A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 16

A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 16

[1] 相思阵法: 相思(yearning)阵法(tactical formation). In Ancient China, 阵法 were different formations, either made with soldiers, trees or stones. They apparently were able to trap and sometimes kill those inside. If it was made up of inanimate objects such as stones, it was more like a maze.

[2] A Ying is really a boy so didi is younger brother. Yu Gong just assumed it was a meimei (younger sister).

[3] 野鸳鸯: wild ducks. 鸳鸯 is used to also mean a couple. A wild pair of 鸳鸯 would imply that they are lovers who are living outside the rules of society (not married).

[4] 冷 means cold but using jokes with 冷 means it’s a bad joke/corny joke that gets a silent response (cold response)

[5] The descriptor the author used was 千山暮雪, which is also the title of a very famous romance novel by infamous author 匪我思存 renowned for her emotional angst and tragic endings.


Chapter Sixteen Be With Me

Wei Wei either sloppily or carefully fended off the questions of her friends. Nai He did not send over any message and Wei Wei moved her mouse to lock off the World Channel. Instantly, her world resumed its peacefulness.

The computer screen still showed unchanging darkness, with the female xiaproducing a very slight glow highlighting the body of the avatar. Wei Wei looked at the screen and slowly, her heart felt somewhat empty.

The sect in the game might not be anything, but it was a kind of remnant of what had been struggles and joy she had go through. Suddenly leaving, even not regretting doing so, still evoked disappointment.

And, leaving this way under these circumstances.

And , the system at this time was still keeping her locked in a little black room.

Wei Wei didn’t tend to overthink, but facing the eternal darkness of the screen, started to feel a bit depressed. She aimlessly clicked the mouse to control her avatar to walk around randomly. After a few circles, she still couldn’t leave. In the midst of her struggles, a “ding” sounded and a popup appeared on the screen.

Your husband Yi Xiao Nai He has passed the last obstacle “The Maze of Yearning” [1]. Congratulations on finishing the quest “Condor Lovers”.


Wei Wei stared blankly.

Accompanying the appearance of this message, the black landscape started to change. On the screen, countless dots started to appear, connected into lines that poured down slowly, like rain. The darkness slowly disappeared and the surroundings were lit up.

Wei Wei found herself at the bottom of a cliff, just like she had thought. On all sides were steep stone walls. On the right, there was a small waterfall and a deep pond. That was probably the source of the sound of water. Growing beside the pond was never-seen before flora.

And Nai He, was in the middle of this shining light, gracefully descending like an angel by her side.

Yes, descending.

Because he was sitting on top of a large white bird.

Wei Wei stared with eyes and mouth wide open at the image. Da Shen’s entrance was too majestic. Compared to an angel, all he was missing was a pair of wings … …

A long half beat later, Wei Wei regained her ability to think and involuntarily typed: “You found me?”

She was embarrassed when the sentence was sent … … this was too dumb, just stating the obvious. But, at the moment she had seen Da Shen, that had been the thought in her mind.

He had found her … …

Her mood suddenly lightened up.

Nai He got down from the saddle and elegantly replied: “En, Sorry to keep my wife waiting.”

Wei Wei: “>o<”

At this time, the system, under the news that Lu Wei Wei Wei had quit her sect, quickly added a new notice.

System: Yi Xiao Nai He and Lu Wei Wei Wei have finished the final Couples Quest “Condor Lovers.” They shall be rewarded one million experience points, the title of “First Couple of Jianghu” and the first flying mount in Dreams of Jianghu.

Unsurprisingly, the World descended into chaos again. Flying mounts, there were actual flying mounts in Dreams!

World [Hao Yu]: Flying mounts!!!

World[Da Cheng Xiao Fei]: It can’t be just this one, Is Dreams of Jianghu opening a flying mount system?

World [Bu Chuan Ku Ku Hao Liang Shuang]: I want ~~~~

World [Da Lu Chao Tian]: Liang Shuang xiong, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to fly. Once you’re up in the air, everybody underneath will see everything.

World [Bu Chuan Ku Ku Hao Liang Shuang ]: Che, I don’t care. It would be even more refreshing to fly.

The mounts became a hot topic flaming to the heavens. Other than that, there were also people discussing people.

World [yoyo1212]: I have found that Lu Wei Wei Wei, whenever everybody feels that she is at the very bottom, will quickly rise up. Just like last time for the wedding.

World [Yo Cai Hua]: Yeah, last time when her and Zhen Shui Wu Xiang divorced, I thought she had been abandoned, and then she turns around and marry the number one player Yi Xiao Nai He, amazing!

World [A Ying]: Unless it was really Zhen Shui Wu Xiang who got dumped?

World [ Yu Gong Pa Shan]: Miss A Ying, you are so smart. Come, gege will take you to kill bosses.

World [A Ying]: Ah, blushing

World [Hou Zi Jiue]: Hehe, somebody is shameless.

World [ Mo Zha Ta]: Hoho, somebody is jealous.

