Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 11

Chapter 11 I went hunting! and then there it was!

There is no need for explanation!(´・ω・`)





The forest shook

Even the trees are no match for the giant figure that is running

Trees exploded and scattered everywhere and the grass and flowers were trampled and crushed


It was a huge cannonball of meat


「Gau……(This seems like it would be a good target to eat)」


All the wolves lick their lips at the sight


Is this their reaction to seeing such a disastrous scene


It seems that Garo has no sense of danger




Steam erupted from it's nose when the lump of flesh shook its head

The chips of wood that were stuck in it's fur flew off


It is one huge boar


Its weight must be close to one tonne

Four tusks jut out of its jaw all longer than a sword

Its eyes were red filled with rage, it was totally insane, it ran over a creek and attacked some wolves


It is seriously big

Though I am also considerably large it was still much bigger than me

It is the size of a small house


Such a large mass moving and high speed

A nightmarish spectacle

If it were to hit any wolf they would certainly break


「Gau(Just don't get hit and you will be fine)」


As garo said that the wolves showed no hesitation in jumping in

They surrounded the wild boar keeping a constant distance barking at it to try provoke it


Even though the boar charges in anger the wolves easily evade it by jumping to the side

Instead a trail of broken trees are made


I feel relieved that no one got hurt but the easy destruction of the trees is a bit scary

If this continues for much longer this will just become a clear plot of land


「Wan Wan(But how will we take this one down?)」


It seems there are no wolves who have taken damage, but the large body of the boar hasn't even lost a hair


「Gau Gau(This kind of demon is quite tough but it is also very aggressive, Because we can keep running with out sleep all we need to do is keep running for three days and then this guy will become exhausted and will fall and that is when we can attack its throat and then it will suffocate)」


「Wan(huh. Are you serious……)」


This is bad

There is no mercy

Everything will die if it can't breath


They provoke it at a constant distance so It will never leave


It is like children juggling balls but with a giant boar


「Gau(Is it alright if it takes the entire day to kill it?)」


These guys


Professional hunters


「Gau(Then, King)」


「Wa Wan(ye, yes?!)」






「Gau!(everyone open a way! His magesty the king will strike down this demon!)」


Reacting to the voice of Garo the wolves surrounding the boar all scattered


The wolves form two lines leaving a straight path to the boar and our gazes meet


「Gau!(This oversized pig that is not worthy of being called demon! Rejoice! for his majesty the king will destoy it!)」


Wait wait wait please? Garo?! Garo chan!?

Why do you do it even more?


It is already angry!

It is already scratching at the ground with its front foot preparing to dash


「Gau(every thing is prepare, King. please go ahead)」


Such an absurd thing


I feel as though this is revenge for earlier, but when I look into Garos eyes they are filled only with respect

Then I will try my best to take down this boar, from the bottom of my heart


But I do not need to be entrusted such thing

I'm full of doubt! I doubt my strength

Please help me!


I will seriously go splat!

This is really different from Zenobia’s fake sword


It's strange!

Absolutely strange!

All I wanted to do was live in peace and be spoilt

Why am I hunting such a monster!


I want to go home!

I want to go home, I want to eat, I want to sleep all day!

However there is no food!


Garo might replace me if I asked but that is impossible now, what are they thinking, putting me against this for my first time.


But now it is too late

I might fall down from being to hungry at any moment now


I need to kill this guy and take him home

Then have it become delicious with old man james’ cooking


I can do nothing but fight

Fear is meaningless


This guy is not frightening

It is just meat, it is just a pile of meat


Imagine it

If this were to be cooked up it will be the best!


It could be roasted, it could be fried, boiled, it can become the ultimate dish

This could make so many nice dishes


My mouth is overflowing, I can't stop it


I want it, I want to eat it

It will be so good.

Appetite over fear!


Go, my body! I will show this guy my finisher!




Was my ambition felt? It is charging at me now

A large cloud of dust is raised


Then we will face each other I will not move

I locked my feet into the ground and leaned forward


Let's go! Pile of meat!

I will kill without fail


「Garooon……(Small beam!)」


Let me explain

I can produce a small beam when I bark with a voice that is calmer, through trial and error I tamed the beam that would make everything disappear and made into something I could control and use to strike down a target


My goal is the meat and I do not wish for it all disapear

So please just die meat.


With the small roar the narrow beam came out of my mouth


A small beam of light expanded and struck the boar, but it did not even struggle getting through it




The boars knee folded

It fell, its large figure grinded across the ground and stopped in front of me


「wa, wafun(I, I did it)」


「Gaooooo!(A spleded ability! As expected of our a king!)」


Garo raised a war cry and a shout of joy


「「「Gau! Gau! Gau! Gau! (KING! KING! KING!)」」」


Surrounding wolves praised me as usual


But there is no time for that


「Wan Wan!(Oh! We need to hurry! There is no time!)」


「Gau?(there is no time, what on earth do you mean?)」


Garro tilted her head and blankly looked at me. Its cute.


「Wan Wan!(I said before I was sent out to hunt by the old man!)」


『do you understand Routa. Bring it to me once you catch it. If the blood is not dealt with after killing It will become stinky. Do you want to eat something tasty?』


Yes, I want to eat something tasty!


However it is something really big

Can I drag it?


「Gau(who is this old man, is it the one who saw off king. ……then we could carry it)」


Since Garo suggested I nodded


「Gau!(everyone, by instruction of the king! We will carry this prey!)」




Everyone slipped under the body of the boar and all at once stood up together


「Wan!(oh, so wonderfull!)」


When everyone put in effort together the boar was lifted easily.


「Gau!(I will go! Full speed! We will meet the kings expectation!)」




With all the wolves with the catch on the back me crossed through the forest like the wind


Old man, please wait (´・ω・`) the meat is coming!


Chapter end

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