Simulcasting Love Chapter 2

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 2: Part 1


The sound of intense drumming became softer, softer, and softer.  Probably because the girl had made some gesture on the stage, the bar became quiet instantly.  The flowing melody suddenly saddened.  Tang Shuoran turned his head to the stage again subconsciously.


At this time, the girl began to sing the song again with great melancholy.  Tang Shuoran was dumbfounded on the spot.  He could not move.  He was frozen in the middle of unfolding his blind stick.  Whenever he woke up from his dream at night, he was always accompanied by this song and the girl who had sang this song in the dream.


Zhang Shanxue’s voice was like mercury briskly spreading across the floor.  Her articulation was very accurate and embedded with deep affection.  She was still the energetic rock’n roll girl from few minutes ago, but now she was interpreting the blues music lively.  The song “Vincent” was Tang Shuoran’s favorite song because the girl who had sung this song was his favorite love.   Nowadays, the melody was still there, but the girl was gone.  It was so sad and heart breaking.

Lao Deng noticed Tang Shuoran straightened his back unnaturally.  He knew something was wrong.  Mr. Xiao Tang loved that girl who was fond of singing several years ago.   Now, several years had passed, he still loved girls who loved to sing.   Mr. Xiao Tang, however, had changed much these past few years.   Lao Deng didn’t have the heart to rush him out, even though he knew that Mr. Da Tang was extremely opposed to his son becoming friends with more singers.


As he stood behind Tang Shuoran, he didn’t notice the rapidly changing emotions taking place in front of him.


Tang Shuoran listened to the melody.   Without realizing, the edge of his sunglasses was wet.  Two streams of clear tears flowed down.  He could not see it, but his sight was permanently fixed on that scene when he and she laid down on the grass side by side underneath the stars in the sky.  Many years had passed, now he lived in endless dark nights.  He had already forgotten the feeling of light.  He even pinched himself sometimes to force himself to recollect that beautiful and gorgeous night.  But he could never remember the stars, that deep night, that wide grassland and her tranquil smile.


The charm of a good song was forever.  He believed that a person who could sing such great songs that could move a person’s soul must have a fair heart.  He gradually calmed down.  Now, he really began to enjoy the song “Vincent” sung by Zhang Shanxue.  He had stopped crying.  The tears on his face was slowly being dried by the air.  A passerby could not read out anything from his face.  Only he knew himself.  Tonight, this was the biggest and the happiest reward.  He told himself that he would restart from the same melody.  Under the sky which was full of stars, I would catch your soul and heart......


  starry, starry night

  paint your pallet blue and grey

  look out on a summers day

  with eyes that know the darkness in my soul

  shadows on the hills

  sketch the trees and daffodils

  catch the breeze and the winter chills

  in colors on the snowy lined land

  now i understand

  what you tried to say to me

  and how you suffered for your sanity

  and how you tried to set them free

  they would not listen

  they do not know how

  perhaps they'll listen now

  starry, starry night

  flaming flowers that brightly blazed

  swirling clouds and violet haze

  reflect in vincent's eyes of china blue

  colors changing hue

  morning fields of amber grey

  whethered faces lined in pain

  are soothed beneath the artists' loving hand

  for they could not love you

  but still your love was true

  and when your hope was left inside

  on that starry, starry night

  you took your life as lovers often do

  but i could have told you, vincent

  this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

  like the strangers that you've met

  the ragged man in ragged clothes

  the silver thorn

  a bloody rose

  lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

  now i think i know

  what you tried to say to me

  and how you suffered for your sanity

  and how you tried to set them free

  they were not listening

  they're not listening still

  perhaps they never will


After the song was over, the audience was so moved by the melody in its original style.  They were silent for quite a period of time.  When they had finally roused themselves from the enjoyment of listening, they launched into a long thunderous applause.


Zhang Shanxue had sang with a somber expression, but now she was so lively.  She excitedly yelled: “Thank you all!  I am so happy! Hahaha~~~ Thank you for enjoying it~~~”

Manager Sung’s eyes were wide open.  She was a seedling of a great onsite singer.  He decided to sign contract with her.

