A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 38

A Slight Smile is Very Charming Vol Chapter 38

[1] Staying at your own home as the female side of the marriage was sometimes a tricky thing. Returning for visits are expected as you needed to show filial piety but staying too long was disapproved of as the “first” loyalty and priority should be the family of your husband. If you stayed too long, it was a sign that there were problems in the marriage such as wanting to separate or the female was not fulfilling her duties.

[2] 总: is a shortened way of referring to a supervisor, manager or leader of an organization such as the CEO. It is usually a suffix attached to the surname of the person, hence Xiao zong. For the woman, it would be Fang zong.


Chapter Thirty Eight Return Slowly As I Wait For You

Upon the road, the flowers are in bloom, a slow return as I wait for you

Translating into normal words it was – furen, you have stayed for long enough in your parental home, time to come back. [1]

Therefore, seven days later, Wei Wei used the excuse of going to intern in B City and stepped on the road back to the university.

The newly brought 《Historical Poetry Appreciation Dictionary》was open on the tray. In the midst of the gentle vibrations of the plane, Wei Wei’s head lowered in order to read. But the faint smile on her lips and the long-unflipped pages of the book told bystanders that she hadn’t been focusing for a long time.

“Attention please, the airplane will be landing soon, please fold away your trays and fasten your seatbelts.”

“Attention please … …”

The attendant kept on reminding the passengers of the safety procedures. Wei Wei refocused and packed away everything. Ten minutes later, the plain safely landed at the capital airport. Refusing the invitation of a man on the same plane that had a car; Wei Wei pulled on the luggage case and quickly walked to board the airport bus that was heading towards UA’s campus.

She hadn’t told Da Shen that she was returning. She wanted to give him a surprise, but it might actually be a fright instead?

If there was any kind of shock then it was good >o<

Fantasizing about the possible reactions that Xiao Nai could have, Wei Wei dazed off again on the bus.

The bus only reached its final stop after the majority of an hour. She transferred onto the public bus. When she had reached the building that Zhi Yi Technologies was in, it was almost one on the afternoon.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was the weekend and everyone was taking time off that there were not many people in the building. But, it was outrageous that even the elevator was taking time off.

Wei Wei looked at the sign in front of the elevator “Under maintenance” and helplessly pulled on her luggage to start climbing the stairs.

Luckily, Da Shen’s company was on the sixth floor. Climbing a bit was of benefit to her own health.

In the summer, climbing the stairs with a heavy suitcase was not a happy exercise but strangely, Wei Wei didn’t feel the least bit irate.

Because of how heavy the suitcase was, it took Wei Wei more than ten minutes to climb the stairs. But when she had walked to the entrance of Zhi Yi Technologies, she heard a “ding” and the elevator doors open and one woman and two men come out … …

The elevator … …

It was fine?

Wei Wei wiped away the sweat and fought the impulse to rush over and kick it a few times.

At this time, the glass door of Zhi Yi Technologies opened and a tall man came out. His face was square and he wore a yellow t-shirt. It was Yu Gong

At any time, the thing that attract people the most are attractive people. Yu Gong came out and at first glance, what he saw wasn’t the three people in front of him but Bei Wei Wei on the side.

Yu Gong wondered if his eyes were having problems, staring in shock as he looked at Wei Wei.

Wei Wei was more shocked than he was and very awkwardly raised her hand a little bit in lieu of a greeting.

Yu Gong opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He finally didn’t forget his job and moved his gaze away from Wei Wei. He went forward a few steps to shake hands with the woman that had come out of the elevator: “Supervisor Fang, welcome, welcome. Sorry to let you guys have to bear the heat and come over today. I’m Xiao Yu, haha.”

The female he called Supervisor Fang seemed to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight. She wore a pinstriped short dress and had a metal-colored belt around the waist. Her entire body seemed to carry an unique and fashionable aura. She smiled as she shook hands with Yu Gong: “Nice to meet you.”

“Xiao zong [2]was going to come out, but he’s in the middle of a call … …”

“It’s us that didn’t come at a good time.” Supervisor Fang laughed it off, “It was just that the background music came out today and I wanted to let you hear it. Your Xiao zong is an expert at this, we wanted his advice.”

Wei Wei listened at one side to them make small talk and wanted to cry.

What was this! Didn’t Da Shen say it was only himself at the office today? That was why she dared to come straight to his company, but what was this now? It wasn’t that Yu Gong was here, these people were also here for Da Shen… …

How about she left now, and contact Da Shen later at night.

But before Wei Wei could move … …

“Is this one of the workers of your company?” Supervisor Fang’s complicated gaze landed on Wei Wei.

Yu Gong rubbed his chin and said: “Haha, this is a family member of one of our workers.”

At the same time, several pairs of eyes looked towards Wei Wei.

Under everybody’s gaze.

Wei Wei held her luggage and suddenly felt as though she had been caught while trying to elope.

“Come in, come in, everybody come inside.” Yu Gong pulled the glass door and waved for Supervisor Fang and the others to go in. Then he motioned towards Wei Wei.

Wei Wei hesitated but followed with her luggage.

Zhi Yi Technologies was still the same as when Wei Wei had visited last time. There was nobody inside. According to Da Shen, Zhi Yi’s workers had been working overtime for two weeks. Some decided to sleep at the company. So after this section of work had finished, he had forced all of them on vacation.

