The New York Subway Part 16

McMullen & McBean, Sub-section 9A, 135th Street and Lenox Avenue to Gerard Avenue and 149th Street.

Naughton & Company (Naughton Company), Sub-section 5B, 47th Street to 60th Street.

Roberts, E. P., Sub-sections 10, 12, and 15, Foundations (Viaducts), Brook Avenue to Bronx Park, 125th Street to 133d Street, and Hillside Avenue to Bailey Avenue.

Rodgers, John C., Sub-section 9B, Gerard Avenue to Brook Avenue.

Shaler, Ira A. (Estate of Ira A. Shaler), Sub-section 4, 33d Street to 41st Street.

Shields, John, Sub-section 11, 104th Street to 125th Street.

Terry & Tench Construction Company (Terry & Tench Company), Sub-sections 10, 12, and 15, Steel Erection (Viaducts), Brook Avenue to Bronx Park, 125th Street to 133d Street, and Hillside Avenue to Bailey Avenue.


Cranford & McNamee, Sub-section 3, Clinton Street to Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, Brooklyn.

Degnon-McLean Contracting Company (Degnon Contracting Company), Sub-section 1, Park Row to Bridge Street, Manhattan.

Onderdonk, Andrew (New York Tunnel Company), Sub-sections 2 and 2A, Bridge Street, Manhattan, to Clinton and Joralemon Streets, Brooklyn.


American Iron & Steel Manufacturing Company, Track Bolts.

Baxter & Company, G. S., Ties.

Connecticut Trap Rock Quarries, Ballast.

Dilworth, Porter & Company, Spikes.

Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins (Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins Corporation), Track Laying, City Hall to Broadway and 42d Street.

Long Clove Trap Rock Company, Ballast.

Malleable Iron Fittings Company, Cup Washers.

Naughton Company, Track Laying, Underground Portion of Road north of 42d Street and Broadway.

Pennsylvania Steel Company, Running Rails, Angle Bars, Tie Plates and Guard Rails.

Ramapo Iron Works, Frogs and Switches, Filler Blocks and Washers.

Sizer & Company, Robert R., Ties.

Terry & Tench Construction Company (Terry & Tench Company), Timber Decks for Viaduct Portions, and Laying and Surfacing Track on Viaduct Portions.

Weber Railway Joint Manufacturing Company, Weber Rail Joints.


American Mason Safety Tread Company, Safety Treads.

Atlantic Terra Cotta Company, Terra Cotta.

Boote Company, Alfred, Glazed Tile and Art Ceramic Tile.

Byrne & Murphy, Plumbing, 86th Street Station.

Dowd & Maslen, Brick Work for City Hall and other Stations and Superstructures for 72d Street, 103d Street and Columbia University Stations.

Empire City Marble Company, Marble.

Grueby Faience Company, Faience.

Guastavino Company, Guastavino Arch, City Hall Station.

Hecla Iron Works, Kiosks and Eight Stations on Elevated Structure.

Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Company, Safes.

Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins Corporation, Painting Stations.

Howden Tile Company, Glazed Tile and Art Ceramic Tile.

Laheny Company, J. E., Painting Kiosks.

Manhattan Glass Tile Company, Glass Tile, and Art Ceramic Tile.

Parry, John H., Glass Tile and Art Ceramic Tile.

Pulsifer & Larson Company, Illuminated Station Signs.

Rookwood Pottery Company, Faience

Russell & Irwin Manufacturing Company, Hardware

Simmons Company, John, Railings and Gates.

Tracy Plumbing Company, Plumbing.

Tucker & Vinton, Strap Anchors for Kiosks.

Turner Construction Company, Stairways, Platforms, and Platform Overhangs.

Vulcanite Paving Company, Granolithic Floors.

Chapter end

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