The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 012

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 012

The trial of the Guardian God of Sloth. As the demons grow stronger each time, the hero was currently undergoing this trial. This is a test to see if the hero is worthy; if he is, then he will be rewarded with new skills and abilities.

The trial is different each time. Once, it was to answer a riddle with a time limit of three days and nights. However,  I’m too lazy to bother.

“You’ve finished the trial. You can go back now.”

“Eh? That’s it?” The hero asked.

”Shouldn’t you be proud human? ” Runamiria then said with a cold tone.

“It’s not as you humans think. You can’t even scratch Guardian-sama and yet you are perhaps thinking about duelling him?”

Hero-kun’s face suddenly became ugly.

“Everyone, attack,! ”

A youthful impulse. Ah, it started to become troublesome.

Aah… I’m so lazy…

“Sonic Slash! ”

”Rock-Splitting Strike!”

The hero jumped while a warrior with a giant sword swung it down. The monk-like member and the girl started to chant behind them.

Maybe one is in charge of recovery and the other is in charge of magic. A typical party formation.

I blocked the hero’s attack using my right arm and the sword using only one finger from my left hand.

“Seriously? ”

”Don’t stop! ”

The warrior sent another kick towards my face. I received it with my forehead. It has decent power but was too weak to do any damage to me. Then he taook a step backwards.

” Triple lance! ”

The hero unleashed his spell as the warrior moved back. A combination magic attack of fire, ice, and thunder.

It’s a good spell but I easily canceled it with a spell of my own.

“In the name of God, evil will be punished. Holy Strike! ”

This is the spell that the monk-like man was chanting.

A chain of light came down from the sky. It is heavy. While his appearance doesn’t look it, his faith is quite high.

“Paula, now!”

“Flame Tornado!”

The moment that that voice was heard, my view became filled with fire. Just as the name suggested, it was a high level magic flame tornado.

I moved my wings lightly to generate wind and the flame disappeared.

“This can’t be…”



“Not what I expected…”

The hero party was looking at me with a sad look.

Oh dear. Was that their ultimate move? Not even a single strand of my hair was burned.

“Hero.. If it’s like this your power isn’t even enough to defeat the common demons.”

I’ll give a hint too.

“You can’t even dream about defeating the one controlling the demons, the Demon Lord.”

“Demon Lord?”

“There’s a Demon Lord?”

It should be mentioned that the previous hero didn’t tell him.

“God, please protect the people.”

What? If you ask me, it will be troublesome. I created a hero like you to lessen my work. Or should I kill him and create a new one? Well, let’s see if talking works.

“Hero, if you don’t stop him, this is what will happen.”

I instantly casted an illusion on them.

“Pigna! Dad! Mom! Everyone! Stop!” [ED: The last one is directed towards the demons…]

” Stop that… Please… ”

” Dad, mom, teacher… Why? ”

“Oh God! The children!”

The hero saw an illusion of his village being overrun by demons. They killed everyone mercilessly.

The hero and his party continue dbreathing heavily even after I released the illusion.

“Now, that was what would happen if you don’t stop the Demon Lord.”

Honestly their ability isn’t that bad. A little bit more and they can scratch me. It’s only a matter of time.

“If you don’t strengthen your resolve, you may die as well. ”

I casted a big fire to intimidate them. Of course they really may die, but this was necessary to test their mental strength.

” I… I will defeat the demons and the Demon Lord. I will marry Pigna and make lots of kids with her. ”

After the hero finished, it’s the girl's turn.

“The Demon Lord? I don’t care. I’ll burn them all! ”

“The demon lord behind the demon invasion? Interesting.”

“True peace won’t be achieved if we don’t defeat him!”

Whoa, the hero party was quite courageous.

” Now, Ars Funnel. You may have talent but you must also have courage. ”

That was a good speech from me. I wonder if it was enough.

” I know… Everyone… Let’s do it. ”

They picked up their weapons and prepared for round two.

Now, let’s continue.

” Die…! ”

” Oryaa…. ”

Hero-kun and the warrior came forward and attacked continuously. It had a higher chance of succeeding than if they do it one by one.

“O God, please bless our weapons. Weapon Maximize!”

The monk chanted magic to increase their attack. Their attacks then became sharper.

“Please, die…!”


Hmm.. I might need to fight a little more seriously.

“God will protect us against our enemies. Maximize shield!”

The monk once again casted a defence magic.

Why a defensive spell?

“Oi! Are you insane?”

Behind the monk, the girl chanted her magic. She was collecting a high density of mana.

“Paula do it now!”

“It doesn’t matter if we’re hit!”

