The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 001

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 001

“Ichiro, get up!”

Mother barged inside the room and yelled. It's an absolute violation of privacy you know.

“No Mom… Five more minutes …”

“You need to wake up else you will be late!”

I sat drowsily on the bed while my mother forced a uniform through my head.

In an half-awaken state, I adjusted it till it fit perfectly.

“What about breakfast?”

“It’s your fault for waking up so late. Just take a slice of bread and eat it on the way.”

“No. That kind of things is only allowed for two-dimensional women. Eating bread on the way to school is reserved for them.”

“Just hurry up.”

Just when I was about to leave, a slice of bread came flying towards me, landing flat on my mouth. Of course it came from mother.

“Haaah…. So troublesome.”

I dragged my heavy legs lazily and head off to school.

If only a meteor would crash into the school.

When I crossed the crosswalk while rubbing my sleepy eyes, I suddenly noticed a truck rushing straight at me.

I turned my head towards the traffic light and saw that the pedestrian signal was green. The truck should have lowered its speed. Maybe the brake was broken?

Avoiding it will be probably be a nuisance. Yet, if I won't move, I will definitely suffer.

Am I going to die if I get hit? If I came out disabled, maybe I don’t need to go to school anymore? Whatever.

I felt sleepy.

I became lost in my thoughts and forgot to dodge. I flew in the sky like a complete idiot, accompanied by a sound that should not have come from a human body.

Ugh… It’s dark… I’m… Sleepy….

Then I suddenly woke up. Is it only a dream? Yeah, it was a dream. A dream of my past life before being reincarnated into this world, Gaia.

A dream about a lazy high school student of Earth. It brought a sense of nostalgia. Mother, are you doing fine? I don’t even remember her face anymore.

“….-sama… What happened?”

“Nothing. It was just, five years...”

“May I ask what happened five years ago?”

I felt the sensation of deja vu.

I slowly opened my eyes and a woman with white statue-like skin gradually appeared in front of me. Her white skin contrasted sharply with her long, black hair which reached to the floor.

In terms of beauty, out of a hundred women, she would always be the winner every single time. Her name was Runamiria. At the cost of my mana, she became under my control. 

“Good morning Guardian-sama.”

“Good morning. Runamiria, how long had I slept?”

“Exactly twenty months, thirty-seven days, fifteen hours, twenty-one minutes, and eleven seconds.”

Aaah… No wonder I’m still sleepy. I didn’t get enough sleep. I planned to sleep for at least three years. I yawned and stretched my body.


The wall trembled. As I rose from the ground, I can feel the strength returning to my body. I moved my limbs and tails, and eagerly spread my three pairs of wings.  

A smile was plastered on Runamiria's face, a smile which mothers usually gave. In fact, you can even call her my aunt in this world. 

Let me introduce myself. I’m one of the seven world guardians, Ryuuga, the God of Sloth. Five-hundred sixty million years ago, I was reincarnated into this world of sword and magic as a dragon.

Yup, the lazy high school student is now a dragon.

Edited by Panda

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