Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 45

Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 45


Hey, at least I got one out before it'd been 2 months. Somehow made it through the latter half of this chapter super fast, even though it took me weeks to do the first half, so no idea when I'll have 46 done.

Chapter 45 - Shaking Up Another World (1)

Central World, Holy Mirishial Empire, western islands, 0th magic fleet

Above decks, the warning alarm wailed in the middle of the fleet's training. They had detected an unknown fleet closing in on their position, so everyone hurried to prepare for combat.

"The unknown fleet is accelerating, they're now traveling at 30.5 knots."

"No magic power detected in the sky."

"Support has been requested from our air force currently stationed in the islands. We can only rely on forces already here, so just twenty-five friendly aircraft. They'll arrive over the fleet in fifteen minutes."

Reports came in one after another to Fleet Commander Ultema on board the 0th fleet flagship, the Mithril-class battleship Eckes. He turned to speak to the ship's captain, Infere, standing next to him.

"What do you think?"

It was a curt question, which held the meaning just give it to me straight.

"Yes, sir. We believe that this fleet of unknown origins belongs to the Gra Valkas Empire. While there are only two warships, they're traveling at 30.5 knots, a speed we had trouble believing from the report. Clearly, they are much stronger than Mu. On our side, we have three newly-produced warships, ones that are not at all worse than Mu's mechanically-driven ships. If there is one point of concern, it's that if the enemy also has mechanical aircraft, then a vehicle like that with only a single person on board will not appear on the magic detector until it gets very close, which is troubling. We are at a disadvantage when the enemy's planes can easily communicate with their fleet."

On the horizon (unlike Earth's, the distance to the horizon was greater than 19 km), they could already see clouds of smoke coming from the enemy's ships.

"Look at them, spewing all that garbage into the air; not even a speck of elegance. How pitiful. Those barbarians from outside the civilized areas defeated Leifor, and now they've grown overconfident. It's one thing to beat their chests in front of other countries in a show of strength, it's another to launch a surprise attack on the strongest country in the world, the Holy Mirishial Empire… not only that, but they're attacking the zeroth magic fleet, where we have all the most advanced ships; they're really asking for it. We may even trounce them untouched. Sink all of their ships, they can all be shark bait!!!"

Fleet commander Ultema blazed with determination to face the unknown fleet.

Gra Valkas Empire, imperial judgment force

In order to launch an attack on the self-proclaimed "strongest in the world," the Holy Mirishial Empire's 0th magic fleet, the Gra Valkas Empire's judgment force traveled south. Having cut the distance down to 50 km to the enemy fleet, morale was flying high. There were two high-speed battleships, three heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, and five destroyers, a total of twelve ships ripping through the seas, swaths of dark black smoke belching out of their funnels, aiming straight for their victims. As a group, they blew through the water at 30.5 knots (56 km/h), an incredible speed that would floor any native resident of this world.

Within the flagship, the galaxy-class battleship Betel, Fleet Commander Artemis and Captain Beegel stood side by side, conversing.

"The enemy severely outnumbers us. Can we win?"

"We're picking a fight with the so-called 'strongest fleet in the world.' Based on our intel, our ships will not fall behind in terms of firepower. With only this much military strength, after we crush them, there will be nothing else in this world that could possibly match up to us. Despite them being our first opponents here, and knowing I have no basis for such a statement, that is still how I truly feel."

"You may be right; the Grade Atlastar, though it may be our empire's greatest warship, was able to single-handedly demolish an entire enemy country, one known as a 'superpower' in this world. Lightning could strike again with us. Well, we also shouldn't let our guards down, but…"

"Report!!!" the radar operator called out, ending the discussion. "Anti-air radar has detected enemy aircraft coming from the islands, twenty-five total! They're heading for our fleet. They'll be arriving in the fleet's airspace in seventeen minutes!"

"Prepare for anti-air combat! All destroyers are to take the lead! Launch torpedoes at the enemy fleet!!!"

The destroyers began to generate even more thick smoke as they raced to the front of the formation. On the previously-quiet ocean, the surroundings underwent a complete change as the Gra Valkan ships raced across the surface, black smoke trailing and engines roaring. The judgment force charged forward like raging bulls, aiming right at Mirishial's 0th fleet.

