A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 46

A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 46

Who thought that Xiao Nai just really wanted a romantic trip away with Wei Wei (me! me! And then I was disappointed).

Two chapters left! (Head over to Fanatical to start reading some of the joint outtakes with Shan Shan if you have the time. Peanuts is amazing!)

[1] The important thing is meeting the parents and meeting 公婆 is very different. When you meet the 公婆 (parents), you are usually married by that time.


Chapter Forty Six A “Consummated” Summer Vacation

Two days later, a shocking scene happened at the capital airport. An attractive looking girl with an alluring body was lugging a gigantic suitcase gasping for breath (This was the view of the bystanders) as she walked forward. And beside her there was a handsome and graceful male who had nothing in his hands and lightly strolled along.

Xiao Nai was side-eyed by countless people

But who was Xiao Nai? That expression was so calm, it killed a pile of males that were doing manual labor with envy.

Wei Wei happily sat on the plane and eat what was a very good meal for airplane food.

But, there were never really free meals in this world.

When the plane was landing at the Xi An airport, Xiao Nai folded his newspaper and casually said: “Oh, my parents are also at Xi An, do you want to meet them?”

Wei Wei blinked, and blinked … …

Wei Wei was never airsick, but as this plane started landing, she started to feel faint.

Wei Wei endured several days of terror.

Xi An’s tasty cuisine didn’t save her, Mount Hua’s mystical scenery didn’t save her, the magnificence of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda didn’t save her. All of the terror centered on the very last day. On that day, she was going to meetDa Shen’s parents.

“How did your parents know me?” Wei Wei complained bitterly.

“Their colleagues told them.”

“… … why was it that even the professors at our university are such gossips?” Wei Wei was even more bitter.


“… … t_t”

It was over. Even Da Shen’s corny and cold jokes couldn’t rescue her.

Xiao Nai’s parents were working on a national dig in one of Xi An’s small villages. They would only come back to Xi An on the weekends to rest. So, even when Wei Wei and Xiao Nai had gone to their village to tour, they still hadn’t met.

But, it was better to get it over with as early as possible t……t

On the second to last day, Wei Wei’s terror reached a peak so she did a very embarrassing thing. She dragged Da Shen to go shopping for clothes. Actually, before Wei Wei had returned to B City, she had used the reason “the interning place is strict so I need to dress well” to ruthlessly extort many dresses from her mother, but she hadn’t bought any of them to Xi An.

She had thought they were just sight-seeing. What she had brought were comfortable capris and t-shirts. It might seem too casual to wear that kind of clothing to see Da Shen’s parents.

“What type of clothing does your mom like?”

“Why not ask after my dad?”

“… …”

Wei Wei looked at him but was too lazy to reply. Of course, it was the mother-in-law’s preferences that were more important! No, no not-mother-in-law … …Wei Wei quickly corrected herself. But she quickly felt, this wasn’t very different from meeting the mother-in-law… …

Why was it she was just twenty and she was feeling like she was meeting-the-parents t……t [1]

“How’s this one?”

“Too plain.” Detecting a suspicious glance, a certain somebody supplemented, “using my mom’s tastes.”

… …

“This one?”

“Too pale.”

… …

“This one?”

Shake of the head.

… …

“This one?”

“… … my mom will like it.”

Wei Wei looked down at the dress in her hands. She had just accidentally picked it up. That dress had at least one hundred butterflies on it … … Da Shen’s mother was rumoured to be a very well-educated and tasteful woman, she wouldn’t like this kind of clothing.

“You’re playing with me again = =”

Xiao Nai laughed: “I just suddenly thought, when you were meeting me for the first time, were you also buying clothing like this?”

“… …no, I just grabbed a paper bag= =”

Wei Wei almost brought a formal brown dress. Thankfully, Xiao Nai was there in time to stop her. He promised multiple times that even though his parents worked in archaeology, they definitely did not like colors that were close to dirt. At the end, Wei Wei wore a very conservative beige dress to see Da Shen’s mom and dad.

Actually, Da Shen didn’t trick her this time. On the second day when they were eating together with Da Shen’s parents, Da Shen’s move very nicely emphasized to her: “Little girls don’t need to dress so plainly.”

… … Da Shen’s mom’s clothes were very clean and elegant. What were her standards = =

But compared to Da Shen’s mother’s unique taste in clothes, what was even more surprising to Wei Wei was that the two of them were very nice and kind, without the rumoured proud temperament. They just casually met and ate, not asking any questions of her. Instead, they talked a lot about the interesting and funny things that happened on their digs.

Wei Wei felt strange. The parents had such good tempers, how could they give birth to a son like Da Shen… …

But she didn’t think any deeper. For them, they were meeting the person that their son, finally after all this time, had feelings for. Could they bring out a bad attitude?

A long long time later, Wei Wei knew why Da Shen’s mom Professor Lin was so satisfied with her. Supposedly, not long after she and Da Shen got together, Professor Lin was told by a colleague that her son was in a relationship. Because the rumoured girl was also in the Computer Science faculty, Professor Lin went to her neighbour the Dean of the CompSci Faculty to find out more about Wei Wei.

UA’s Dean of Computer Science could be considered a “strong woman”. She was good at her profession and at administration but had one major problem. She focused very heavily on the conduct of her students, very frequently being zealous in maintaining the rules. The students of UA called her “The Exterminator”.

