A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 19

A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen Realizations

At the beginning, Wei Wei didn’t think it was important. Even though Da Shenhad never been late before, but occasionally missing the mark by a few minutes was normal. However, when the minutes passed by and it became seven forty-five, Wei Wei started to panic. Even knowing that he wasn’t there, Wei Wei couldn’t help but sent a message over ––

“Are you there?”

Naturally, there was no response.

After another two minutes, another message. After that, Wei Wei didn’t send anymore but just started refreshing Nai He’s name, and the system repeatedly reminded her – The player is not online, you cannot refresh his status.

The names of Yu Gong and the others were also dark.

Not online.

Seven fifty.

Wei Wei appeared along in front of the NPC. Above her head was the team symbol, but there was only her.

Around the NPC, there were already a lot of people. Starting with the eliminations, it was possible to watch. These people were here to pay money to watch. Seeing Lu Wei Wei Wei standing along, they couldn’t help but be curious and started discussing in front of her.

In Front [ Chong Zi Ken Wo Ju]: Why is there only Lu Wei Wei Wei, where’s Yi Xiao Nai He?

In Front [Xian Yu Zi]: Probably late.

In Front [963]: For such an important match, he can’t be late.

In Front [Bu Chuan Ku Ku Hao Liang Shuan]: There’s still another ten minutes, there’s no rush. The hero always appears last.

Seven fifty-five.

Wei Wei blocked out all the discussion and left Nai He a message; “I’m waiting for you in front of the NPC, you can just come straight over.”

The bystanders continued their discussion.

In Front [Ding Ding Tao]: Not much time out, still not here?

In Front [Huo Jian Guei 1.0]: Is he not coming?

In Front [Bai Chi Wa Wa]: Kao. Is history repeating? This couple is also divorcing?

In Front [daydreamer]: doesn’t look like it, if Lu Wei Wei Wei is getting divorced, she wouldn’t be standing here.

In Front [Pi Li Jiao Wa]: The way I look at it, Lu Wei Wei Wei is getting dumped again!

Eight o’clock.

Her friends sent over more and more questions. Wei Wei closed them one by one. Lastly, she close Nai He’s window.

The crowd gradually left.

In Front [One Bei Zi Guang Guen]: let’s leave, let’s leave. I’m just discouraged

In Front [☆Ning Che☆]: I thought I would see a great PK match today. Luckily I didn’t buy tickets.

In Front [Gou Wei Ba Cao]: Taking the washroom but not shitting. If you aren’t competing, leave earlier. You gave up the crown to other servers. The other servers are laughing.

In Front [jager]: You can’t say it that way. If it wasn’t Lu Wei Wei Wei and Yi Xiao Nai He, our server probably couldn’t make it into the finals.

In Front [Luo Man Di Ke]: Let’s wait, there’s still three minutes of preparation. If they enter within three minutes, they could still fight.

In Front [Qi Yue]: Probably not coming. Oh, I feel pretty back for Lu Wei.

In Front [Xiao Yu Mian Mian]: Pretty pitiful hoho.

Eight oh two.

Wei Wei clicked the NPC, wanting to enter alone. The NPC sent a reminder: You must enter together with your husband.

Eight oh three.

The system sent out a notice, announcing that due to the fact Yi Xiao Nai He and Lu Wei Wei Wei had forfeited, the winner of this PK Tournament was won by another server.

Eight oh three.

Wei Wei logged out of the game.

“I feel there is something wrong these few days with Wei Wei.”

At night in the dorm, Xiao Ling started at Wei Wei who was wearing headphones looking at the computer. She ruminated at what Wei Wei was doing.

“It’s normal, it’s almost exam time. She always turns into a weird monster during exam time.” Er Xi replied with her head down as she moved her pen rapidly over the page.

“She’s not playing her game.”

“That’s still normal. If she plays now, she won’t get a scholarship. Without a scholarship, she can’t play next term.” Er Xi kept on going, her pen and her mouth not stopping, “How do you have the presence of mind to think about Wei Wei? A few days ago, you were crying. How is Da Zhong?”

“He’s fine, he deserved it. The graduating shixiong were going out for dinner, and he unabashedly inserted himself. That’s fine, and then he gets in an accident with them.”

Even thinking about it, Xiao Ling got angry. She pushed thoughts of Wei Wei to one side and started to criticize her boyfriend.

Immersed in her own world, Wei Wei didn’t realize her roommates had been discussing her. She was watching the female bandit video at the moment. She hadn’t gone online the last two days. Other than studying, she was watching the video on repeat. Sometimes she really didn’t want to, but even studying, she would give in to temptation and watch. A heavy weight pushed down on her heart and didn’t leave. It seemed like only the video could make her heart lighter.

Or rather, it was that silhouette.

Yi Xiao Nai He.

Yi Xiao Nai He.

She silently said the name in her heart. Wei Wei looked at the screen in a trance.

On the screen, the white-clothed musician was standing dejectedly on the peak of Sunset Mountains. Under the simple but emotionally-charged music, his back seemed both lonely and bleak. Wei Wei looked and looked and found it was similar to her own figure standing alone in front of the NPC that day. She could imagine the feelings he had inside.

At that time, her heart was probably in shock.

It wasn’t anger at missing the time, nor regrets at not being able to fight and compete. It was a kind of blank shock and panic. In the last few minutes, she couldn’t stop thinking ––

Why wasn’t Nai He here yet?

Was it that, after this time, he won’t ever come again?

In games, there were too many partings without any farewells. Was Nai He also going to perform such a parting?

In these days, she couldn’t stop herself from watching the video. In her head she kept thinking –– would this, this video be in the long days after, be the only evidence she had of Nai He … …


Wei Wei weakly splayed out on the bed and felt helpless at herself.

Why would she create these strange and unwelcome thoughts? Nai He might only have had an emergency and couldn’t come. She didn’t have to make it so serious. And, to see if Nai He really disappeared, she could just take a look inside the same, she just didn’t go online~~~

Between the mental and emotional struggles that Wei Wei was going though, the story of the female bandit once again finished playing. In the mourning music, the musician and the red-clothed xia turn white once again.

Wei Wei wiped the corners of her eyes. It was so dramatic, she was crying again from watching it. Honestly speaking, watching the video for the first time was very emotionally moving. But after watching it for so many times, she was already dumb.

Now she was once again … …

Dazedly looking at the poised nature and self-assurance embodied by the white-clothed musician, Wei Wei, very slowly, in her heart, found a sliver of understanding … …

And then, “Pia”, Wei Wei closed her computer, threw away her earphones and pushed her head under the pillow.

It was over, over. She was actually hurting and wistful.

It was over … …

She seemed to, almost, maybe, fallen in love with a person.

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