A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 40

Wei Wei goes to work!

[1] 如(ru)花(hua): flowery

[2] 神手: literally god hand. Shenshou, like dashen, is a title.

[3] 没人 is nobody and it is one sound away from 美人 which is Mo Zha Ta.

[4] The characters used here for Hao Mei is好美, how beautiful or very beautiful.


Chapter Forty The Little Intern

Not taking into account if Wei Wei did use her charms as a bribe or what the process was like, the results came in. On Monday morning, Xiao Nai arrived at Xiao Ling’s home to take Wei Wei together to go to work.

Today, Wei Wei was wearing a white shirt and a black skirt under. It seemed to be very professional attire but it really wasn’t. The shirt was a style that was a bit childlike and there were ornate creases down the two sides of the skirt. On the waist there was a narrow belt tied up in a butterfly bow. The entire attire looked cute yet proper.

Coincidentally, Xiao Nai was wearing a white shirt with black pants today. The two of them walking together seemed like they purposefully wore matching attire. The two were exuded an aura of vibrancy and youth that attracted the attention of people on the youth.

Because Bao Gui Gardens wasn’t far from Xiao Nai’s company, the two of them walked there. Wei Wei was holding Xiao Nai’s hand, both excited and nervous, “What will I be doing when I get there?”

“What do you like to do?”

“Um, I don’t know, but anything is good as long as I have something to do.” It would be very awkward if she just sat there.

Xiao Nai considered before saying: “Go to Testing for a few days. When you’re more familiar with Dreams 2, then you can go into the Planning Department. Yu Gong works in both departments, you can just follow him.”

“Okay.” Wei Wei nodded. She was just a student and totally unclear as to how the company worked. She just needed to follow whatever Xiao Nai said.

When they were nearing the building, Wei Wei remembered to say: “Later, you should go in first. I can go along and find Yu Gong.”

Xiao Nai lowered his head to look at her: “Why?”

“Not reason!” Wei Wei took out her new catchphrase and confessed, “I’m embarrassed.”

Xiao Nai suddenly understood what it was like to lift a stone to fall onto his own foot.

But, Wei Wei’s plan quickly “miscarried”.

When they were about two hundred meters from the building where Wei Wei was just planning on parting ways with Xiao Nai, a person ran past them by them. He was wearing black sunglasses, had piercings, looking very much like a post-modern hipster. He ran past them quickly. After running another ten meters, the youth turned and ran back, his gaze bouncing between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai. He had a shocked expression: “Laoda, I’m not seeing it wrong … … this, is this our new employee.”

Xiao Nai nodded, “Intern.”

Wei Wei politely smiled at him and wondered curiously why this person was calling Da Shen laoda? Was this Da Shen’s title in the company?

Wei Wei had taken some care in dressing today and was especially blinding. Because the impact of the smile was too great, the hipster youth fell into a daze with red hearts coming out of his eyes. But very quickly, he saw the beauty’s hand … …

Was placed on the crook of laoda’s arm.

“Laoda, it, it is that you guys are … …”

Xiao Nai glanced once at him, preferring to save the effort of even speaking.

The youth quickly understood and exaggeratedly went back two steps. He then turned his body and quickly sprinted for the building. Wei Wei watched him dig out his phone as he ran … … she could faintly hear his voice … ..

“… … a super beautiful girl came … …it’s a pity its laoda’s wife … … it would be better if she didn’t come at all … …”

Wei Wei’s black lines stretched for three thousand meters. Xiao Nai comforted her: “The Art Department, after this you should try to avoid them.”

“… … Clearly they are from the acting department.” Wei Wei muttered in a small voice.

Due to the hipster youth, before Wei Wei had reached the company, the news the Xiao Nai had bought the future boss’s wife to work had spread through all of Zhi Yi. Wei Wei’s plan of silently slipping in completely failed.

Even though Xiao Nai took Wei Wei into the company, he didn’t have the idle time to take her on a tour to familiarize herself with her surroundings. Once he entered, he was called away. Since Wei Wei had already been stamped with an invisible “Property of the Family Xiao”, he didn’t have any worries.

A person with more spare time in comparison in the form of Yu Gong took over the job of orientation.

Yu Gong smugly took Wei Wei towards the testing department under the jealous gazes of everybody else. As they walked, he introduced the situation of Zhi Yi Technologies. “Our company is primarily focused on development, so the structure is pretty simple. There is five departments. The planning, programming, art, testing and administrative departments.”

“The art department is that place,” Yu Gong pointed to the east side, “they have the most people and they are the weirdest bunch. Sansao, you should try to never get near them. Recently they’ve been capturing people to make NPC models, even my appearance wasn’t excluded. Sansao you have to be very careful.”

Wei Wei curiously asked: “They made a NPC using your appearance?”

Yu Gong nodded.

“That’s pretty fun actually.”

Yu Gong expressionlessly asked: “If that NPC was an old brothel keeper?”

“… …”

“The name was also Ru Hua.” [1]

“… …”

Yu Gong concluded: “And they are doing NPCs for brothel scenes at the moment, you … …”

Wei Wei strengthened her resolution: “I will definitely keep away from them!”

After a few steps, Yu Gong said: “That side is the planning department. The main planner is your husband, and there is also planning for the plot, for the data and whatnot. Later, when you know more, you’ll understand. In there, there’s two people from our university’s Math faculty.”

