The New York Subway Part 17


American Bridge Company, Structural Steel.

American Vitrified Conduit Company, Ducts.

Blanchite Process Paint Company, Plaster Work and Blanchite Enamel Finish on Tunnel Side Walls.

Brown Hoisting Machinery Company, Signal Houses at Four Stations.

Camp Company, H. B., Ducts.

Cunningham & Kearns, Sewer Construction, Mulberry Street, East 10th Street, and East 22d Street Sewers.

Fox & Company, John, Cast Iron.

McRoy Clay Works, Ducts.

Norton & Dalton, Sewer Construction, 142d Street Sewer.

Onondaga Vitrified Brick Company, Ducts.

Pilkington, James, Sewer Construction, Canal Street and Bleecker Street Sewers.

Simmons Company, John, Iron Railings, Viaduct Sections.

Sicilian Asphalt Paving Company, Waterproofing.

Tucker & Vinton, Vault Lights.

United Building Material Company, Cement.

_Electrical Department_

L. B. Stillwell, Electrical Director.

Electric plant for generation, transmission, conversion, and distribution of power, third rail construction, electrical car equipment, lighting system, fire and emergency alarm systems:

American Steel & Wire Company, Cable.

Bajohr, Carl, Lightning Rods.

Broderick & Company, Contact Shoes.

Cambria Steel Company, Contact Rail.

Columbia Machine Works & Malleable Iron Company, Contact Shoes.

Consolidated Car Heating Company, Car Heaters.

D. & W. Fuse Company, Fuse Boxes and Fuses.

Electric Storage Battery Company, Storage Battery Plant.

Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, Fire and Emergency Alarm Systems.

General Electric Company, Motors, Power House and Sub-station Switchboards, Control Apparatus, Cable.

General Incandescent Arc Light Company, Passenger Station Switchboards.

India Rubber & Gutta Percha Insulating Company, Cables.

Keasby & Mattison Company, Asbestos.

Malleable Iron Fittings Company, Third Rail and other Castings.

Mayer & Englund Company, Rail Bonds.

Mitchell Vance Company, Passenger Station Electric Light Fixtures.

National Conduit & Cable Company, Cables.

National Electric Company, Air Compressors.

Nernst Lamp Company, Power Station Lighting.

Okonite Company, Cables.

Prometheus Electric Company, Passenger Station Heaters.

Roebling's Sons Company, J. A., Cables.

Reconstructed Granite Company, Third Rail Insulators.

Standard Underground Cable Company, Cables.

Tucker Electrical Construction Company, Wiring for Tunnel and Passenger Station Lights.

Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Alternators, Exciters, Transformers, Motors, Converters, Blower Outfits.

Westinghouse Machine Company, Turbo Alternators.

_Mechanical and Architectural Department_

Chapter end

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