The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 005

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 005

After dealing with hell, that was the mana stream problems, I went to sleep.

“This stream… No… No more… Aaa…”

I am having a nightmare. It was a replay of the mana stream problem again.

“Guardian-sama, a group of humans is approaching”

“Oh?! Visitors?”

“It is most likely royalty. Even so, their standing is far below yours.”

I changed into my original human form and Runamiria’s face suddenly distorted. Whenever I transformed into this form, her mood becomes complicated.

“It’s just a way to hide my true power”

“If you say so.”

“Well. I’ll wait while napping. Runamiria, please wake me up when they arrive”

“Yes master”

I had a pretty good idea why they came. They needed to crown a new emperor.

Wait… Let me modify the bed a little. It was too troublesome for my current size.


“So this is the shrine of the Guardian Dragon of the Assurado Continent”

The Assurado Continent was unified under one nation: the Gozman Empire. The first prince, Harold, murmured once he saw the giant shrine in front of him.

“Yes, this is the shrine of one of the Seven Guardians: the God of Sloth. Once you had finished your audience and arrived back safely, we can complete the coronation ceremony.”

The very first emperor of the Gozman Empire started this tradition and continued for all twenty-three generations of emperors after him. The audience with a God was a valued tradition, like having divine blessings.

“Then, your majesty, we will take our leave.”

“Wait. Let me borrow your sword.”

As Harold will be meeting a higher being, he wanted to make a good impression. However, he lost his composure when one of the knights handed him a sword.

“Don’t worry, it’s only heavy at first.”

Harold blushed in embarrassment and with a trembling hand, caught the sword.

“Now Harold, I will give you a word of advice about the challenges that lie ahead.” It was from his father, the current emperor.

“Inside, you have to defeat your own enemy.”

“Enemy? Is it a mighty beast?”

Harold’s face went pale. He thought he was only supposed to meet the God dragon, as a part of the coronation ceremony.

“No, there are no monsters in the area.”

Harold breathed a sigh of relief. His talent in swordplay and magic was only mediocre, far from what was required to become a hero.

“The entire ordeal isn’t too difficult. I have confidence that you will succeed.”

The emperor laughed to reassure Harold. He also wanted to appear strong, as it will help him build political support in the future.

“So, who is my enemy then?”

“It is the most formidable enemy possible: yourself.”

“Myself? What do you mean?”

A doppleganger? A monster that can transform?

“Harold, do you know our country’s motto?” The emperor asked the confused Harold.

“Of course: Never give up.” [ED: lol.]

The Assurado continent consists mostly of harsh terrain covered with ice and snow. Thus, every single day is a struggle for survival where only the strong can live. For example, if you failed to collect firewood, you died. If you couldn’t hunt for food, you died. Diligence here is highly valued as a virtue, especially in the royal family since they have to lead the masses. Due to their diligence, the royal family has led the Gozman empire as the main powerhouse.

“Good. Don’t lose your way. You have to continue our legacy.”

“Yes father!” Harold nodded vigorously.

“Go, my son.”

After his father finished speaking, Harold stepped into the shrine without hesitating.

“He already went in.”

“Your majesty, please don’t worry. The prince is strong. I have watched him grow since childhood, I have full confidence he can succeed in the trial.” These words came from a knight that had trained Harold since he was little.

“Alright, make preparations for a camp. We will await his return.” The emperor sighed, staring at the shrine.

“Guardian Dragon God of Sloth, I leave him in your care.” He wished for his son’s safety. “And Harold, come back safely and don’t disappoint me.”


“So Runamiria, I am thinking about remodeling the bed. It’s so hard to get on and down from it. I’ll lower it.”

“No! The strong must always look down on the weak. Besides, Guardian-sama looks great sitting there. Looking downwards at 37 degrees, lowly creatures will even faint from seeing your majesty. The angle of your first pair of wings is at 84 degrees, the second at 55 degrees, and the third at 31 degrees. Your feet should be…”

“What? Am I a magazine model?”

“Eeh? Magazine?”

“Don’t worry about it. The point is, it’s difficult for me to get up onto the bed.”

“Master, please don’t change it.”

Time peacefully passed while the prince continued to venture deeper within the shrine.

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Chapter end

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