Tang Shuoran turned around and talked to Lao Deng: “I want to meet her.”


“Mr. Xiao Tang……”


Lao Deng knew that Mr. Xiao Tang was as stubborn as Mr. Da Tang.  There was no backing out once he decided to do it.  But this time it was another singing girl.  Would Mr. Da Tang cut Mr. Xiao Tang off completely this time?  Before he could oppose it, Tang Shuoran said indifferently: “…... Otherwise, I will not go home.”


Okay, the pendulum had already swung.  It’s not a problem of whether Da Tang would cut all contact with Xiao Tang or not, since it was Da Tang who had asked for help from Xiao Tang.  Once Xiao Tang was not satisfied, it was possible that he might have blocked out Da Tang first.  Lao Deng decided that like the wise man who followed circumstances, he focus on what was happening now.  He led the way for Xiao Tang to move backstage right way – he saw that Manager Sung had already pulled Zhang Shanxue backstage as well to discuss business.


When they entered, Manager Sung had already finished their discussion.  Zhang Shanxue laughed and said: “I am so honored that you appreciate my singing.  I will think about it.”


Tang Shuoran had already walked up to face her.  She looked at him and thought for a moment.  Suddenly she remembered: “Whoa, you’re the man who hit me a while ago!  Oh~~~~I understand.  Were you the one who found my bag?  Thank you~~~”


Tang Shuoran asked: “Which college are you from?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Are you going to sing here? “

“That’s also none of your business either.”  Shan-Xue was becoming a little bit angry.  Why did this man like to inquire about private matters?

“You must have graduated this year if your id card is true.”

Zhang Shanxue was mad: “What did you want?”

“Are you going to sing here?”


“A singer here?”  Shan-Xue was short of breath and laughed.  “Right, so what, it’s hard to find a job now.  It pays 800 RMB a night to sing here.  It’s an excellent contract!”

“It may not be hard to find a job.  The Century Convention Center is hiring staff now if you have interest.”


Zhang Shanxue’s heart pumped.  Her major was Administrative Management in college.  At Century Convention Center she’d still be considered a qualified candidate.  But the competition from the students who majored in foreign languages was very tough.  She was interested but also hesitated for a while.

She stepped forward: “Why did you tell me this?  Besides, why you are so impolite?  Do you know that you should take off your sunglasses when talking to others? !”


Tang Shuoran casually passed the topic off: “Just to solve the employment problem for college grads.”

He then pulled open the white cane one section at a time.  He turned holding his white cane and left a dumbfounded Zhang Shanxue staring.

After the car had driven for about 10 minutes, Tang Shuoran yelled: “Where are you going!”


Lao Deng replied with great difficulty: “Mr. Da Tang told me that I had to complete the mission.  Let’s go home, sir!”


Tang Shuoran sat at the back.  He leant forward and his hands tried to stop.  But his hands stayed in the air for a couple of seconds, then he slumped and laid back.


Soon the car stopped at the door of Tang family home.   He had not visited in a long time.  He stepped out of the car.  His whole body tensed after he stepped one foot on the ground, he was uncontrollably nervous.


Then he heard Lao Deng’s voice: “Sir, this way.”

He was startled for a bit and pulled out his white cane.  He followed the sound of Lao Deng’s steps and they walked in together.


It was already very late now, but obviously this family was not sleepy at all.  It appeared that Lao Deng was a very competent aid, since he had already passed back the message to Da Tang about Xiao Tang’s return.


Xiao Tang did not dare move as he pleased after he entered the door.  This was such a strange home to him now and he could accidentally knock over furniture or a vase with just one extra step.


“Shuoran…...”  His mother had already begun to sob.  She had to meet him outside in the past several years whenever she missed Tang Shuoran and wanted to see him.  Now it was as if she was dreaming.


