143 Kaoru's Cake House Prologue

Jasmine lives with her mother after the death of her father. They move to a new place to start life afresh and to their surprise, a bright new life indeed awaits them. Jasmine spends her day surrounded by the flowers in her mom’s shop and enjoying the delicious cakes from Kaoru’s Cake House. Life becomes more meaningful when loneliness is replaced with friendship and love! But not all love have a perfect ending, some may end up a tragedy. What will happen to Jasmine’s love? Anything is possible in Kaoru’s Cake House…


“Every second spent together with the person you love is the time that one will cherish the most compared to the normal and boring every day.”

 “It’s no doubt that things become livelier when you’re with the one you love. However, it requires a lot of effort to accept fate when the one you love is not within reach.”



Please forgive mom and me. We can’t stand living here anymore. The memories shared with you here is too heartbreaking. Mom already bought a house in Kula Lumpur. I haven’t seen it yet but mom says that it’s really lovely there. It’s not far from the city but it’s not as busy as the city either. Mom has gotten a place for her shop so she could start her business there too. From what she told me, it’s the perfect place for her to open her florist shop since there none there yet.


You leaving us made us really sad. We really love you. I hope you’ve been able to reach heaven and are spending time there among others. Although you are no longer here in front of my eyes, the blood that flows in my veins is yours so you’re always a part of me like mom. I’ve always and always will be proud of having a father like you.

Both mom and I are leaving this house because every time, in every room, tears will drip out and memories flood into our minds. Every time I return from college, I see you although I know you’re not here. At night, I would almost wait for you to enter my room and give me a goodnight kiss on the forehead. When you’ve been gone for a long time, I wait for your phone call but remember seconds later that there wouldn’t be any anymore. There would also be times where I inadvertently wait for hours for one…

Mom and I will forever miss you and we’ll remember what you’ve always told us before,


“The past is the past, you can’t change anything about it but the future holds many things that are to be cherished.”


Thank you, dad…


From you’re beloved daughter,






The rays of the morning sun shone into the pale pink room. It was neat and tidy like how most female bedrooms were. A girl of the age of nineteen with beautiful, long tumbling dark brown tresses sat on the chair of her study table. In her hands was a book that she couldn’t entirely focus on reading. Every now and then, her eyes moved to the round clock hanging on her bedroom’s wall. The hands showed that it was already fifteen minutes passed nine. A frown appeared on her lips as she checked her wristwatch. The only difference between the two was that one was only a minute faster.


“Why hasn’t he called yet?!” she let out a frustrated sigh.


Time doesn’t wait for anyone…


“Jasmine, hurry down and eat your breakfast! I need to go to the shop already!” a soft yet shrill voice called from downstairs. The girl, Jasmine, sprang up immediately and rushed to the living room.


If even a tiny bit of the heavens were to change, I would feel lost…


Jasmine pulled one of the dining table chairs out and sat down. The breakfast her mother had made for her today was her favorite spicy fried noodles. With her right hand, Jasmine slowly reached out and picked up the fork that was placed next to her plate. She left the spoon at where it was. She glanced at her mother who was busy getting ready to head out while coiling the noodles around her fork Italian-style. She didn’t make a move to eat though.


Nothing can be heard…


“I’m going to the shop now. If you have nothing to do today, come and help me alright?” Jasmine’s mother said before making her way towards the door. Jasmine merely smiled and nodded her head in reply.


There is loneliness in the heart, you can’t hear it reverberating…


As soon as her mother was out of sight, Jasmine got up from her seat and left her breakfast uneaten. She plopped down onto the long sofa in the living room and stretched.


The condominium was silent. There was not a single person to mind her business now. Her mother had long left to open her florist shop at the shop lots nearby. Should she go there? Jasmine felt too lazy to do so.


Besides that, the one that she had been waiting for to call…did he call already?

Chapter end

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