The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9: A complete makeover from Aunt Rong (2)

An Yan kept her head lowered and muttered something. She looked like a girl who had her emotions stirred up. She fought against the wave of shyness that came over her, not paying attention to anything else.

"Hehe, how is this teasing by Aunt? Yan-er is really a big girl now. Moreover, your eldest sister had already been betrothed and come spring, she will get married. After your second sister chooses one of the noblemen’s sons that visit her, then won't it be your turn, Yan-er?"

As Aunt Rong spoke, she patted An Yan's head. Listening to her gentle voice, An Yan felt as if she was being bathed by the spring wind. What An Yan likes the most is to listen to Aunt Rong speak. Her voice was as charming as that of a celestial fairy. Perhaps, even those celestial fairies in books were nothing compared to her.

Listening to Aunt Rong's words, An Yan began to fantasise about something that she had never thought of until now. She started to eagerly look forward to who would come marry her in the future. She did not have many demands in a future husband. She just hoped he would not hate her because of the notorious reputation she's had since she was young. She wished he would love her just like Aunt Rong did. She did not look for a man who is very wealthy or who is very handsome or multi-talented. She just hoped that he would love her and treat her as if she were his treasured object.

Aunt Rong laughed upon seeing An Yan's expression. Since she had already experienced this, she could naturally understand any young girl's thoughts, not to mention those of a unique girl like Yan-er.

"Oh, by the way, when will Mo Yuan gege1 marry Zhen jiejie of General Zhen Yuan's family? Yan-er wants to go to Mo Yuan gege's wedding banquet!"

The person An Yan was thinking about was An Mo Yuan, her second brother and the son of Aunt Rong. It was rare to see him about, but he had always treated her well and had never looked down on her. Mo Yuan gege had been born within the prime minister's mansion, but he was very fond of the military. From childhood, he had practised arms and at 13 years of age, he joined the army. Ten years had already passed since then. He was now the deputy general of their Qi Country, under General Zhen Yuan.

She knew that there was something between Mo Yuan gege and Ouyang Zhen jiejie. Previously, when Mo Yuan gege had returned to the mansion, she had heard all the servants in the mansion talking about this matter. Unfortunately, she hasn't yet seen Zhen jiejie, so she doesn't know if that girl is worthy of her handsome and powerful brother.

She was already at this age, yet she has never been to any festive weddings. When her eldest brother, An Shuo, got married, she had been hiding out in her room. She had gotten a wedding gift, but no one had come to invite her.

An Yan thought that since Aunt Rong and Mo Yuan gege treated her well, when Mo Yuan gege got married, perhaps she would finally be able to attend his wedding feast.

"You will have to personally ask this matter to your Mo Yuan gege."

Aunt Rong laughed and touched the tip of An Yan's nose before she changed the subject again.

"Today is the birthday of your two older sisters. Many people who were royalty or noblemen have come as guests. Nanny Fang told me that Yan-er wants to go there. Is that true?"

Aunt Rong looked at the clean but ragged clothes An Yan wore, looked at the jade hairpin that was in her hair. She frowned and said, "Where are the new clothes that Aunt sent you?"

An Yan heard the anger in Rong’s tone and simply thought that her own fragile appearance was what had caused Aunt Rong to turn pale. All of a sudden she felt guilty and she hemmed and hawed as she hesitated over what to say.

An Yan did not know what would happen if Aunt Rong found out that the clothes sent to An Yan had all been sold secretly for a profit and converted into silver coins when she had snuck outside the mansion with the servants. An Yan did not have much use for those beautiful clothes so it was better that they are converted into silver coins and saved, as there will inevitably come a day when she could use them.

Every night Aunt taught her from the Chinese Classics – Poems & History. From that, she learnt a lesson that, no matter what happened and regardless of how it affects her, she must always set aside a path for herself.

These saved silver coins would be the foundation of her future path that she would tread.