Underneath the clear blue sky, three of Mirishial's elegant, beautiful warships cut through the waves as they moved forward. They each sported three pairs of magic cannons in the front, all proudly pointed at the distant horizon. These ships' bridges jutted out into the sky, showing off their design projecting beauty and strength.

"Our air force, the Bet2s, will arrive in the enemy's airspace soon. Furthermore, they have not detected any enemy aircraft. As soon as they're in position, we will commence attack."

Squad Captain Omega, on board a multipurpose aircraft, was nervous. The prevailing mindset in the Holy Mirishial Empire was that anti-ship warfare was to be conducted primarily with large cannons, so they'd been taught that they could not engage warships or attempt to sink them while piloting aircraft. There had never been a case in all of history where an aircraft successfully sank a magic ship (although there were examples in the past of ships-of-the-line without anti-air measures being sunk by aircraft); at best, all their attacks could do was provide ancillary support—that was what Omega believed. Therefore, he focused solely on getting off a single attack on the enemy's ships.

The multipurpose Bet2s stationed on the islands suddenly dropped from the air to begin their bombing run. For the Holy Mirishial Empire, who had no rivals on their level, they believed this would be enough to repulse them.

"Take this! You'll regret picking a fight with the Holy Mirishial Empire!!!" Omega bellowed.

The Bet2's magical light discharge-type compressed air engine let out a shrill noise as it soared in the skies over the enemy fleet at 410 km/h before, at once, all twenty-five planes turned then dove at a 50° angle, their bellies holding 520 kg of magic explosives ready to fall on their targets.


Beads of light began flying up into the air from the enemy ships.

"Anti-air bullets of light, huh."

The number of light bullets steadily increased until they could no longer be considered harmless. Suddenly, a burst of black smoke blossomed from the plane diving right in front of him.

"It exploded?!"

He passed the friendly aircraft, which was riddled with holes, its wings in tatters. It went into a tailspin. From what he could make out from the fuselage as it fell, the cockpit was dyed completely red.

"That's impossible! Those bullets can cause explosions just by touching us!!!"

The sheer number of light bullets had grown mercilessly, and they rushed at the Bet2s all at once. They weren't closing in on the enemy fleet at all; those ships, right before their eyes, felt so, so far away. A friendly plane fell, then another.

"Dammit! There's too many light bullets!!!"

They were being assaulted by a rain of light. The number of planes decreased; 80% of them made it through to the bombing point. Finally, they were at the right altitude to release their bombs.


They aimed for the largest target, an enemy warship, and let go of their explosive cargo. Somehow completing their mission, the surviving planes' noses abruptly pulled up and they withdrew from the battlefield.


The whistle of the bombs pierced through the stage of war, falling right at the ship below. The Gra Valkan warship turned to its left and attempted to evade. The bombs hit the surface of the ocean, letting out their destructive force underwater. The pressure broke through to the air, creating gigantic pillars of water. Black smoke also began spilling from the enemy ship.

"Bombing report. One enemy ship hit, five planes lost."

The enemy ship continued to advance despite being on fire.

"It does not appear to have been damaged enough to be incapacitated."

"As we thought, aircraft cannot sink warships," the fleet commander muttered to himself, eyeing the Gra Valkan fleet suspiciously. "Captain, they've put their smaller ships in front, what are they playing at? Smaller ships naturally only get smaller caliber cannons, what could they possibly do?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe they're trying to draw our fire."

"The enemy will be in firing range momentarily."

The cannons on the Mirishial battleships Eckes, Gulliver, and Variant, all pointed diagonally upwards, began to move. The main guns rotated solemnly, aiming at the enemy ships, locking in place once they were in position.

"Distance to enemy ships: thirty-four kilometers. They are within maximum range of the main guns."

"Begin simultaneous firing once they're within thirty kilometers."

"Yes, sir!"

The naval battle between the 0th magic fleet and the fleet belonging to the Gra Valkas Empire's judgment force was about to kick off.

