Nihonkoku Shoukan Volume 1 Chapter 3 part2

Nihonkoku Shoukan Volume 1 Chapter 3 part2

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Chapter 3

The Counterattack

Part 2

The Next Day. Central Calendar Year 1639, Month 8, Day 30.

Japanese Ground Self Defense Army, 7th Division.

QuToyne Relief Force Base.

The division commander, Lieutenant General Ouchida Kazuma was eating in the mess hall.

「We will have a decisive battle soon, right?」

A young member of his staff, who sat in front of him, commented between his meal.

「Yeah. Though I believe that there will be no casualties on our side, I never imagined that sending my men to a dangerous battlefield would hurt my stomach so much like this. But…… even if I'm assuming the worst, I'm still optimistic. Considering the results of the battles so far, in reality, the plan will go well.」

「Instead, what we are fearing is the risk of Lourian civilians caught in the combat during our operations, correct? We should make sure that this doesn't happen.」

Since their arrival into this other world, the Self-Defense Forces had been maintaining and operating by using a broad interpretation of the constitution. Because of this, for the soldiers on the field, they struggle daily to not forget their principles from their own world.

「…… Soon, we will put an end to this fight, right? ……When I think that I am in a position where I could greatly decide many people's fate, my body becomes tensed up.」

The young staff muttered nervously.

Seeing him behaving like this, Ouchida made a wide smile while eating the last spaghetti on his plate.

「That's true. So that there will be no gaps in the operation, let's hammer out the details of the decided plan.」

「By the way, division commander. You're eating spaghetti again? So, you really love this food?」

「Yeah, I started eating it in the cafeteria during my college days and I fell in love with it. I need Cod Roe Sauce Spaghetti in my life…… Oops, look at the time. Since I need to prepare for the briefing, I'll take my leave.」

Ouchida drained the water from his glass before standing up and went to the briefing.


1 hour later

QuToyne Relief Force Base

Operation HQ Tent

「Gentlemen, we will begin the briefing of the plan to capture King Louria in Jin Haag, the capital city of Louria.」

The briefing begins.

「For the capture of King Louria, the Police Force will be in charge of the arresting action. So the Special Assault Team gentlemen from the Metropolitan Police Department will participate in the landing operation with helicopters. First, let me introduce you to SAT Leader, Aoki-san.」

Aoki and the police officers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who were being introduced begin to bow and started to introduce themselves.

「Greetings, my name is Aoki, the leader of the Special Assault Team of the Metropolitan Police Department Security Bureau's First Public Security Division. In this operation, I will have the honor to ride the helicopters together with you, the gentlemen of the Ground Self Defense Force.」

When Aoki bowed down, the meeting attendees also reciprocate on the spot.

「An arrest warrant for the King of Louria, Haag Louria XXXIV, had been issued for the crime of genocide. The SDF Military Police also has the investigatory right, but since that right is limited only for crimes involving or against SDF personnel, SDF facilities including ships, or other assets owned by SDF, the investigatory right is given to the National Police. Since this place is a battlefield, it was judged to be difficult for a public prosecutor or ordinary police officer to accomplish the arrest objective, so they decided to dispatch us the Special Assault Team for this purpose. We are looking forward to working with you.」

After the greeting was over, Aoki returned to his seat.

The lights on the tent were turned off as a computer-connected projector started to display images on the screen. The screen displayed the operation's map and summary.

「The objective of the current operation is to secure King Louria himself. Then, as soon as King Louria has been secured, we will immediately withdraw all personnel from within the Kingdom. This is the primary principle of operation."

The screen displayed an image of King Louria, reproduced from the so-called magic-image, which had been provided by the Principality of QuToyne.

「At the initiation of the operation, we will conduct a surprise attack using only helicopter-borne forces at the castle. Then after we secured King Louria himself, we will arrest him as per the operation plan. However, as time passed, the large number of soldiers inside the capital might storm into the castle, so in case if it takes too much time to locate the King, it might be difficult to guarantee the escape. In the worst case, we will get casualties from the teams involved. We need to make sure that we arrest King Louria with just one attempt, lest the war between QuToyne Principality and Kingdom of Louria last longer even more.」

The operation images shifted to one another.

