The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 006

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 006

I wonder how long I had walked.

Gozman Empire’s first prince, Harold, wondered while drinking water from a leather drinking sack.

Since the cave was illuminated by the magic stones planted in the wall, the cave wasn't entirely dark. However, even so, the end of the tunnel could not be seen.

Inside the never-ending cave, Harold continued to think while walking.

If he succeeded, he will be one step closer to becoming emperor. He only had to endure this trial, but it might take half a day just to reach the inner sections of the shrine.

Harold continued to walk, all while dreaming about his coronation. In fact, he had been dreaming about this event for a long time ago.

All he needs to do now was to visit the Guardian Dragon God of Sloth to get his blessings. Then once he left safely, he will become the new emperor.

He was relieved that he wouldn’t have to face a monster or something else ridiculous. All he needs to do was move forward without “changing history”. Is this a clue to pass the trial?

“I see… so this is the test.”

Harold continued to advance without fear, even though an end cannot be seen

Will he have to continue walking? Is there even an end? When Harold began to ask himself these questions the road somehow changed.

“What is this?”

Harold shook his head to get rid of all the depressing thoughts.

“Calm down. Just continue moving. The path is straight ahead. Father said that there’s only one path.”

As he tried to move forward, his feet began to feel as heavy as giant boulders. It won’t leave the ground.

“What is this?”

Harold’s feet grew heavier with each step. Was this his limit? No, Harold had received magic training, so he was able to use some body enhancement spells. Thus, he trodged on forward.

“It’s troublesome.”


Harold was surprised. Is that me? Is that what I’m thinking?

As the future ruler of the Assurado people, how can he think that it is too troublesome to continue moving?

Since Assurado people valued diligence so highly, and for Harold to rule such a nation, it would be extremely inappropriate for him to think of moving forward as being a hassle.

He desperately tried to continue walking, but he was slowing down with each step.

Just give up… It’s useless.

“Shut up.”

It would be good to sit down and lie on the floor.

“Shut up.”

Just give up.


Don’t think. Just spend your days leisurely.


Harold punched the wall with his full power. His body-enhanced fist sank down into the rock wall. The blood and pain returned his sanity.

“Haha… I see… This is the test… No wonder father said that the enemy is myself.”

Harold kept dragging his heavy feet as he moved onwards.

If you began to have lazy thoughts in the shine, you will eventually stop doing anything and become stupid. And once you stopped walking, you would die.

Now Harold needed to walk on to change his fate.

If you’re lazy, just sit. If it’s troublesome, then forget it. If you’re tired, then sit or lie down. Just sleep and forget all the troublesome things.

This was the God of Sloth’s trial. If you fall into laziness, it would be troublesome just to keep living.

“Is this what father meant when he said I must continue the legacy? I can’t stop here.”

Diligently move forward. This was the only way to survive in the shrine. It was the motto that leads all who lived in the Assurado Continent.

“I will become the Emperor of the Gozman Empire, of the Assurado Continent that never gives up. Diligence is our motto. I can’t stop here.” Harold clenched his teeth and continued walking.


There was a sword sticking out of the wall. It was no ordinary sword. It was the Gozman Empire’s royal sword that was lost decades ago.

“Why is the sword here?”

Suddenly Harold remembered his father’s words.

“Father.” Harold gave a wry smile.

“Perhaps father brought the royal sword along while attempting the coronation trial. He had to leave it here in order to keep moving forward.”

Seeing the sword, Harold continued moving. After more than a half day of walking, Harold finally arrived.

“Welcome young emperor.”

Sitting on an elevated throne, with three pairs of jet-black wings was the imposing sight of the Guardian Dragon God of Sloth.

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