Tang Shuoran heard the sound of several people rising from the sofa.  Then it was the sounds of people calling him “Younger Brother” and “Elder Brother.”


It was like his heart had taken a soft blow.  Suddenly his younger sister who had a childish voice said: “Xiao Li, call Er Jiu Jiu (2nd oldest uncle).”


Then a pure and naïve voice from a young girl called timidly: “Er Jiu Jiu…”


“Xiao Li, look, Er Jiu Jiu is laughing.  Let’s go give Er Jiu Jiu a hug.”


The younger sister led Xiao Li over to him.  Xiao Li timidly stuck out her hands and smiled sweetly: “Uncle, hug…”


Tang Shuoran’s cold mask was instantly thrown aside.  He looked down following the voice and stuck out one hand.  He soon reached his younger sister’s hand and Xiao Li’s little hand she was holding.  Love jumped to his heart instantly.  He followed her arm and estimated the distance down to Xiao Li’s waist.  Xiao Li seemed to really like this uncle and her soft body reached up to him.  Tang Shuoran easily held up his little niece.


His face turned to younger sister: “This girl is too lovely.  How old is she?”


“27 months.  Very smart just like you.  Elder brother.”  His younger sister’s voice was so soft.  Tang Shuoran was very pleased after he heard it and he laughed slightly.


After enjoyed her warmth, he gently put down Xiao Li.  Finally, unavoidably, the heavy sound of slow footsteps walked towards him.


He looked up and managed to face the origin of the sound and then said: “Dad.”


Da Tang’s anger quickly evaporated.  This “disobedient son” had never stepped through the door of his own home in the past 4 years.  But the sound of “Dad” had completely melted the hatred between the father and son.  But because the frigid ice had melted too abruptly, both of them still acted awkwardly to each other.


Da Tang took a breath and said in a low voice: “We encountered a cunning opponent.”


“When is the next negotiation?” Tang Shuoran cut into the problem directly.


“Next Thursday.”


“Give me the materials and let me research it.”


“Ok, let your younger sister help you.”



“You, will you be staying here?”


“I’ll stay for tonight, but later …”


“I know. Lao Deng, tell them to clean up a little bit!”


Tang Shuoran did not expect that his meeting with his father would be so cordial.   The atmosphere was so calm.  Right, father and son would not have any hatred that could last the night.  Speaking of sad feelings, it was caused by the gap between two generations.  The knot would never be untied if there was never any communication between each other.  Luckily, they shared the same blood of family.  Tang Shuoran thought that even though his father totally disagreed with his behavior, he was still the first one his father was seeking for help when in trouble.  Wasn’t it from the trust shared by close family members?”


He was in better mood, but the current room he was in truly bothered him. He was no longer familiar with anything inside.  For example just now, he had struck the edge of the bed with his foot so hard that tears almost came out.  The most embarrassing moment was that he had smashed a vase on the desk when he was stretching after he had finally managed to find a chair and sat down.  This happened the exact moment when Da Tang opened the door and walked in.


“Lao Deng, remove all the unnecessary decorations! “ Da Tang said loudly.


Tang Shuoran stood up.  He heard several people come in and leave after a moment of chaotic movement.  They must have removed most of the objects in the room as they were instructed.


Mr. Da Tang cleared his throat: “We’ve already lost 8 out of 10 times.  You only need to try your best.”


Tang Shuoran’s face showed determined expression: “It’s not the end until the final chapter.  That’s common sense in a battle.  Just leave it to me for the follow up.”


Da Tang nodded.  His face then showed a little sadness, his son could never see any of his movements!  Fortunately Mr. Da Tang was a person full of fighting spirit.  He adjusted his thoughts quickly and spoke as if nothing had happened: “Okay, … Just tell Lao Deng what you want to eat tomorrow.”




Da Tang walked out, but he knocked on the door again just a couple seconds later.  He was silent for a short period.  Then he said:


“Shuoran, Regardless of your life or work, you are the one who makes decisions for yourself.”


