A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 45

A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 45

[1] 手可摘星辰: The hand that could pick stars.


Chapter Forty Five Let Me Be Your Sidekick

After that day, Die Meng called Wei Wei once more and apologized to her. Wei Wei politely said that it was fine. She only said “it was fine” because Wei Wei wouldn’t ever think of her as a friend anymore.

Maybe she had her own dilemmas or struggle but there shouldn’t be this kind of exploitation and duplicity.

Die Meng seemed to know that as well. She had sighed and never contacted her again afterwards.

Wei Wei was still happily working as an intern. Recently, she was becoming more and more familiar with the employees at Zhi Yi. But familiarity wasn’t always good. For example, yesterday during the brainstorming meeting she had said some of the thoughts on possible relationships between families. Even though everybody had agreed with her, but they quickly started discussing other matters.

“Oh, shimei, we are a bunch of poor children. We haven’t had any relationships, don’t have any inspiration the family system. It’ll all depend on you.”

“Yup, yup. You just write down the thinks you want to do with Xiao­-ge­, that will be innovation.”

“Hehe,” Somebody suddenly lewdly laughing, “Luckily it won’t be the things Xiao-ge­ wants to do with shimei.”

Everybody understood and joined him in obscene laughter: “That would have to be restricted.”

Wei Wei could only stare at the ceiling. She felt that she could look forward to a more and more intrepid future.

This afternoon, Xiao Nai went to meet with a client so Wei Wei went to eat with Yu Gong and Mo Zha Ta. The mysterious KO also came with Mo Zha Ta.

The server gave the menu to the only female at the table. Wei Wei took it over and handed it to KO: “KO shixiong, you should order.”

KO coolly shook his head.

Mo Zha Ta heard and felt dejected; “Why would you never call me Haoshixiong?”

All the people at the company were older than Wei Wei so Wei Wei always politely called everybody by shixiong. Even Yu Gong was being called Yushixiong. During work, Wei Wei would even call Xiao Nai Xiao shixiong. It was true, however, that Mo Zha Ta had never been called Hao shixiong. She only ever called him meiren shixiong.

Listing to Mo Zha Ta’s complaint, Wei Wei could only embarrassedly say: “… … If I called you that, Da Shen would destroy me.”

Mo Zha Ta thought for a bit and understood. He hurriedly said: “Then don’t call me that. He won’t destroy you, he’ll only destroy me.”

Hao shixiong, good shixiong~~~

Yu Gong silently repeated it twice and started to laugh depravedly.

She quickly ordered a few dishes. The three of them talked as they waited. It was the three, as KO did not talk. As they kept chatting, Mo Zha Ta regretfully said all of a sudden: “Actually, I had a bit of a romance myself in a MMORPG!”

Wei Wei was curious: “With who? I haven’t heard about it.”

Mo Zha Ta said: “It isn’t in Dreams of Jianghu, it was a game I played before that, called Galaxy Fantasies. I was playing a Sky Doctor in there.

Wei Wei hadn’t played that game before but had been on their website. She knew the avatar of Sky Doctor though and was a bit shocked: “You played as a female?”

“Hehe, that role fit my standards of beauty.”

The dishes were being brought to the table. Mo Zha Ta continued as he ate: “After playing for a while, I saw that people were getting married, so I wanted to find somebody to also get married with.”

“Um, shixiong, weren’t you playing as a female? Did you find a male?”

“Wrong, I planned on finding a yaoren.”

… … It could work that way?

In games renyao were men playing as a female so yaoren were females playing as a male. Due to the preferences for avatars, yaoren was very fashionable in the games.

“In that game there’s a male avatar which is Flower Archer. From the design, it’s such a girly-boy. Basically, no true man would play using it, lots of females liked so females were playing with it. So I wanted to find a Flower Archer to marry and I especially found one that looked like she was female from the name at first glance. It was some thing Shou Ke Zhai Xing Chen.” [1]

“This name is very majestic and very heroic, why would it be a girl?”

Mo Zha Ta said, hurt: “I felt that only girls would want to pick stars. To show that I was very trustworthy, I didn’t even ask their gender. In the end, after a whole month of effort, it turned out he was actually the renyao in the middle of a crowd of yaoren!”

So complicated. Wei Wei rolled her eyes: “Then was it a ren or a yao?’

Yu Gong, had insider information, explained from the side: “It was still a male.”

“What happened after?”

“No after, when I knew that he was a man, I didn’t play that game anymore.”

