The decision does not change!」

Zenovia took out her sword and raised a cry

I wonder if that strategy is a failure

It is said that no one can face up to a cuteness attack

But zenovia did not fall

I cannot rest with such a thing

Seriousness was in her eyes

This person is really looking to harm me

「before I hurt you! This zenovia Lionheart cuts you!」

A long sword held in the air, zenovia declared.

E, it's a lie?!

Seriously it is!

There is no need for something lie this!

Wait! Stop! I will seriously Die!

I do not think about avoiding it

With a tremendous speed, the sword was swung down

The blade accurately came at my head.

split right in two

The sword

The scream of the steel. Spinning, was the broken sword.


「.... Impossible」

Zenovia is even more confused than me

I look around, I did not see a blood stain anywhere

Amazing! I'm intact!

I'm alive! Thank god!

「it's a lie.……my sword……  It was a masterpiece forged by royen……」

While muttering, zenovia fell to her knees.

Sitting down, Gazing at the broken sword

 ……I understand this feeling

 Well I guess. zenovichan,You got a fake。

Poor thing

An outrageous thing. It must have been sold under a big name.

「Something..... Such a thing like that happened because of this」

As expected

It is a pity

It looks like Zenovia is depressed. I got greedy and raised my voice.



 Eh. I was stared at

Oh, when I look up at her face and tears are coming out.

I myself, am half crying

I broke her sword. This woman.

「Y, You! You are not just a wolf!」

「Wan Wan(No, I'm a dog)」

「It is useless if you prentend to be a dog ……It cannot be hidden any longer! Prepare yourself!」

Zenovia spun around and said so while leaving.

What an unreasonable thing

On top of being swung at with a sword, I was also abused

Thank you for the reward

Shall I lick that crying face?

Chapter end

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