It’s a suicide dialogue.

“Mega Flame!”

This was the highest levelled spell of the black flame type. She casted the spell without care as to whether it will hit the hero and the warrior.

Now, if this was what you want,…

“Whaaa… Its’ hot.”

“Heal please… Heal…”

The hero and the warrior cried out pathetically.

“God please heal our wound! All heal!”

It’s show time!

I deliberately turned off my defence.


The black fire clinged to my body. It didn’t actually hurt but it did crack my scales.

“Superb. I didn’t think you could ever manage even that.”

Then I peeled off my scales and reveal another layer of tough, unharmed scales underneath.

“How is he so tough…”

“We only damaged his first layer of scales. There is not even a scratch on the second layer!”

” Guys… Let’s attack again…”

Uwah… Those are the words that I want to hear. Brave hero! Maybe he can really defeat the Demon Lord.

“Nice spirit! Come hero!”

They gathered around the monk while used healing magic to restore the party.

“Let’s attack!”


“Here I come…!”

A mithril sword, longsword and bishop staff all came flying at me.

“Earth Spike!”

“Aqua Bolt!”

“Lance Bolt!”

Bright magic spells came flying at me from the witch too.

“Longsword Strike!”

“Holy Staff!”

The monk and warrior both sent crushing blows. It’s rather painful since I don’t have my outer layer of scales anymore. I may even pass out from of the pain.


The girl casted it on my feet. It caused my figure to collapse. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Hero-kun jump.

“Now Ars!”

“This is your chance!”

“Final Strike!”

The opportunity came from their team play.

The hero sword was shining brightly.


I received the shining blade with my palm as the Hero swung it down. I felt only some pain but I was sent a few meters back. The power wasn’t bad.

The shining light continues to cut.”Noo…”

I reached my bed… I looked at my palm and saw a single drop of blood. The source was a thin cut, as thin as a sheet of paper.

However Hero-kun was lying on the ground. His mana consumption seemed to be very great.

“Alright Hero… You have passed the test. ”

As soon as she sawmy palm, Runamiria’s looks became very scary.

“We passed?”

The hero showed an unbelievable face.

“Yes, and it’s due to your last attack. It had a “heaven” attribute and is called <>.”

The skill was of course given by me. The battle was kind of like a tutorial to gain skill.

I also chose the right time to make the tutorial more dramatic and epic.


The hero’s face was happy and he trembled with excitement. Then a strange silence fell upon us. What’s next again?

Then with a cough, Runamiria started to speak.

“Now Hero, please defeat the demons and Demon Lord of Makai, and bring peace to the world. ”

However, I actually wanted the demons and humans to live alongside each other in peace.

“If you meet the Demon Lord, please try not to kill him.”

However they couldn’t understand my reasoning.

“He isn’t a bad guy except for doing radical things sometimes, like massacre.”


“Well then, God of Sloth, we will take our leave.”

“I’ll pray for your success, Ars Funnel.”

Thus the brave Ars Funnel succeeded in clearing the God of Sloth trial.

Hang in there Ars, don’t lose…

“Finally it’s over…”

I lay down on the ground. I’m so tired. Seriously, among the Guardian Gods, I’m the most busy.

It’s tiring…

“Thank you for all the hard work Guardian-sama.” It was Runamiria.

“Have they left?”

“Yes, it is dangerous for them to stay too long.”

“Oh. Then let’s pray for their safety.”

“Guardian-sama, please show me your hand.”

Runamiria took my hand and a warm light of healing magic wrapped around my hand. It healed the wound instantly.

“Thank you…”

“You didn’t have to say that.”

“Then, my work is finished. I’ll sleep now…”

“Guardian-sama, your bed…”

Aah, it was damaged…

“It will be impossible for me to use it if I return to my dragon form. I’ll stay like this for now.”

“Guardian-sama… If you don’t mind…”


What came was a shy high pitched voice.

“Guardian-sama, please use my lap as your pillow.”



I can’t believe that she offered herself as a lap pillow.

“Well, sleeping in my human form on the hard rock bed may hurt my body. If you’re okay with it, Runamiria, I’ll take you up on your offer. ”

“Yes please.. It’s an honour.”

Runamiria sat down and cleaned her lap many times.

“Guardian-sama, if you please…”

“Please pardon me…”

I put my head on top of her lap. It has a nice soft feeling… Like a foam pillow…

“Then, I’ll go to sleep now…”

“Yes Guardian-sama… Good night…”

I peek a bit and saw a giant satisfied smile on Runamiria face… With that, I let go of my consciousness…

Edited by Panda

Chapter end

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