A period of speechlessness later, Wei Wei said objectively: “Meiren shixiong, you can’t actually be blaming others. It’s really you that pretended to be a female player and deceived somebody into a relationship. You started and then you abandoned it.”

“Right, started and then abandoned it. Sansao, you used this idiom so well.” Yu Gong nodded fiercely from the side.

Mo Zha Ta protested his guilt: “My motives were pure.”

Usually, the laconic and quiet KO usually didn’t speak. He always silently and quickly ate, and then after finishing he would watch others eat. This time he was still the first to silently finish. But after eating, he actually set down his chopsticks, and opened his golden mouth: “Your server, was it Under the Moon of Chang’an?”

Mo Zha Ta was surprised: “How do you know?”

KO held his frigid expression and very icily said: “Because I’m that yaoren in the middle of all the renyao.”

Not eating anymore, Yu Gong and Wei Wei found an excuse to sneak off. Getting out the door, Yu Gong took a long breath: “Lighting and thunder that was too scary.”

Wei Wei’s heart was beating fast: “Such a fierce battle between their eyes.”

“This is called fate.”

“It’s definitely bad-fate.”



“Let’s go back now.”


As a result, when Wei Wei and Xiao Nai just got to the entrance of Zhi Yi Technologies for work on the second day, Mo Zha Ta came bursting out of the doors. He said: “Laosan, you have to give me justice, KO’s performing workplace harassment!”

“How is he harassing you?” Wei Wei pressed deeper. She found that her tone wasn’t right as she said it, it was too cheerful. Wei Wei instantly deepened her voice and said seriously, “Shixiong, how is he harassing you? Give a detailed explanation, don’t miss anything, we will definitely give you your justice!”

Mo Zha Ta said tragically: “He wants me to go onto that cursed game and get married to him!”

Wei Wei excitedly joined him in his anger: “How can he be like this! Over the line!”

“Yeah! He said he got laughed at so he wants to show them and get his dignity back. Kao, there’s probably been several changes of players in that game by now! What dignity?”

Wei Wei was a piece of grass and instantly changed sides: “KO shixiong is right.Shixiong, you deceived him. You have to be responsible.”

Mo Zha Ta studied her and turned to the more reliable Xiao Nai: “Laosan, you have to give me justice!”

Who knew Xiao Nai said: “This is good, I had been worried that I couldn’t keep KO, there’s no need for that now.”

Mo Zha Ta used a betrayed expression to look sadly at Xiao Nai: “Laosan, how can you have no heart? You want me to make a marriage alliance?”

Xiao Nai sighed: “Give you a bonus?”

Mo Zha Ta instantly argued virtuously: “Will only sell for a thousand.”

Xiao Nai used a judging gaze to look him up and down.

Mo Zha Ta raised his chest and strongly put out an expression of “will not go lower for my virginity.”

Xiao Nai thought for a bit and nodded.

Mo Zha Ta instantly cheered and happily ran towards the programming department: “KO, let’s get married! I’m taking you to dinner tonight to celebrate!”

The spectators that had been in the surrounding finally dissipated, still discussing.

“Mei-ge’s sense of chasity is too weak.”

“The men nowadays, not a lot of them have clean bodies like me!”

“Xiao-ge­ paid too much. Mei­-ge isn’t worth a thousand. At least there should have been a discount, and maybe some freebies.”

“Mei­-ge jia to KO, after this we should call him Hao(美) Mei-ge.”

“Good name! Hao(美) Mei-ge , we want a big dinner too. At least, give out some wedding candy.”

Under such a celebratory (?) atmosphere, the summer vacation came to a close. Wei Wei started putting aside some time to write her report about her summer internship. Wei Wei was a good student, but her previous reports always had the problem of adding water. But it wouldn’t happen this year. She had a whole bunch to write about. Of course, she would pay attention to not reveal any secrets of Da Shen’s company.

When her report had been half-written, Xiao Nai suddenly asked her one day: “How about we go sight-seeing?”

Wei Wei blinked, “Where?”

“Xi An.”

She had never gone to Xi An, but if they were going sight-seeing, she didn’t have enough money in her card. She also couldn’t phone home to ask for money because she said she was coming to B City to intern.

Wei Wei struggled.

Xiao Nai didn’t need to think to know what she was struggling with, “It includes food and lodging, just think of it as wages for the internship.”

Wei Wei embarrassedly said: “Then the hotel, I, I will have a separate room?”

Xiao Nai side-eyed her: “For my virtue, of course.”

Wei Wei hugged his arm: “Xiao-gege­ you are too awesome. I’ll be your sidekick!”

Chapter end

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