Aunt Rong simply thought that An Yan couldn't bear to wear new clothes so she did not inquire further into this matter. She looked at her maid, Zi Yi, who stood beside her and instructed her …

refers to an older male relative or friend(like 'oppa', heard in k-dramas!), in this case she is addressing her elder brother ↩

Chapter 10: A complete makeover from Aunt Rong (3)

Every night Aunt had taught her from the Chinese Classics – Poems & History. From that, she learnt a lesson — no matter what happened and regardless of how it affected her, she must always set aside a path for herself.

These saved up silver coins would pave the way for her future.

Aunt Rong simply thought that An Yan couldn't bear to wear new clothes so she did not inquire further into this matter. She looked at her maid, Zi Yi, who stood beside her and instructed her, "Go and help the Third Miss to dress up properly and ensure that she wears clothes suitable for the occasion."

The maid, Zi Yi, who was by her side, deferentially bowed her head accepting the order. Aunt Rong turned to look at An Yan and told her, "No matter what I think about it, I want Yan-er to go to the main courtyard to take a look. In a while, after Zi has dressed you up in appropriate garments, let us see who still dares to bully you!"

"But, the rumours within the mansion…"

An Yan became happy. She also wanted to go and enjoy the festivity so that she no longer needed to be so lonely and desolate. But there were still all the rumours about her that had been spread within the mansion for more than a dozen years. How could they be so easily dispersed?

"Your Aunt will be there, so who would dare to say anything?" The Aunt Rong, who always seemed delicate, suddenly raised her voice, looking indignant. An Yan heard this, and stifled her misgivings and laughed. She then obediently followed Zi Yi and entered the house.

Aunt Rong also laughed as she saw her entering the house. Once An Yan went inside, Aunt Rong removed all expression from her face and sipped some warm tea. She leisurely asked Fang mama, "In a while, please be prepared to protect Yan-er. She must not suffer any grievances."

"Understood. This old servant will definitely protect the Third Miss properly!"

An Yan breathed in deeply as she looked into the mirror at the phoenix-eyed reflection that stared back at her. The mirror also reflected her exquisite nose, pink lips and those jet-black pupils that seemed able to pry deep into the heart of a person.

She also wore a delicate, jade butterfly hairpin. On the other side, there was a gold, fan-like hairpin, the tassels dangling over her jet-black hair. It was extremely eye-catching. The hairpin that Zi Yi had put in her hair was trendier than the hair accessories her elder sisters and younger sister in the manor possessed.

She was dressed in a white skirt embroidered with orchids. The embroidery was not overly intricate, but the design was simple yet elegant and beautiful.

The high collar of the gown accentuated her slender and graceful neck.

An Yan had never before styled herself like this. Even she couldn't recognise herself. She was startled at the change in her looks and began to feel uneasy. She turned her head and asked Zi Yi, "Zi Yi, the way I am dressed up today, isn't this a little inappropriate?"

Beside her, Zi Yi was also seeing An Yan like this for the first time. She never knew that the Third Miss who was always dressed in ashen and worn out clothes would actually be so eye-catching. It really wasjust like the saying of ‘the clothes make a man’! After dressing in this manner, even the speech of the third Miss seemed to have undergone a change. It was as though she were a different person.

"Today is a big day. Second Madam has let me dress you like this, keeping in mind that today there will be a lot of distinguished ladies and gentlemen present."

Zi Yi came and stood beside An Yan.

"Second Madam has already gone ahead to the main courtyard. She has instructed this servant to bring the Third Miss directly there."

An Yan faced the mirror and looking at her reflection. The frowned and thought, What was improper? She was the Third Miss, the prime minister's manor's Third Miss, so the way she was dressed up, how could it be improper? Who would dare to say that it was incorrect anyways?

She then stood up and turned around, her skirt swirling about in a gorgeous arc.

Following behind Zi Yi, An Yan boldly walked forth with her head held high and her back straightened. She had learnt all the etiquette required of a daughter of an aristocrat perfectly and today, she would finally be able to use them.

When An Yan walked out of Xiu Liang Courtyard, she felt that the snowfall outside had increased.

Chapter end

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