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I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl

4 Votes
4 Votes

I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl


I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl

(4 Votes)
I'm Not Going to Be Bullying by a Girl; 我才不会被女孩子欺负呢
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The series I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl c1
Chapter 001: enemies of my life

A man in his life, there must be a rival.

At least as a 14-year-old boy, I'm so sure.

Speaking of my enemy, he should be a neighbor's child, nicknamed the 'little overlord'.

Though it's a little embarrassed, in fact, I have been bullied by him since childhood.

Although he is the same age as me, but he always taller than I'm, when the biggest gap he is a head taller than me.

He always gave me a few cuffs and kicks knocked me to the ground, then grinning snatched the treasure from my hand.

These years the robbed treasure list as follows:



Comic book,

Water pistol,

Police cap,

Transformer toys, total 25...

In addition to grab my stuff, he also have a lot of tricks to bully me, such as:

When I was concentrate on fishing, he kick me down the river.

When I sit down, he suddenly take the chair away.

Spit slobber to me when I fall into the pit.

Force me to eat the bread with chili powder.

Put crab inside my back collar...

In a word, I suffered untold suffering because of him, in my young mind, he once is worse than Godzilla.

I'm a middle student in Grade Two this year, next year is Grade Three, in any case, I want to put an end with 'little overlord' before in high school.

Otherwise, I will leave a lifetime of psychological shadow.

So, three days ago, I sent him a letter of challenge.

Although after the megafamily buildings demolition we no longer are neighbors, but his family and my family still in a city, if sitting subway just two stations.

He should had received the challenge letter.

I asked him to come out and fight, single to single, loser must to kneel admit defeat at the foot of the winner, and also need give the toys back.

Of course, in fact I don't have the toys that snatched from him -- but justice will prevail, isn't it?

The place was set in the open lawn behind the boiler plant, the time is at nine in the morning, in this time no one will disturb us.

I deliberately chose a duel place that more close to his home, so after he lost, it also can let he quickly go back to take the toys.

Don't get me wrong, I was 14 years old and I has never liked robot toys, but retrieve these toys is a proof of my strength and courage -- by the way, Optimus Prime elder brother would have wanted me.

I have to say, I have never seen little overlord for three years.

I remember he grew up in a single parent family just like me, and although I didn't like him, but I have a good impression with his mother -- Aunt Ren.

Because Aunt Ren is very young and beautiful (because too young, unlike the aunt, she is more like a sister), she is the idol in many young boys hearts, and if she was at the scene, little overlord did not dare to bully me in front of his mother.

Aunt Ren also is a international level Sanda champion, no wonder the little overlord is so badly.

In contrast, my dad is just a glasses Indoorsman, he opened a shop selling sex products on Taobao, harmonious, what a shame. (Taobao: China online store)

Don't know how's the little overlord in this three years, and I hope our height gap won't become much big.

My last encounter with him in the winter of three years ago, at that time the sky is floating with the big snow, so I was impressed, but I had forget the reason that why we fight.

In that time my height is almost catch little overlord, and in order to defeat him, I have been in secret special training, the muscles of the arm has had slightly bigger.

So I decided not to endure, but to take a chance to against him.

He used his evil fist countless times to turn my eyes into a panda, so my punch also directed aimed his eyes.

But my fist just brushed against his chin and didn't touch his face.

His face show a mocking expression that "full-fledged ah, kid", and then kicked in my stomach, let me lay motionless on the ground.

Damn, I forgot to defend his legs, even our height have been close, but his leg always long than me (inherited my dad's short leg is really sorry ah!).

Strangely, he knocked me down but did not spit on me as usual, and he also not just step away, but with a little lonely voice said:

"Here will be dismantled, everyone will move away, my family is going to move to the west city of the Red House North Street, from now on we will not often met..."

Why you said this to me? You will take away my 25 robots, should I gratifying?

"It's always felt I still didn't have enough fight with you..."

Not enough? Did you not have enough of the loot from me? Optimus Prime older brother was robbed by you! Why also with a lonely tone? Do you regret that you can't continue to bully me every day?

Or you mean... I suddenly tremble from head to foot.

Or that you regard me as the old enemy? Just as I regard you as my old enemy?

I kneeling down on the ground and raising my head, the sky is snowing, little overlord condescending looked at me, because inverse the sun light, I can't see his face.

"See you later, Ye Lin (this is he first say my name right, before he is always deliberately use some horrible nickname like 'wild donkey' to call me), I will take custody of these robots for you... When you think you have the confidence to overcome me, come back to challenge me."

He dropped one page written in advance of new home address, I caught it in my hands, glared at the ink.

I have to admit that his handwriting is pretty neat.

After three years, I become aggravated trained myself, I can say it already can called brutal and inhuman.

Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, from can only do ten times training to do one hundred, two hundred.

Every day I run three laps around the Winter Hill lake, my ankle also tied a 5 pound sandbags, and later added to 10 pounds.

Some other things like buy boxing magazines peeping in the classroom, they already needn't to elaborate.

In a word, when other children are eating, I am exercising. When they are sleeping, I'm still exercising.

If I can't become a martial artist, then no one can become.

Even so, I also not 100% sure that I can overcome little overlord.

After all, his mother Aunt Ren is a genuine Sanda champion, he must has learn a lot of secret training methods from his mother, maybe he also mastered one or two finally attack skills.

But even so, I have to challenge him!

If bow the head to the fear, then, I do not deserve to be a brave man!

Even if this time I still lost, I will continue to challenge, once a year! Until I win back my Optimus prime older brother!

Right, before I said, like my age, I has not like robot toys, right? Do not think that I was only for the toys to be so persistent!

When I wrote letter to little overlord to agreed to a duel, I finally think of it that I don't know what is the full name of little overlord.

I only know that his first name is as same as Aunt Ren, since so, I copy the address on the envelope, then I write down "Ren Woxing" in the column "Recipient", I think this name is quite well with him. (Ren Woxing, it's mean is 'I can freely roam')

Because I don't want Aunt Ren see the envelope then laugh at me, so I not wrote my real name on the envelope, but use "justice super man" as my signature.

After little overlord read this letter, he of course will know that it's I addressed to him.

He is always the evil devil king that bullying the justice super man.

We are the lifetime old enemies.

It was foggy.

Now is the early spring season, outside the sweater, I was dressed sport pant and sport shirt just like Stallone, but I still feel a little cold.

In order to keep the muscles tension, I tried to play a few jab, preparations before the duel is also very important.

No one on the lawn, I looked at the table: 8:50, I'm half an hour early, and have been waiting for 20 minutes.

Little overlord should not a man that would intentional lateness, in order to make it much easier for him to find me, I stand below the biggest old banyan tree, continue to do the hitting drill.

In this way, even if the fog is more concentrated, I am also conspicuous.

About 5 minutes later, I heard footsteps in the distance.

The soft footsteps that sport shoes step on the lawn.

A little bt hurry, a little eager, but also as if a little hesitation.

Huh, little overlord, after a lapse of three years, were you scared?

In fact, my whole body also began to shake, it must be the cold weather.

I can't lose! I would never lose to you again!

Even I have to use some forbidden skills between the men, such as kick-in-the-crotch...

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I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl c1
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