The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 014

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard 014

“Let me say it again.. This world will perish. ”

“.. What?”

“Pride-sama! Is that true? ”

My reaction and Runamiria was very clearly different. We didn’t hear it wrong. It was such an absurd thing. At this time it was better for me to go to a confession room and consult all my worries to a Father.

” A few years ago I located a mysterious object drawing near to planet Gaia. It was from Chimera Galaxy. The diameter is 50km. It will crash into Gaia in a few days. ”

“… Eh?”

“At first I thought that it was regular meteorite however the speed was absurd. The object is 200,000 kg and it is the harbringer of disaster. ”

”So, it will hit Gaia in its trajectory? ”

”I tried to shift it course but it corrected itself by increasing its speed. ”

”So it was partly your fault…”


Surely it wasn’t as simple as a meteorite.

“So, Laziness of Sloth, I want you to investigate this object. ”

I really need a break.

”But, I would like to hear something from Arrogance of Pride.”

“What is it? ”

”I’d like to know why me? Therr are better Guardian Gods out there. ”

”Out of us seven, you have the best mobility. It was out of our atmosphere and you’re the only one that could move. ”

Certainly I have three pairs of wings and the fastest one among the Guardian Gods. It was my forte. For the laziest to be the fastest.

By the way, Pride has a wide range of search capabilities and computing power, number one in the universe.

”But it doesn’t mean other God couldn’t do it. What about Greed? His attack power is the highest. ”

”But the responsibility bears greater on you. ”

”What did you mean? ”

”By the orbit of the object, it will land in the middle of Gozman Imperial Capital! ”

Hey, it was as big as the planet Gaia. Is there such a landing location?

”Anyway it is going to fall in your jurisdiction so the rule said that you’re the one responsible. ”

I couldn’t talk back. Afterall, stubbornness is Pride nature. He then glanced at Runamiria causing her to be frightened.

That reminds me, this Pride wanted me to trade Runamiria for a large amount of spirits before. He was a spirit collector.

I used my wings to hide Runamiria from his line of sight. She then clung to my wings.

“Alright, I’ll go deal with it. If you have nothing more to say, get the crap out of here. ”

”Alright Laziness. I’ll wait for the good news. ”

With a simple turn of his body, he dissapeared.

” Guardian-sama.. ”

Runamiria came out with tears on her eyes.

”Don’t worry. He has go back. ”

”No.. It was my fault.. For me to be so miserable and show my weak side to you. ”

About spirits like Runamiria, it maybe fate that brought us together. It was hard looking for such a good spirit to serve you. Especially for Guardian God like me and Pride.

”Don’t worry. If I couldn’t sleep, it wouldn't be your fault. It was Pride’s. You have been taking good care for me while I’m sleeping. It’s normal for me to do the same. ”

”Guardian-sama… Thank you.. ”

”So, Now I will go and save the world. ”

I patted her head and flapped my wings.

”Yes Guardian-sama.. I wish you luck. ”

”Yoosh.. ”

I flew out of the mountain center which became my base.

I climbed higher and continued to rise to the top.

I penetrated the sea of clouds .

Now I’m breaking through the stratosphere.

The sky gradually turned black as I left the atmosphere.

Me, the fastest of Guardian Gods is clearly the best.

It took me three minutes for me to arrive at the location.

Of course there was no other organism here. There was no air but it wasn’t a problem. As long as there is mana, I could live anywhere. Actually the mana in the space was in higher purity and it felt comfortable.

The good mana feeling and the silence of the world made me sleepy. It is as if I was sleeping in a water bed.

“Zzz. Zzzz. Zzz.. Huuuk.. This isn’t the time to sleep. ”

It is dangerous. The temptation was too great.

I shook my head and regained my composure. I need to return to my objective. Pride said it was coming from Cimera Universe right?

” Chimera.. Chimera.. Ovr there.. ”

I was seeing a big red shining star. It was moving with a fast speed and instantly it became bigger in front of me.

”Wha.. Wha.. Aaaaryaa.. ”

The mystery meteorite was a sphere object. However the surface was smooth. It was clean and round. It wasn’t made of natural rock but metal. It was coloured silver and had some geometric lines on the surface.

” What is this? ”

The mystery meteorite look like a weapon that came out from a movie about the war of the worlds. Seriously now from fantasy setting it turned into science fiction?

”Wait. Please stop. ”

Suddenly in my confusion a mechanical voice could be heard. The thing opened and something came out. Is that a person? Well, I’ll start by introducing myself.

”My name is Laziness of Sloth. One of Seven Guardian God of planet Gaia. May I know who are you? ”

”We’re Raha of superior species. We come from Niotie Universe to grant this universe a blessing of our glorious presence. ”

His ego isn’t lower than Pride’s. So, that round object is their spacecraft?

”Superior species? I only know Myra and Yomuki race in this star system. ”

If it was a spaceship then clearly can be resolved by words. However if their means is to create genocide, it won’t be resolved peacefully.

” We’re Raha from Teirahasu Star System. We are heading to a planet called Gaia to fill our supply. ”

What kind of supply?

” If I may know, what kind of supply? Maybe I could tell you a good place for it. ”

” It is air, minerals, plants, water, we want to resupply everything. ”

Their objective was even more scary than Greed’s of Greed.

“Superior being, Gaia resources seemed to only enough for the people. If you come and resupply here, I’m afraid our resources will be depleted.”

I will try to communicate first and of course I also have a limit to my patience.

“It is what happened to our star at first. Then we came to Heath Galaxy and the same happened. We Raha species required a lot of resources. Now, we come to this place. ”

I see.. I think I couldn’t be nice any longer.

I was reincarnated here and given a job as a Guardian God. If only I could file a complaint to the omnipotent God. This is troublesome.

” Superior beings, please get lost and never returned here. This is my warning. ”

” What are you saying? Are you courting death? ”

From the round sphere shape, a canon came out. No, it wasn’t just one . Countless canon appears from the sphere and from various places a frisbee object with an abusrd size, not even smaller than me pop out. Is that a flying disk instead of a canon projectile?

” You dare to disgraced us by threatening us. This is the consequences. ”

Honestly it is soooo cumbersome. I want to sleep a lot after this.

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Chapter end

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