Wei Wei was scared by the words “your husband”. She thought of a question and changed topic: “Why was I hearing other people call Da Shen laoda?”

“In our company, some people call him that, or Xiao-ge.”

“… … the mafia?”

“Oh, us doing MMPORG isn’t that different from the mafia. Rise early and sleep late. And also, everybody’s age is pretty close. It’s weird calling him Xiao zongor manager.”

Wei Wei remembered that he himself had in some situation yesterday said “Xiao zong’ … …and used her eyes to silently throw two little knives at Yu Gong.

Yu Gong’s skin was thick and didn’t feel them. He pointed to the west side and said: “The programming department is that way. They have some major talent there. Especially from A team, they’re called our company’s three bigshenshou[2].”


Wie Wei stared with bright eyes: “Da Shen?”

“He doesn’t count.” Yu Gong waved his hand, “there’s only four members in A Team, other than your husband, the other three together are called the three big shenshou. See that one with the brown skull t-shirt?”

Wei Wei followed his gaze over.

Yu Gong lowered his voice and mysterious asked: “You know the famous hacker KO?”

Wei Wei nodded. The infamous KO, even the type of people like Wei Wei who don’t usually notice the black hats had heard of him, “Said that he should be the top one or two of the black hats in the country.”

“That’s him. Here, we call him laoK.”

“You, you’re kidding. KO?” Wei Wei gaped.

“He was pulled over by laosan. It seemed like they competed a few rounds. The situation is that he’s at our company. Not a lot of people know that he’s KO. Don’t spread it around. It’s only because we’re a family that I’m telling you.”

… … You probably have said it this way to a lot of people.

“Speaking of him, I don’t even know what he’s really called even now. Laosangives him his wages always in cash. He has a terrible attitude.” Yu Gong sourly said, “But I feel the reason he’s not saying his real name … …”

Wei Wei expectantly looked at him.

“Is that his name is too terrible.” Yu Gong nodded forcefully to add plausibility.

“… …”

Wei Wei preserved her silence.

Yu Gong pointed at another person, “The person beside him is called A Shuang, another talent in the A team, but this person, if you see him, you have to walk around him and try not to hang in from of him.”

Wei Wei felt that that was strange. “Why?”

“Sansao, haven’t you found that our company is like a monastery? Even the receptionist is a man! It’s all due to this guy!” Yu Gong’s face showed anger and grief. He gritted his teeth, “This guy said that if he sees females he can’t program.”

This strong! Wei Wei was in awe.

“But don’t think he’s some kind of good person, “ Yu Gong continued to announce his own thoughts, “I feel, it’s because this guy is too perverted and his control too weak. So when he sees a girl he would want to faint and his brain ties itself up, so he can only try avoiding them.”

Wei Wei seemed to have been transported into the jianghu. These people seemed to be the legendary martial artists with their own quirks.

Wei Wei pressed further: “And the last one?”

“And the last one … …” Yu Gong’s gaze became tragic as he started at a certain corner, “there’s one more, it’s that pretty boy.”

Wei Wei followed his gaze over and suspiciously said: “There’s nobody.”

Yu Gong: “Look closer.”

Wei Wei looked closer, and didn’t see anybody, “there’s nobody, only meiren … …” [3]

Wei Wei stopped and turned her head to look in surprise at Yu Gong.

Yu Gong heavily sighed: “I know it’s very hard for you to accept this reality. But, yup, it’s him”

“Even though he looks like a pretty boy and his conduct is really that never that great and normally very perverted and vulgar, but the common saying said it well. When God give you a whole bunch of shortcomings, he will always try to make it up with a merit. This pretty boy, his only merit is that his brains are pretty good.”

“Once, he was Province Z’s top scorer for the Sciences.”

Wei Wei was in shock. Meiren shixiong was actually a central member of Da Shen’s team, a rumoured genius at programming? Okay, she knew that there were a lot of talented people at her university, but, but, Mo Zha Ta … …

It was really hard to imagine!

Could you think that your cheerful and very pretty neighbour, suddenly turn around to become a skilled martial artist?

Yu Gong: “Disappointed?”

“It’s okay … … really, meiren shixiong actually does have some presence … …” Wei Wei squeezed out.

Yu Gong nodded in agreement: “That’s true, sometimes when you don’t have a presence, that’s also a type of presence.”

“Oh right,” Yu Gong seemed to remember something and said, “At work you can call me Yu Gong. Everybody calls me that, but Hao Mei you shouldn’t call him Mo Zha Ta anymore.”

“Then what do I call him?” Not “Hao Mei” right … …[4]

Yu Gong calmly said: “On the jianghu, people call him mei-ge.”

“… …”


“Nothing.” Wei Wei was also saying calmly, “It just suddenly wanted to perform a chest breaking a rock.”

Wei Wei in her numb state followed Yu Gong deeper in.

There wasn’t much to introduce in the administrative department. Yu Gong only emphasized one thing: “To the people in the administrative department, you have to be polite. They decide if the meal you get is three meat with one vegetable or three vegetable with one meat.”

Wei Wei solemnly nodded to show that she would remember.

The last department was the testing department. Yu Gong introduced: “At the moment, we don’t have enough people in the testing department. Sometime around September, we’ll probably start mass-hiring. You can start here,sansao.”

After going into the testing department, and a round of introductions with the manager and the workers, Yu Gong successfully completely his duties and left.

Chapter end

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