But under Professor Lin’s questions, the Dean was actually very complimentary of Wei Wei. Professor Lin was both happy and worried. Happy that the girl would definitely not be a bad get. Worried because even the “Exterminator” was praising her. Was her son’s girlfriend a mini-“Exterminator?”

After meeting Wei Wei and seeing that even though she was dressed plainly, she still dressed fashionably, Professor Lin was happy and satisfied.

At a normal restaurant in Xi An, the first meeting of Wei Wei and Da Shen’s parents was nearing its end. But to the relaxed Wei Wei, at the last moment, she finally realized ––Professor Lin, she was definitely Xiao Nai’s mother.

They were both skilled at saying the most important thing at the last second ––

Professor Lin smiled and said: “You guys are leaving on tomorrow’s flight, right? We are too, we get to leave together.”

So, Wei Wei returned on the same flight as Da Shen’s parents. Because the term was starting soon, they had to return to plan for their work.

Even more tragically, there were a few more professors from UA on the same flight. They kept on using affectionate and curious gazes to look at her … …

In conclusion, Wei Wei’s summer internship, started with “eloping, and ended with “meeting the parents.” It was strangely “consummated.” It definitely would get a “Honors” on the final report.

After returning to B City, the term was starting. Wei Wei finally had time to go onto 《Dreams of Jianghu》after the initial rush of term start and received a whole pile of messages.

The first was the end of August, Lei Shen Ni Ni.

“I didn’t come on for a few days, Xiao Yu Qing Qing isn’t in the sect anymore. Hahaha, don’t know the reason, but I’m happy.”

The same day, a few hours later.

“*faint*, I know what happened now. What was she doing, she’s too despicable. No wonder even Xiao Yu Yao Yao is speaking. Everybody in the sect doesn’t like her now.”

“Wei Wei, you went to a meeting? Everybody is saying you’re very beautiful, and your boyfriend is handsome and incomparable o(n_n)o~I want to see!”

Following was a message from the beginning of September, Lan Yan.

“You’re not our university’s student. I asked around. Haha, I knew that if there was a beautiful girl like you, how could I not know.”

“Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret for you.”

The following messages were also Lei Shen Ni Ni, the time was two days ago.

“Wei Wei, what’s going on. There’s people in the sect that are saying you are pretending to be an university student.”

“They’re saying you were pretending to be UX’s student, Lan Yan said you weren’t. What’s going on, is there a misunderstanding? Wei Wei, I believe you.”

Wei Wei thought about the promise in Lan Yan’s earlier message and was speechless.

Lei Shen Ni Ni was online at the moment. Seeing Wei Wei online, she quickly sent a message over.

“Wei Wei, I can’t stand it. It’s so sickening inside the sect.”


“Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu Yao Yao. Going “wifey” and “husband”, giving animals and clothing. Like they’re afraid people don’t know they’re in love. It was still sappy before but not as exaggerated as this.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni’s complaints following each other: “And also said that Xiao Yu Yao Yao was a great student at some university. Please, my university is better than hers, you don’t see me boasting.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni got it all off her chest.

“Wei Wei… …”


“You really are beautiful? They also said your boyfriend was handsome to the point of being inhuman … …”

Da Shen was really inhuman … …

Wei Wei sent an embarrassed expression and shocked Lei Shen Ni Ni. She suddenly had an eureka moment and said: “Ah! It’s not Yi Xiao Nai He that’s your boyfriend!”

Wei Wei: “… …”

This wasn’t something shameful, Wei Wei said: “Yes^_^”

“Ahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lei Shen Ni Ni went crazy, “When did you guys start!! Did it develop from the web to real life? Ahahaha, didn’t think that Yi Xiao Nai He was that handsome in real life!”

The messages came over like gunshots. Wei Wei’s hand was getting sore from pressing “next.” She said enough to satisfy Lei Shen Ni Ni before she could calm down.

Lei Shen Ni Ni sent over a row of rolling emoticons: “When I think that Xiao Yu Yao Yao was using Yi Xiao Nai He to push you guys apart, it’s too funny. Hahahahahaha, if she knew, she would probably try to kill herself!”

Lei Shen Ni Ni: “Wei Wei, can I tell others that Yi Xiao Nai He is your boyfriend? (praying expression)”

This didn’t matter. In any case, Da Shen always placed importance on proper titles, Wei Wei said: “Up to you … …”

“Hahaha, that’s great, I will find a perfect opportunity to say it.” Lei Shen Ni Ni celebrated for a while before remembering to asked: “What happened with UX?”

Wei Wei thought and replied: “Elder Ji Xianlin once said, you cannot only say lies, but you cannot tell the whole truth.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni sat in a daze for a while: “*faint* I seem to understand a bit but I’m still not understanding … … but they’re saying you’re pretending to be a university student, aren’t you angry?”

“It doesn’t matter ^_^”

Compared to the bit of rumours inside the game, not letting those people and matters in the game disturb her real life was more important.

In any case, they were just strangers in reality.

They didn’t even know who she was. They couldn’t affect her in anyway. She probably won’t ever meet them ever again. Why would she care what they said behind her back?

Chapter end

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