Simulcasting Love Chapter 3.1

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 3: Part 1

Tang Shuoran didn’t see Zhang Shanxue until the last day of the interview week.  Perhaps Zhang Shanxue already had the interview or maybe Tang Shuoran was too busy with work at the time.


The director of the Center was browsing the results from the interviews and spoke apologetically to Tang Shuoran: “The applicants are all very highly qualified this year.  Unfortunately we haven’t found someone with the talents that match your needs.  Maybe you could look around and see if you can find someone suitable to recommend for the job?”


Tang Shuoran almost jumped at the chance to recommend Zhang Shanxue right away, but paused instead.  If she had come for the interview and was hired, it proved that she was qualified for the position.  But if she didn’t even come for the interview, then he had misjudged her——everybody knew that the International Convention Center had an extremely low hiring rate.  It’s a challenge to even obtain an interview, so why should he enthusiastically recommend her for the job if she didn’t even have the confidence to even try for the position?


He fumbled to stand up and with one hand, pulled his walking cane from his pocket. He turned to the director: “Wait until you have finished hiring, then pick one from the hired applicants….”

At that moment, a staff member rushed into the door: “Director.  There’s one more page missing from the results of the interviews…...”

“Then, that means that some applicants haven’t had an interview yet? “




“Then what are you waiting for.  Reprint it.  Interview all the applicants who are here! “


Tang Shuoran gave a small sigh and sat down again.  The name list was presented after a short while.  All interviewers had flipped through the list.  Out of respect to Tang Shuoran, they also gave him a copy.  He held it in his hand and turned to next interviewer besides him: “How many girls are on this name list? “




The first girl’s voice was very experienced and reserved.  She had experience working as an officer of the executive board of the student body.  She loves English literature.  At this point, Tang Shuoran thought that there was no problem to hire her for the job, if she could sing a song in English well.  Afterall, her personality didn’t seem like it would have any conflict with his own.  


“Please sing an English song.“


The girl was a little embarrassed: “I don’t usually sing. Haha, let me sing the song Happy Birthday since you requested.”


Then she started to sing : “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!”


Tang Shuoran felt really, really sorry for her.  Even for a simple song like this, she was out of tune the entire time----He still had a bottomline for an applicant to be qualified.


A member of the staff called loudly: “The last one, come in! “


Tang Shuoran was already exhausted.  He leaned against the chair and stopped flipping his pen.  He just crossed his arms across his chest.


The leader of the interview already understood Tang Shuoran’s hiring standards.  He was just as desperate as Tang Shouran at this point.  He said to the girl for Tang Shuoran: “Miss.  How about this.  You sing an English song first.  Our jobs here require immediate reactions and we always have events related to the performing arts.  Okay, you may start. “


Suddenly, Tang Shuoran could not move.  It was such a familiar voice!


She gave a lively smile: “Then what song would you interviewers want to hear? “


“Interesting, we can pick the song? “ The leader asked with interest.


So the interview became a casual chat.  Zhang Shanxue laughed: “Singing is my specialty.  I didn’t plan on showing my singing talent because I was afraid that it might overshadow my real talents.  Since the job description said that only people with genuine talent would be hired! “


The interview leader continued to ask: “Oh?  I see you’re not an English major.  Many applicants here major in English with English certification at the 8th rank.”


“For this, I think talents should be placed to the posts best suit him or her.  Not necessarily to pursue high academic degree with various certifications. “


The interview leader was impressed after he saw that the girl behaved properly and answered questions naturally and fluently.  He wanted to hire her, but Tang Shuoran had not made a comment.  So he said: “Alright, then sing a song first.  Today this post is opened for our Golden Boy. Xiao Tang, this girl is accepting requests.  Pick a song! “


Tang Shuoran turned to her.


Though she already knew that his was blind, but she felt as if he was “staring” at her intensely.


“Xiao Tang…… Xiao Tang….” The interview leader whispered.


Tang Shuoran finally recovered. He said softly: “Just sing Vincent. “


Henceforth, Zhang Shanxue earned a nickname from her fellow colleagues who were hired at the same time as her.  They called her: “The One Who Conquered the Universe with One Song.”

Chapter end

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