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Chapter Sixteen : Happiness without Hope

It was a pleasant ride to Shah Alam. Conversation filled the air of Elle’s Satrio Neo as Jasmine gradually became more comfortable with the young man when she found out that he was also Ginn’s business partner.

“Why do you drive a Satrio Neo when Ginn drives something more expensive?” Jasmine seemingly questioned out of the blue when Elle stopped before a traffic light of Section 9 near Concorde Hotel.

“Ginn’s tastes are different from mine. He likes rewarding himself with expensive things, especially when celebrating success. I think it’s weird, but to each his own,” Elle shrugged and continued driving once the light turned green. “He bought that Fiat Brava after the success of his Moon-Glit collection which brought Berry’C to fame.”

“So basically Ginn brought Berry’C fame?”

Elle nodded.

“But weren’t you the one who won the fashion designer award in London?” Jasmine’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She recalled the words of Datin Sharifah which was also the first time she had heard of Berry’C and Elle Cavier.

“How did you know that?” Elle glanced at her, impressed.

“Elle Cavier, you’re one of Malaysia’s top designers. How can I not know? I’m a fashion lover too!”

A grin tugged at the corner of Elle’s lips when he heard Jasmine’s exclamation, though he said nothing in reply. Instead he turned right, towards Bukit Cerakah, keen to enjoy the nature with Jasmine at the Botanical Park of Bukit Cahaya, Seri Alam. It was an attraction that Jasmine had wanted to visit for a long time already—ever since she was in university, but she never found a chance.

“We started Berry’C about four years ago, after my sister, Berry, got married,” Elle said while getting out of his car. Jasmine was already standing on the pavement, waiting.

“That means that the boutique is named after your sister?”

Elle nodded in reply again.

“She must be really special then,” Jasmine smiled.

“She’s my only sister. She inspires and aspires me to become a great designer, just like how Moon does for Ginn.”

Jasmine froze in an instant. Moon? Who’s that? It was a completely foreign name to her and it was one that brought a sinking feeling into Jasmine’s stomach. Elle faced her, confused until he recalled his earlier words and let out a regretful sigh.

“You want to ask about Moon, right?” Elle voiced out his suspicions, keeping an eye on Jasmine’s reactions.

However, the girl showed her pearly whites and tugged his sleeve instead.

“Come on! We can talk about that inside, I want to go in and see everything first!”

Elle obeyed, but he also knew that Jasmine was masking her dismay.

“Don’t read too much into what I said.”

The smile remained while she continued to steer the young man towards the ticket counter as though she no longer cared for the matter, adding to Elle’s confusion. He knew that her disappointment was grounded but still, she chose to hide it. Elle hoped that by spending the day with her, it would make her forget the feelings she was trying to conceal. He didn’t know whether she was doing the right thing or not, but he knew that the more time he spent with her, the more he felt a connection between them.

When it comes to true love, we will need the goodness of our significant other whereas in romantic love, we will need our significant other’s entire being.

Almost an hour had passed since Elle and Jasmine went around the botanical garden on their rented bikes, taking in the breathtaking views. Jasmine was already tuckered out, as was her companion for the day. How could they not? The both of them had cycled up and down hills, chased each other, and basically had the time of their lives before coming to a halt at a resting stop near Sungai Baru’s dam.

Jasmine breathed in deeply while fanning herself with her hands, waiting for a breeze to pass by so their hot and sweaty bodies could cool down. Elle leaned against one of the pillars, gazing at the greens. He didn’t notice Jasmine studying him until moments later.


“Nothing, you’re gorgeous even when you look miserable,” Jasmine answered nonchalantly. It was true because whenever she saw the man, he would be dressed fashionably even when he’s being ‘casual’. Though, presently, Elle’s hair fell over his eyes, style-less. His shirt was soaked with sweat and his face was red from the weather. Still, Jasmine could detect faint traces of Elle’s cologne.

“Hmm, did you fall for me?” Elle teased, earning a sharp glare from Jasmine.

“Pffft. As if! Don’t get cocky!”

As Elle snickered and Jasmine smiled, both of them didn’t realize that they had gotten closer to each other. A comfortable silence fell on them afterwards, though not for long.

“You don’t have a girlfriend yet?” Jasmine questioned.

Elle didn’t answer immediately. His gaze remained on the view beyond the dam, fixed on the sky. It was as if he was deep in thought, finding a suitable reply.

“I had given all of my attention to my sister. She’s my only love in Malaysia since the other members of our family were elsewhere.”

Hearing this, Jasmine couldn’t help but felt touched in a sense. He was definitely a loving and devoted brother.

“Where is she now?”


“Your sister, obviously.”

“Now, she’s with a fine young man who adores her just as much. He’s also a man that I trust deeply…because he passed all of my obstacle tests,” Elle laughed.

“Berry’s lucky to have a brother like you,” Jasmine grinned.

“You don’t have one?”

“Only child,” she answered simply.

“No wonder you’re so spoiled,” Elle began to tease again.

“Excuse me?!”

Elle was about to run away when Jasmine’s face appeared in front of him with her hands on her hips. He then, pleaded for her to have mercy and to not be angry…only to receive giggles in return. Stunned, Elle could only watch Jasmine as she reclaimed her spot beside him.

“What’s wrong with you?” he muttered unhappily, only to have discomfort added upon him when Jasmine’s gaze locked with his. Her stare made his heart beat faster.

“You’re too serious,” she said flatly. “I was only joking and you got scared. If I bring you along to a horror movie, I bet that you’ll piss your pants.”

“Excuse me?!” Elle immediately stood up and mimicked Jasmine’s earlier actions while trying to contain his laughter. She was such a cheeky person!

Jasmine playfully punched Elle when she realized that he was trying to mock her. The both of them fell into a fit of laughter, so immersed in their own world to the point that they didn’t notice the other visitors of the park passing them by.

Every second spent with the one you love is a happy moment that should always be cherished, compared to a lifetime spent normally and in boredom.


Chapter end

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