Gra Valkas Empire, imperial judgment force

Fleet Commander Artemis glared out at the ocean. The enemy force's bombing attack had hit their flagship, dampening the soldiers' spirits. The good news was that they hit the hardest part of the ship and only the uppermost structure was destroyed, which was considered minor damage. Its combat capabilities would not be affected.

"First off, let's show off the range of the empire's weapons. Ready the main guns! Begin firing in sequence once they're in range!"

The battleship Betel had a 45 caliber, 35.6 cm-barrel double-gun installed in the front of the ship, which boasted a maximum range of 35,450 meters. It was raised to the highest possible firing angle of 43°.


The battleships Betel and Geas began firing. Giant clouds of black smoke formed as giant cannonballs launched into the air, the recoil causing the ships to rock on the water.

"Impact in one minute and thirteen seconds!" the ship's observer called out. "…Five, four, three, two, one… now!"

Four massive columns of water sprouted into the air near a Mirishial warship.

"No direct hits, adjusting angle of fire."

The imperial judgment force had fired its first salvo on the Holy Mirishial Empire.

0th magic fleet

Out of nowhere, the light of ignition sparked from the enemy ships, evidence that they had fired their main guns. They were still 32 kilometers away.

"Wh—! What the hell! They're firing at this distance?!"

"They're still out of range of our furthest-reaching cannons!"

"Magic support! Reinforce armor!!!"

The warship was enveloped in a faint light. About 100 meters away from the ship, they saw gigantic pillars of water grow from the sea. The size of the pillars spoke to the destructive power of the cannonfire. However, the points of impact appeared to be quite scattered.

"Their aim's pretty rough. Release the reinforcement! Ready the main guns!!!"

"Yes sir! Prepping main guns!"

"Begin fueling—seventy-two percent explosive, twenty-eight percent fire. Start up the shell's magic circuit."

"Magic circuit activation complete."

"The spell circuit is currently filling at a ratio of eighty-two to sixteen, explosive to fire. Magic power fueling at seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred percent. Shell fueling is complete."

"Main gun fuse circuit, initiating fueling… seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred percent. Main gun fuse circuit fueling complete."

"Main gun, firing preparations complete. Range calculations based on the magic detector complete. Setting angle of elevation at thirty-one degrees, adjusting left to twenty-two degrees. Probability of a direct hit on the first volley with three targets, twenty-three percent between eighteen shells. Ten seconds before firing, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, fire!!!"

The three most advanced Mirishial warships fired their shells accompanied by thunderous explosions. These shells, bestowed with explosive magic, boasted the most firepower in the world. Cloaked in blue light, they jetted up into the sky like rockets. Drawing a smooth parabola in the air, they flew forward 30 kilometers to bring destruction down on their target. The enemy attempted evasive maneuvers.

"Eight seconds to impact, six, five, four, three, two, one, now!!!"

The detonation spell activated, releasing all that stored magic power; they could feel the shockwave. A pillar of water rose up near the enemy ships.

"No direct hits, lowering angle of elevation four degrees, readjusting left to twenty-seven degrees. Magic power fueling for the next shell is complete. Main gun fuse circuit fueling at eighty, ninety, one hundred percent. Main gun fuse circuit fueling complete. Probability of a direct hit has increased by forty-two percent, seven seconds until firing, five, four, three, two, one, fire!!!"

Having finished reloading faster than the enemy, Mirishial's magic ships fired their main guns again.

"How do you like that?!"

Fleet Commander Ultema stared, unblinking, at the ocean, his heart in his mouth. While the magic shells were still in the air, the enemy's ships let off puffs of smoke. It appeared their mechanical ships had just fired their main guns as well.

"Enemy fire incoming!!!"

"Damn! Magic support! Reinforce armor again!!!"

The warship was once again covered with a pale light.

"Miss!!!" Ultema cried, almost like a prayer.

The waters near the enemy ships once again exploded in violent splashes. Following the shockwave from a hit from one of the shells, flames lit up one of the ships.

"We have a direct hit!!!"


The enemy ship that was hit let off a big explosion, then quickly began to lose speed.

"Their engines must have taken damage. After their shells fly past us, we're pursuing them!!!"