But why was Yu Gong not on vacation… …

As Yu Gong welcomed the guests, he still didn’t forget to gossip at the same time. He fell behind a few steps and said in a small voice: “Sansao, are you eloping?”

“Can this even be called eloping?” Wei Wei weakly retorted, “This is clearly performing.”

Yu Gong laughed and mysteriously said: “Your performance time is too fortuitous, it’s a blow to somebody’s head.”

Wei Wei didn’t understand and looked suspiciously at him. Yu Gong was going to say more, but Wei Wei’s eyes suddenly moved to the other side.

At the other side of the office, an upright and handsome figure was walking towards them.

He moved past the cubicles, his stride nonchalant and graceful, his expression aloof like usual. Suddenly, his body stilled, and his gaze shot intensity over to this side.

A pair of dark and deep eyes met with Wei Wei’s gaze.

Wei Wei hadn’t seen him for more than a month. Her heart was beating like a drum.

After a slight pause in his steps, his stride returned to normal and appeared in front of them. Supervisor Fang went forward a step and raised a hand: “Xiaozong.”

Xiao Nai adjusted his gaze and gripped her hand. He politely said: “Supervisor Fang, sorry for the wait.”

“It’s nothing, it’s us that’s interrupting.”

Xiao Nai faintly smiled once and made another two sentences of small talk, his eyes looking at Yu Gong. Yu Gong received the message and immediately called to Supervisor Fang and the others, “Come this way, Supervisor Fang, we already prepared the sound system in our conference room. Let’s use that to see the results.”

Yu Gong led the people to the conference room. Xiao Nai took the suitcase from Wei Wei’s hands. His voice was calm and steady as he said: “Come with me.”

He didn’t … …

It didn’t shock him at all.

Wei Wei’s elopement became a public performance. Her enthusiasm had already received a blow. Looking at Xiao Nai’s totally normal expression, she couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed. That little drum in her heart that had been vibrating disappeared. Under those feelings, Wei Wei was still able to be sensitive enough to realize that Xiao Nai’s stride at this moment was much faster than usual.

Was it to get her settled quickly so he could go see to his guests?

Even though it was the correct course of action, but … … at least welcome her, even if it was just words t_t

Wei Wei dejectedly followed behind Xiao Nai. Xiao Nai opened the office door and turned slightly sideways to let her go in first.

A wilted Wei Wei entered.


From behind came the sound of the door being closed.

Wei Wei instinctively turned her head but felt something tighten at her waist. A burning palm held her close like a piece of steel, a hot breath coming close from behind her. Then her body seemed to turn and Wei Wei ended up pressed against the door.

The luggage landed with a bang beside her foot.

Xiao Nai lowered his body, his legs pressing forward and his head downward to press hardly against her lips.

Wei Wei’s head seemed to go “clunk” and was thoroughly disoriented.

At the beginning it was just the lips that were forcefully sucked on and rubbed against. Then the other person seemed to be not satisfied and started to force his way inside. Because she hadn’t made any preparations, Wei Wei’s jaws didn’t have any warning and easily were pried open, giving up complete access. A hot tongue unashamedly attacked her and repeatedly started to wildly investigate and conquer every inch of her mouth.

Accompanying the deepening of his tongue, their bodies were pressed together intimately. The person pressing down seemed to feel that it still wasn’t enough and tried to get even closer. Blocking her from behind was the coldness of the office door, yet ever part of her body that was touching his seemed to be burning. Wei Wei was at the contact point of ice and fire with no way out.

“Woo… …”

Wei Wei couldn’t breathe and instinctively wanted to push him away. It wasn’t effective. As a result, it caused him to bear down even more. Wei Wei started to feel faint. Faintly, she felt that her waist was going to be broken soon. His breath seemed to permeate her entire body through her mouth, taking away all her strength.

After an unknown length of time, she seemed to hear the sound of knocking on the door and somebody say: “Xiao zong, it’s probably not good to let people wait too long in the conference room.”

… …

This vulgar voice, was it Yu Gong?

A strand of clarity flashed through Wei Wei’s head. Thinking that somebody was right outside this thin door that she was pinned on, she suddenly became embarrassed and anxious, instinctively trying to retreat and hide. But the person on top of her seemed to want to punish her for not paying attention and retaliated fiercely by invading even more.

The person outside seemed to have left.

When she felt she couldn’t bear it anymore, the onslaught suddenly stopped. But he didn’t leave, his tongue seemed to want to comfort her, gently licking the places he had just conquered… …

A long time later, he finally let her go.

Wei Wei got a chance to breathe but her head didn’t have the energy to think. His palm relaxed slightly the hold it had on her and her legs actually softened, causing her to almost fall. A pair of hands came up as she rescued herself by grabbing onto his thin waist.


When Wei Wei finally reacted to what she had done, she didn’t want to admit it and reflexively wanted to explain: “The plane, the food on the plane was too nasty … …”

Half of her sentence out, Wei Wei managed to put a brake on it. It was okay, she managed to wake up, didn’t finish the explanation. If she kept on saying that she didn’t eat so she had no energy, even if Da Shen didn’t laugh at her, she would hang herself.

She had no energy, her voice was very small. Xiao Nai seemed to have not even heard the first part of her words, his hot breath lingering motionlessly at the junction of her neck and shoulder.

A few minutes later, he finally retreated a bit, his eyes full of light piercing her. He grasped her hand and raised it for a kiss: “Wait for me here.”

Chapter end

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