The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 010

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 010

After a month of training, my ability was comparable to the Knights.

“The brave Ars, survived the painful training and grew in alarming rate. ”

”I give you this armor. From now on I hope it could help you. ”

The king bestowed me a mithril armor and sword. Amazing. Even for an adventurer, there is only a small number of mithril. The price of this probably is 100 times more than my total life income.

”I will work hard to meet everyone expectations. ”

I marked my promise with a heroish word.

”Today you’re allowed to go back to the village and rest. ”

Finally, after one month, I returned to the village.

”Hey, you’re back! ”

”The pride of the village! ”

”I always know you’re designated for something big. ”

I was welcomed by food and drinks. They even made a bonfire in the middle of the village square. Although living in the palace was good, I missed my days in the village.

One month ago, evryone was looking at me like a garbage. Hypocrite.

”Oh Ars is back. ” It was the mayor.

”Mayor isn’t it time to harvest? ”

Since the demon invasion, cultivation was hard. We even have to pay higher tax for failing harvest.

”Don’t worry. Because you’re the hero, our village was exempted from tax for 10 years. ”

”Huh? ”

It must be the true meaning of him rubbing his hand before. He made a negotiations with the knight.

”Ars? ”

."Oh! Pigna.”

Pigna came and brought a lot of food inside her tray.

“So much, eveb a horse couldn’t eat it all. ”

”It’s for grandpa. ”

After that she quickly left. Hmm… There is something strange..

After that I told everyone about my one month of training. Showed some magic. Everyone eyes shone after hearing my story. I ate Mom's cooking and it was delicious. I cried involuntarily.

NIght came and I head out to a small hill. My favorite place. From here I could see the whole village. Coming from such a tiny village, I became the hero.

Suddenly my hands trembled.

No way? I’m scared?

I practiced sword and magic. Yet, why? Why?

“I am a hero! No! I am a farmer! Don’t fight the demon. ”

Argh. I hit my head against the rock in vicinity.

Hit it again and again.

However, the rock couldn’t even scratch my hero body.

”Should I ran away? Should I quit as a hero? ”

The moonlight shone and fell on a figure.

”Pigna? ”

”I heard someone shouting. I didn’t mean to. ”

”Don’t worry. I came here to see you. Whenever you have a gloomy expression you always come here. ”

”Will you quit being a hero? If you quit who will fight the demon? ”

”It’s…. You know, there used to be a hero that defeat the demon lord. Maybe a new one will appear. ”

”Maybe once the demon lord is defeated or after you die.”

”Really? I wonder why i was chosen. ”

”You’re a lazy person, a coward, how can you be the hero? ”

”Hey, aren’t you saying mean things? ”

”Why is Ars the hero? ”

Pigna cried and hugged me.

”Pi-Pigna? ”

”Ars just quit. Ran away. Why should you carry the burden? ”

”But if I escape.. The demon. ”

”It’s just that we will be invaded by demons. ”

”It will be dangerous. Even this village will be attacked. ”

Aaah. Finally I realized. This one month I tried to protect this village. My home, Mom, Dad, Pigna.

”Don’t worry. I made my decision. I will defeat the demon. ”

”But.. You said.. ”

”I want to protect the village. I want to protect you. ”

”Me? ”

”Pigna? ”

”Listen to me. You have you to come back alive. ”

”Understood. Who am I? I’m Ars the hero. ”

Finally Pigna gave me a smile.

”Hey Ars… ”

”What is it? ”

Pigna began to squirm and her face turned red.

”If you’re okay with it, I’m willing to be your concubine. ”

Those words sent a shock down my spine.

”Where did you get the idea to be my concubine? ”

”Because once you defeat the demon lord, you will be married to the princess in the palace. ”

”You’re thinking too much. All the princess in our country is married. ”

To be exact, there is still one unmarried. But she is still 5 years old. It is a crime to put your hands on her.

Hey.. Does it mean..

”Are you proposing just now? ”

”Ah.. That.. ”

Pigna face looked like a boiled octopus.

”So, you are in a bad mood because I might marry a princess? ”

I don’t have problems because she looked so cute. I loved her more and more.

”O-of course not. I just want to bear your child. Oh no. What am I saying? Just quickly defeat the demon Ars. ”

”Ah.. What.. Ah.. ”

Pigna sent me strong uppercut. I was blown directly into the distant night sky. To be able to send me away with a blow, I, the hero. shall be careful around her.

However with this it’s settled.

I will defeat the demon, come back alive and marry Pigna!

Edited by Panda

Chapter end

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