Simulcasting Love Chapter 4.1

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 4: Part 1



Zhang Shanxue took great care when she spoke now.  She had never encountered such a picky mentor for work.


But, she slowly began to love the job.  Aside from to diligently studing and practice her Mandarin pronunciation, she also went onsite to listen to Tang Shuoran simultaneously translate.  She increasingly felt that she was learning more than what they were paying her for.  She was following the right master, Tang Shuoran……..


She silently spoke to herself: “Oh~~~my idol!”


Tang Shuoran found the whole situation strange as well.  Without realizing it, he could relax in the presence of this young girl.  Even he was surprised at how he behaved at times.  He would have heated arguments with the young girl over the pronunciation of a character.  The prep work he did behind the scenes became the time he looked forward to the most.  At this time every day, it was as if two people were skipping, hand in hand, across a field of flowers.  Now the young girl was barely afraid of him.


She was reading fast as usual.  After a long time with no response from him, she mischievously leaned her head close to his face.  Her voice was full of smiles: “You’ve fallen asleep! “


He cooly responded: “Continue reading. “


She perked up her lips: “You’re mind’s drifting away, I’m not going to waste my time reading!”


The staff was surprised when they found that a task that only took 2 hours in the past, could now take an entire day between Tang Shuoran and the new hire.  Even more, Tang Shuoran would be energetic throughout the entire session.  His performance was even better than before.


Today, the two were together in the office for quite a long time.  In actuality, their relationship was strictly a working one.  Up to this day, their hands had not even touched — not even shaking hands for a job well done.


This was also the day that Tang Shuoran made the first mistake in his reading history.  Even he could misread a word!


This is how it occurred.  The conference was a research convention about the silk road.  Zhang Shanxue read loudly: “The history of raising silkworms in our country can be traced back to…...”


Tang Shuoran interrupted her: “Wait, silkworm should be pronounced with a curled tongue.”


Zhang Shanxue slyly laughed.  With 100% confidence in herself, she jumped in front of Tang Shuoran and pulled out the dictionary with lightning speed from the drawer in front of him.  She flipped the dictionary, pointed at it, and proudly exclaimed: “Hahaha, look, you are wrong this time, silkworm’s read with a flat tongue!”


She learned her body on him without noticing.  Suddenly, she felt that his body had become somewhat stiff.  She noticed her mistake immediately…...


Zhang Shanxue became bashful and she closed the dictionary.  She spoke in a low voice: “I am sorry…...”


Tang Shuoran abruptly stood up and hugged her waist with his hands.  His lips correctly kissed her lips.


Zhang Shanxue’s whole body grew numb and she subconsciously leaned on him.


He did not know what had come over him to do such thing at work.  They had gotten to know each other over the past several months working together.  They quarreled so that their work would be even better, there was never any inappropriate behavior from either of them.  He didn’t know when it had begun, but his mind was now filled with sunshine everyday.  After he went back home, he would inadvertently begin to think about tomorrow’s “quarrel”!


His lips finally left hers.  Zhang Shanxue felt his dark eyes had turned even more unfathomable.  He was staring at her attentatively as if he was trying to see through her.  She was a little frustrated after realizing that what he did was in vain.  His hand reached her face.  He softly touched her eyes, her nose, her lips, the contours of her face….


Tang Shuoran hesitated for quite a long time, then he finally said: “Big eyes, a small nose, curled up lips, a lovely personality…it’s what I like…”


Zhang Shanxue muttered: “Then….let’s both like each other!”


Zhang Shanxue calmly let Tang Shuoran hold her hand after they finished work and walked out of the International Convention Center together.  The colleagues who were hired at the same time with her were all jealous.  But after Shanxue’s friends understood what had happened between them, they cautiously blessed her new relationship.


“You said that he found your purse after he bumped into you? “


“Then he chased after you to KEYS BAR?”


“Then after he listened to you sing an English song, he recommended you to work at the Convention Center?”


“Then he let you pass the interview easily? “


“Then you just read Chinese without using any foreign languages?  He fell in love with you during the reading correction process? “


Her good friends asked 5 questions continuously.  Shanxue just happily laughed.

“I say, Shanxue, I really want to wish the best for the two of you, truly, but----first, his eyes are a problem.  Have you thought about it carefully?  Second, isn’t it a strange coincidence that he bumped into you, then fell in love with you?  Shanxue, you should be careful."

Chapter end

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