The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 013

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 013

After I finished the Guardian Dragon God of Sloth ordeal, I spent the day chillin. I slept for a few months in my human form but returned to the dragon form when I woke up. Even though Runamiria complained, I still hate my human form because it made me remember of who I used to be. More importantly, wasn't her leg feel cramped for staying in the same position for a few months?

I also was informed about hero-kun's journey. He set off using the empire airship and had been subduing demons all around the world. He seemed to be in a good health. If he kept this up, in the future it will be really possible to defeat the demon lord and entering Makai. Thanks to my hard work. And once he finished, my task of orchestrating the brave system will be reduced.

Until the time the demon lord is defeated, I can leisurely take a nap and enjoy it.

“Gurururur.. ”

It was coming from my stomach.

”Guardian sama. Do you hear that? ”

Oh shit.. I will pretend to still be asleep.

” Guardian sama, are you awake? Just now… ”

” Hooaaaammm.. ”

Runamiria was trying to say something but I continued feigning my innocence.

” I know you’re awake. When you’re sleeping, your breath is heavier and it has a bass like sound. I’m familiar with it. ”

” Whoa scary.. You even know the sound of my breath. ”

” Of course. Afterall I got nothing to do when you’re asleep except observing you. ”

” Don’t do that. ”

Of course I’m happy.. But, it was kind of creepy at the same time.

” Runamiria, in the name of Guardian Dragon God of Sloth, I ban you from seeing my sleeping face. ”

” What… ”

Runamiria face then turned white as if seeing a ghost. She immediately collapsed to the ground.

” Please show me some mercy guardian sama. Please! ”

She clinged to my leg, crying.

” No! Peeking on my sleeping face is a breach of privacy. ”

Afterall, knowing someone was observing my sleeping face couldn’t make me sleep in peace at all.

”Please forgive me! If I can’t saw your sleeping face, 50% of my health is gone. ”

How can my sleeping face make up 50% of your health?

”Anyway, what about the rest? ”

”Of course it was when you’re awake. ”

Oh no. She was now looking at me with her pleading puppy eyes. It was really hard to resist.

” Alright.. Arrggh.. I lift the ban earlier. ”

” Guardian sama, thank you! ”

Runamiria tears are still falling down but now her face was blooming like flower. Usually I will said” How dare you cling to me” but I’ll let it go this time. If she was a dog, her tail must be waving like crazy that it could create a whirlwind.

“It seemed like you two really get along. ”

It was a voice coming directly inside my head. I looked around and saw a midteen boy with a semi transparent body floating in the air. Long distance conversation magic?

The boy was well dressed and was smiling haughty. His face was good looking however he had horns, wings, and a tail similar to my human form. He is one of seven guardian god.

“Long time no see, Pride. ”

He is the God of Arrogance, Pride. Befitting his name , he has a big bossy attitude and he could easily offend people. The last time I saw him was a few thousand years ago.

” Yo, long time no see. I see you’ve grown a bit. ”

Actually I don’t want to meet him. Everytime a guardian god met with each other, something troublesome had happened.

” By the way laziness, I have a request.. "

“Oh Pride san, I’m sorry to tell you that I was hurt when the hero party came. I’m even bleeding. ”

” Oh? Are you holding back or playing around? To think a human could actually hurt you. ”

” It’s just that the enemy is the hero party. He should be able to met your expectations too. Please look forward to it. ”

” Laziness, it is the general assembly.. ”

” I am to lazy to listen. Sorry. ”

” Please, or I will keep bugging you till you can’t sleep. ”

” That’s…. Aaaah.. Alright I’ll listen. ”

There goes my peace.

” This matter is absolutely disgusting till I have no choice but to ask help from the other guardian gods. ”

What could make him said something disgusting?

” So, I think that there is no better competent Guardian God other than you. ”

Hah.. His mind must be broken. How can I, the laziest one, be the most competent?

“You know, I even feel frustated that I couldn’t solve it on my own. You must have known my feeling God of Sloth.”

Runamiria was also listening seriously.

“So, what is the problem? ”

” It is a very nasty situation. ”

What is it? Another mana stream trouble? A false God appeared?

” I don’t want to decorate it with nice words. In conclusion, this world is in danger. This world is going to perish! ”

…. What?

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Chapter end

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