Simulcasting Love Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2
Simulcasting Love - Chapter 3: Part 2

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Zhang Shanxue had already begun performing her duties while the other new hires were undergoing intense job training sessions.  Since the conference couldn’t wait and a great number of scripts were endlessly being delivered to the Convention Center, Solomon’s work could not be delayed.  Hence she was taken to a closed office the first day of work. 

She was extremely uncomfortable and afraid that perhaps she had been caught in a scam, but thought better of it.  She was at the famous International Convention Center afterall.  Perhaps it was Tang Shuoran’s way of getting revenge at her?  While she was buried in her thoughts, two knocks sounded from the other side of the door.  She nervously stood and saw Tang Shuoran steadily walked in.  He was hardly using the thing in his hands——the pole?  bat?  stick?

Tang Shuoran did not use his white cane again after stepping into the office, since he was intimately familiar with the layout of his office.  He walked in directly and reached the desk after 5 or 6 steps. He bent a little bit and walked to the side for two steps, paused, sat down right on his own chair.  He casually moved the white cane to the side, cleared his throat, and said: “Now we can start. “

He took off his sunglasses while he was talking.  She was unprepared for it and became nervous.  She saw his eyes which were not very different at all.  Suddenly, Zhang Shanxue felt thirsty.  She looked at his pitch black eyes, like the bottom of the lake where no light could escape.  So she swallowed her saliva and subconsciously spoke: “I really want a drink…”

Her heart was rapidly beating.  Oh my god, this man, he just frowned slightly.  She had already forgotten the curses for him that was in her mind a moment ago.  Now her mind was only filled with questions and some sympathy.  How could this excellent man be so-----blind?

She had done enough research about this man before.  She knew that he was known all over the translation industry.  It was no wonder that if you mentioned the name “God Solomon” at any international conferences everybody would recognize who it was~~she sat on her seat like a fool, without any idea of what to do.  Something even more surprising happened, Tang Shouran smiled and continued to “stare” at her, but his hands kept moving.  He reached into the drawer and pulled out a small bottle of mineral water and handed it to Zhang Shanxue: “Remember to bring in a cup next time.”

Zhang Shanxue nodded.  She was tried to speak, but this man quickly became very serious.  His face did not show a trace of a smile, but still fascinated Zhang Shanxue because his frowning eyebrows were still tight with a hint of sadness.  Zhang Shanxue’s heart was jumping in her chest as if it was trying to burst out.  She blushed at first before calming down.  She admitted it in her mind: “Damn it, this is absolutely—falling in love at first sight, isn’t it!? “

Her romantic delusions was interrupted by Tang Shuoran: “Ms. Zhang, you speak Chinese with an accent.  You need to practice diligently.  You must pass qualification test in Mandarin Chinese r

ank 1, level A.”

Zhang Shanxue was so angry she felt like vomiting blood.  She had ignored a young girl’s feelings of love completely: “What?  Rank 1, level A?  Don’t think that I don’t  know the standards even though I don’t attend a teacher’s college.  Even the language teachers only require a qualification of rank 2, level A.  Rank 1 level A?  That’s the standard for a conference master of ceremonies….”

“My staff must be at 100% perfection!” Tang Shuoran said coldly.

“I only need to make sure that you understand what I’m reading.  It’s enough for a rank 2, level A.  You’re just too picky! “

Tang Shuoran said unflinchingly: “I would not have hired you if you gave me this answer in interview! “

“It turn out it’s you who hired me!  Then you can fire me now!”

Suddenly, the atmosphere between the two became very awkward.  What were they even arguing about!  Was this the kind of conversation appropriate for work?

Tang Shuoran took a breath and waved his hand: “You must take the qualification exam, but for now just read….”

“Then wouldn’t it be okay if I pass rank 2, level A? “ Zhang Shanxue was bargaining.

“Rank 1, level A.  This is the last time I’m going to say it.”

Zhang Shanxue was just asking for it.  She took one script from the table and began to read: “A harmonic society as described by Socialists is an ideal society that mankind has consistently pursued.  Marxist parties continuously pursued this ideal society.  There have been many thoughts about social harmony throughout world history.”

“Stop! “

“What happened? What happened? “

“What kind of pursuit of an ideal society?”

“zhizhi pursuing! “

“Don’t curl your tongue, keep it flat, it’s zizi (Chinese: consistently) pursuing.”

“It reads as zi?  I always read it as zhi! “  There was no response from the opposite side.  She raised her head suspiciously.  She saw Tang Shuoran stared at on place somewhere without moving for a long time.  She could not help feel as if her heart had been stung.  So she whispered: “Then let me repeat it again……”

Tang Shuoran reached into the drawer and pulled out a large thick book.  It was a dictionary.  He handed it to her and said: “I do not tolerate any mistakes.  Not a single mistake!  I’ll give you 10 minutes.  I want to hear the reading of the script without any interruptions after 10 minutes.”
Zhang Shanxue began to seriously focus on her work.  She checked the dictionary instantly whenever she saw a word she was unsure about the pronunciation and wrote notes on punctuation nearby.  She sneaked a look at him every so often.

Tang Shuoran closed his eyes and sat comfortably.  His jade like face was very peaceful.  Sometimes Zhang Shanxue even thought that he was not blind at all… was just that --- his eyes were sleeping.

She felt somewhat sorry for him.  A man such as this could still achieve great accomplishments even after he had completely lost his vision.  He must have spent so much effort and sweat to reach this point.  She was determined to perform her job with just as much excellence.

Finally, she felt as if she was treading on thin ice as she quickly read through the whole script without any interruptions.  She just realized at the end that she had read so fast out of fear of making a mistake.  She really wished that she could finish reading it in two seconds to prevent any mistakes.  It must have been problematic for him because of how fast she read.  How much could he remember?

She carefully asked: “Well, should I…... read it again?”

To Zhang Shanxue’s surprise, she found a satisfied expression on his face, as if he was meeting a close friend who he had not seen in years.  He said with a smile: “Just read at this speed from now on.”

Zhang Shanxue was curious: “Did my predecessors read as fast as this too?”

“No, they were too slow”

Zhang Shanxue was triumphant: “So, I’m the best reader then?”

Tang Shuoran didn’t forget to take her down a peg: “Your Mandarin Chinese is still the worst!“

She stuck out her tongue: “I’ll take the test ~~ that’ll be enough right?”

“Remember to show me your certification. “ Said Tang Shuoran.

Zhang Shanxue was stunned.  “It’s a deal.”

She watched Tang Shuoran as he smoothed the invisible wrinkles from his suit.  He put on his sunglasses again, pulled out the white cane, and strode out.  He accurately reached the door knob, turned it to open the door, and walked out.

Zhang Shanxue had only one idea in her brain: “Oh god, what a stressful day! “  She unconsciously patted her chest:  “Hey, yeah~~~~finally jie su (Chinese: finished, she’s pronouncing it wrong again)…...”

Suddenly, the door opened again.  Tang Shuoran tilted his body forward without any expression on his face: “It’s jie shu (Chinese: finished), shu, not su! “

TL: This time she didn’t curl her tongue, when she should have.

Chapter end

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