Tang Shuoran’s mouth showed the hint of a smile that was not easily seen.



The Convention Center’s annual recruiting started in full swing.  They were focused on hiring new college graduates.  Because the job market had been bad this year, there were only limited openings.  Usually the Convention Center needed skilled and experienced people.  A fresh college graduate would require training before they could be placed on duty, but the upcoming conferences would not wait for their training.  Therefore, the openings were for assistants.  Despite such a position, the applications of new college graduates were coming in like waves upon a beach.


Tang Shuoran was sitting in interview conference room as one of interviewers asking questions to applicants whenever he was free.  His main responsibility was to interview the staff responsible for reading the script to him.  The Convention Center set a very high hiring standard, but it did not stop the enthusiastic applicants.  The group leader was pretty happy because more than 50% of applicants had professional English certification at the 8th rank and others also had passed the 6th rank:  One student even had 3 foreign languages in the resume.  The leader hesitated: “Yeah, this excellent talent would be over qualified because most of our daily work does not use English at all.”


The interviewers sat in a row.  There were 7 interviewers, Tang Shuoran sat in a corner.  He had a pen in his hand and soon started to play and flip the pen around his fingers.  His sunglasses were still on, but his mouth had a cynical smile.  Additionally, his behavior was very “manic”, therefore the applicants had nicknamed him hedgehog.


One student claimed to be the class representative in B university and was very fluent in multiple foreign languages.  She answered gracefully to the questions asked by the interviewers in English and Japanese.  She spoke an extra paragraph in French after completion and she concluded in English: “I had been an intern in Hilton for half a year.  I believe it would be a very beneficial experience for receiving international guests.


The corner of her mouth began to twitch upwards as an expression of victory, because nearly all the interviewers were shocked by her fantastic ability to express herself, speaking as if giving a speech, in the interview.


Suddenly, a lazy voice sounded from the corner: “Then, how do you say ‘xi fan’ (TL: rice porridge) in English?”


ED: I’m quite shocked she doesn’t know that…


She was stunned.  She looked up and saw a man easily flip a pen like no one else was around.  He was asking in a relaxed tone.


She would have struck a conversation with him using some excuses if he was not an interviewer.  His large sunglasses increased the mystery of his charm.  Unfortunately, they were“opponents”in this situation, so she had to strike back boldly.


“There was no such kind of food in the international hotel.”


“Then okay, how do you say ‘xi fan’ in Cantonese (a Chinese dialect)?”


“I think I would serve the guests from all over the world, a specific dialect…...”


“Our guests come from all over the world, including our own country.”


“If I am hired, then I believe I can learn in a very short time period.”


“Please sing a song in English.”




This proud girl was enraged thoroughly.  She thought the question from the interviewer was unacceptable: “I am here to apply for a position of high level aid, not a low level singing girl!”


“Ok, I don’t have any more questions.”


Tang Shuoran never interfered the hiring of staff that didn’t work under him.  This girl was already out in his mind.  She had not even graduated from college yet, but her head was already in the clouds.  She was so opinionated and arrogant.  How could she collaborate well in numerous positions in the future?


He came to interview applicants everyday.  Though he had missed several times due to his work, but he was not willing to ask the staff of the Convention Center whether a girl named Zhang Shanxue ever came to the interview?  Sometimes he found the whole situation hilarious because he told her to come to interview just because he listened to her softly revised version of “Vincent”.  Was it because……


He decided to stop thinking about the past.  Let this decision be treated as an opportunity given to a college student with great potential.  After all her voice and articulation when she sang was almost like the authentic singer of this song.  There was no difference comparing with the singers on those TV music competition shows.  Only this Zhang Shanxue’s rock’n roll version could not be accepted by the traditional Tang Shuoran.  He could not take it at all.  It’s like the hysterical cries for help from a person drowning in water.


There would never be another person like her again.  He laughed at himself and stood up after a while.  With his hand on the wall, he walked from his office towards the conference room.

Chapter end

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