World [A Ying]: This Yu Gong gege, I am A Ying didi, still blushing. [2]

World [Hou Zi Jiue]: Hahahahahahahahahaha~~

The noise and clamour on the World Channel Wei Wei didn’t know. Because she had set it to ignore. Now she was holding a type of explosive happiness to admire that large bird.

“This is the legendary condor?”

A snowy white one, a very large snowy white one, was proudly holding its neck allowing her to admire. Wei Wei happily walked around it for two circles and suddenly thought of something: “That’s not right.”

Nai He: “What?”

Wei Wei: “I clearly remember that Yang Guo’s condor was black. Why is this one white, it’s definitely a bug!”

Nai He chuckled and said: “Let’s go, we can fly around.”

The white condor took the two of them and started flying slowly to Chang’an.

Wei Wei took in the new perspective and curiously asked Nai He: “How did you find me?”

Nai He said: “There were still hints.”

At long last, the game wasn’t evil to the core and just leave him hanging without any clues. Sometimes, when he came to a specific location, there would be hints activated such “You have picked up your wife’s dropped wallet, maybe she is close by”, and then using the hints to find thee generallocation.He then activated the Maze of Yearning.

Wei Wei stared: “The Maze of Yearning, could it be the legendary Mystic Five Elements formation … …”

Nai He: “Not that difficult, before entering the maze, the system told me the way, about a few thousand words, and ten seconds.”

Wei Wei was surprised, both at the shamelessness of the system and for the amazing memory that Da Shen had. “Did you manage to memorize it all in 10 seconds?”

That was too inhuman, reading ten lines at one glance wasn’t even fast enough.

Nai He stayed silent for a while before saying: “I took a screenshot.”

Wei Wei: “… …”

Right, you could take screenshots, only idiots would try to memorize it … … she was now dumb, her mind couldn’t think critically >o<

After asking a stupid question, Wei Wei was a bit embarrassed and since she didn’t have much left to ask, decided to shut up and act invisible. After flying silently for a while, Nai He suddenly spoke: “You quit the sect?”

Wei Wei didn’t think he would discuss the topic, adjusted for a second before replying: “You saw. En, quit it.”

Nai He said: “That’s good too. Now you can be with me together.”

Even though it was typing, and you couldn’t hear a voice or see an expression, but Wei Wei thought that strangely, even though Da Shen’s words had been very nonchalant and cursory, it still made her heart relax and the last vestiges of darkness disappear. Wei Wei’s mood lifted and she grandly said: “Okay, we will walk the jianghu together and be a pair of wild jianghu ducks ^_^” [3]

Her words were seven tenths boasting and three tenths joking, but unexpectedly, Nai He was dissatisfied: “Wild ducks? I remember we were properly and officially married.”

Wei Wei slowly typed a “>o<”

Da Shen, you have no sense of humor … …

Nai He said: “Statuses are very important.”

Wei Wei continued: “>o<”

Okay, Da Shen still had a sense of humor, it was just a bit colder[4]… …

The condor carried them past Chang’an, flying toward the mountains and lakes outside the city. Wei Wei looked at the distant scenery on the screen and her mood turned positive. Thinking back to her despair over having quit the sect, she felt a bit ashamed of herself.

To be unhappy with those types of people wasn’t worth it. It was wasting life. That time could be better used with Da Shen, looking at all the scenery in the game!

Even if it was familiar scenery, even if she saw it everyday, the feelings were still different. Just like right now, she had completely new feelings.

Her thoughts scattered and gradually, her focus shifted from the scenery to gather on herself. On the display, she and Nai He was sitting close together on the condor, her in his arms, him holding her. White condor, red robes, white robes, flying past a thousand snowy mountains [5]

Lastly, Wei Wei’s eyes fell upon the nickname Nai He used –

Lu Wei Wei Wei’s husband.

This was the prefix Nai He had been using the entire time recently. He had a very cool alias awarded by the system called “The strongest of the jianghu” but she had never seen him use that one. Nai He in reality probably didn’t like using nicknames, she was the same, but … …

As though controlled by something, Wei Wei uncontrollably opened her personal settings and changed her nickname to the one she had never used out of embarrassment “Yi Xiao Nai He’s wife.”

Her heart became strangely sweet.

In the dorm, Xiao Ling was working on an essay, writing while glancing at Wei Wei. After looking multiple times, she couldn’t help speaking out of worry: “Wei Wei … …”

“En?” Wei Wei responded, her face still holding a faint smile.

Xiao Ling looked at the smile that couldn’t be disguised at the corner of her eye and became even more worried: “You haven’t, on the game, you know … …”

Wei Wei assumed she was trying to persuade her to play less and carelessly wave her hand: “Don’t worry, I won’t not study, I’ll still finish my thesis.”

Xiao Ling was even more gloomy.

Who cared about her exams? Who cared about her thesis? What she was worried about was … …

Xiao Ling look at Wei Wei. Under the dusky yellow light, Wei Wei’s already exquisite and appealing features became even more radiant, but this enormous beauty, was smiling like a flower meeting the spring sun at the computer … …

Xiao Ling sighed in her heart. Wei Wei, Wei Wei, don’t you think you, at this moment, seem like … …



Chapter end

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