「Therefore, we will deceive the Kingdom of Louria to think that Japan is genuinely invading them. In other words, we will perform a diversionary tactic.」

The explanation continued.

「First, the JASDF's 『F-2』 fighters and the JMSDF's destroyers will destroy the large fleet of wooden warship anchored at the Jin-Haag's northern port and deprive Louria of their naval deployment capabilities. Next, the JGSDF 7th Division will cross the border and head straight to the Capital City, ignoring the towns located in between, then deploy the mechanized units on the great plains in front of the Capital overnight and station their units in the visual range of the Capital. After this, the 7th Division will nail the attention of the forces inside the capital and distract the soldiers. During this time, the units will perform attacks appropriately and grant moderate damage and tension, and just before the heliborne operation begins, an intense attack to deceive the Louria that this is a genuine invasion attempt. Furthermore, as a countermeasure for the Capital Defense Force of about 150 wyverns, the destroyers fleet anchored on the sea about 43 km north of the Capital Jin-Haag will provide air cover with their intermediate-range guided surface to air missiles.」

「So we won't do the air cover with fighters?」

「Yes. We have considered it before, but we have judged that if we fly fighters over the capital city, Louria's attention will turn their attention more towards the sky rather than towards the 7th division. If they become more cautious of air attacks, they would likely to be warier and detect the incoming helicopters which might jeopardize the operation. So, in the first phase of the operation, we will bring the enemy air units in the open and render them powerless. If on the second phase of the operation, by some chance, there are still enemy's air units remaining, we believe that the army and the destroyers could deal with them.」

The projection on the screen changed once again into the Royal Castle's blueprint.

「Once Lourian army's attention is directed towards the 7th Division, we will initiate the heliborne operation on the Royal Castle's plaza. The few elite units will infiltrate the castle and secure the King's himself. Furthermore, if there is a battle with the palace guards, the elimination of the soldiers will be considered as legitimate self-defense. Once we have secured the King, who we think will be probably in the emergency room in the castle interior, all units will withdraw. Since it is imperative that every unit had embarked in the helicopters before the soldiers deployed on the outer walls returned to the castle, we will need to secure the King under 15 minutes after the airborne descend. In case we failed to do so, then the operation will be aborted and all units will withdraw. Are there any questions?」

A young officer raised their his hand.

「About that rough blueprint, can we trust it? I also wish to know how that map reached our hands.」

「This blueprint of the Royal Castle is from to the QuToyne Principality's spy who had previously infiltrate as a royal cook. The black part of the map is unknown rooms that the spy couldn't enter.」

「When securing the King, the police officers will be needed to be at the frontline. Will the police officers also fight at the frontline.」

「Yes, the SAT members will act together with the 1st Airborne Brigade. In addition, since they have marksmanship training to discriminate hostages and the others in an instant, the possibility that the King was shot and killed accidentally will be greatly reduced compared than SDF personnel.」

「Will all units descend into the castle by parachuting?」

「No, the SAT members are not trained in using parachutes, so for the SAT units, they will descend from the helicopter by using the rappelling method. As for the 1st Airborne Brigade, the method of descending will be decided after we work on the operation details.」

「Will we carry out the assault on the Royal Castle on daytime?」

「No. The 7th Division will draw the enemy's attention from the morning and will increase their attack intensity to some extent during the dusk. Then the helicopters will be deployed during the night. We will inform the timing details later on.」

The briefing continued throughout the night, as the details of the diversion on Jin-Haag, the Capital of Kingdom of Louria, and the capture of King Louria was carefully polished into perfection.


Special Assault Team (特殊急襲部隊 Tokushu Kyūshū Butai) are police tactical units of the Japanese Police. They are established in major Prefectural Police Departments supervised by the National Police Agency. Individual teams officially take the name of the Metropolitan or Prefectural police departments to which they are assigned; an example would be Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Special Unit (警視庁特殊部隊 Keishicho Tokushu Butai, Metropolitan Police Department Special Unit) for the SAT unit assigned to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (the one in the chapter). Their main armaments are As their main arms, the SAT units used Heckler & Koch SMGs like MP5A5, MP5SD6, MP5K. They even used Howa Type 89 assault rifles and M4 carbines rifles (standard infantry rifle).

Chapter end

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