They believed that cannon shells weren't liable to hit them so easily, but no one ever knew what would happen on the battlefield, so the mood was still fraught with nervous tension. Suddenly, 500 meters to their left, a giant column of water appeared near the Gold-class battleshield Variant, and along with it there was a fierce fire and black smoke mixed in.

"Battleship Variant has been hit! We think they were damaged near their waterline!!!"

The Variant was taking in a lot of water from the hole in its side and its speed began to flag.

"Dammit! Even with their armor reinforced, they still took damage! The enemy's firepower is even on par with our most advanced magic cannon firepower, it seems."

The two fleets were now only ten kilometers apart.

"The enemy's small ships are changing direction! They seem to be withdrawing."

"What?! Those little ships may not be useful in battle, but why are they changing course now? Weren't they supposed to draw our fire?" Ultema asked Captain Infere.

"I have no idea, I really cannot think of any explanation for their actions."

"Well, whatever. Focus our attacks on that slow ship! Finish it off!!!"

Mirishial's 0th magic fleet kept up the pressure on the damaged ship from Gra Valkas's judgment force, the battleship Geas. The two fleets' shooting match continued. After taking twelve hits from battleship guns and seven from heavy cruiser guns, the Geas sank with a flashy explosion.

"Enemy ship sunk!!!"

Cheers went up at the announcement.

"The enemy fleet is turning around! They seem to be withdrawing."

"Well done, it's our victory! But, we didn't get off scot free…"

Fleet Commander Ultema wanted a damage report. A win was a win, but their pride as the strongest in the world was shattered from that scuffle.

Enemy ships sunk: battleship - 1, heavy cruiser - 1, small ship - 1 Heavy damage: heavy cruiser - 1 Moderate damage: light cruiser - 1 Minor damage: numerous Holy Mirishial Empire Ships sunk: auxiliary ship (small) - 1 Heavy damage: battleship - 1, heavy cruiser - 1, magic ship - 1 Moderate damage: magic ship - 1 Minor damage: numerous

"For our elite fleet to have taken this much damage… the Gra Valkas Empire is not to be underestimated."

Seeing these results after facing off against a country from outside the civilized areas, the only way to word it was: a complete disgrace.

"! We've detected an abnormality over the ocean! Something is coming towards us!!!"

At the observer's frantic yell, everyone turned their heads to look out to sea. There were a bunch of white streaks churning through the water, heading straight for the heavily-damaged battleship Variant.

"Oh… Oh no!!!"

The streaks plunged straight into the Variant, and a huge explosion of water went up at its side. The torpedoes launched by the Gra Valkas Empire's destroyers all hit the Variant, blowing holes into the bottom of the ship, quickly consigning it to the ocean floor.

"Those… Those bastards!!!"

Fleet Commander Ultema's record was now stained with the humiliation of losing a ship.

"They'll… They'll pay for this!!!"

"!!! We're detecting something else! Numerous machine-type aircraft are converging on the fleet! There… are… two hundred of them!!! They're already only fifty kilometers away!!!"

They looked up to the sky. They could see black dots peppering the blue sky, slowly going up in number.

"Prepare anti-air measures! Shoot them down!!!"

The Holy Mirishial Empire's 0th magic fleet hurriedly readied their anti-air weaponry.

Gra Valkas Empire, imperial judgment force

"They were just supposed to be reconnaissance in force, but they sure got their asses handed to them. When we get back, I'll have a hell of a report to write up," Fleet Commander Artemis grimaced.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, but, even knowing this is another world, the one who ordered us to face off with the strongest force in the world with only this much was Commander Myrkaenes. Furthermore, we were ordered to use these outdated warships. Everyone was against it, but the commander wanted to know what we could do even with this handicap. He was repeatedly advised that we would not have sufficient military strength. Fleet Commander, none of the fault lies with you."

"Hmm, you're right, my apologies Captain. Next, the imperial navy's eastern fleet will be sending out their carriers to engage. If what we saw was the extent of their capabilities, that Mirishial fleet won't stand a chance."

Flying in from the north, the Gra Valkas Empire imperial navy eastern fleet sent their carriers' primary attack squadron of 200 combat aircraft to eliminate the Holy Mirishial Empire's 0th magic fleet.

 —  — Chapter 46

Chapter end

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