Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 28

Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 28

There's a small change to one line I made in chapter 27 to match what happens in this chapter. You don't really need to go back to read it, and I explain what I did in the TL note at the end of this chapter, but just a FYI.

I'll be working on Kenja 27 next, then Maou Saikon 3, then try to get another Summoning Japan out before Sword Saint comes out on Thursday, but we'll see how it goes.

Chapter 28 - The Demise of Peace

Papaldia Empire, imperial capital Esthirant

Supreme Commander Arde was baffled. Knowing that Mu sent an observer to Japan and finding out that their analysis showed Japan would emerge victorious, he came up with feasible countermeasures for dealing with a larger military force. He thought, without actually seeing the results of Mu's analysis, that, if anything, what he would've misread was their method of attack. However, based on the report during the meeting, he was completely baffled over the amount of pure strength they had. Losing everything they sent to the Kingdom of Fenn wasn't a big deal where ground forces were concerned, but it was equivalent to a third of their naval power.

The implications of this information were causing confusion in Arde's mind. If instead it were some country inside the civilized areas that had brought a few thousand ships-of-the-line, he imagined that the forces they dispatched would have taken some damage and their overall strategy would have been delayed a bit, but there was no possible way they would ever get wiped out.

He had calculated Japan's war potential using the report on the naval battle with the Kingdom of Rowlia, but maybe some of the information in it was inaccurate.

"I need to look at all of our information on Japan again and check the sourcing!!! Mu… what kind of information did they stumble onto?! …Wait, could it be…?"

Arde imagined the worst possible situation. Could Mu have possibly… started exporting their machine science weapons? By moving their technology from the Second Civilization to the farthest reaches of the world, they wouldn't encounter much risk to themselves, and they could attack the empire by proxy. If by some miracle Japan was able to wipe out the Third Civilization, it would fall to the First Civilization, mainly the Holy Mirishial Empire, to keep them in check. The level of advancement outside the civilized areas was too low for them to reproduce the weapons, too. And for Mu, they would be able to measure how effective their weapons were against other superpowers, profit from the exports, and also keep the Papaldia Empire in check; it wasn't just two birds, but three birds with one stone.

"If that's what's happening… this is bad! This is really bad!!!"

Supreme Commander Arde ordered his men to reinvestigate Japan in much more detail.

First Civilization, superpower Holy Mirishial Empire, port town Cartalpas, a certain bar

At a certain bar, drunken patrons were watching a flat crystalline lens. In the top superpower, the Holy Mirishial Empire, news could be magically recorded then transmitted and displayed elsewhere, in color, using a flat crystalline lens receiver. The exact method differed, but this magic news program was available in both Mirishial and the Second Civilization superpower Mu, though only Mirishial, the world's strongest country, could watch it in color. Once a week, news from around the world was projected via these crystalline lenses. For traders, this news was invaluable.

"It's starting!"

Music began to play, signaling the start of the news broadcast.

"Greetings, it is now time for the world news. We have some truly unbelievable news for our viewers today. And now, for our first story.

"The nation that dominates its neighbors, the perennially aggressive Third Civilization superpower Papaldia Empire, failed in its invasion of the Kingdom of Fenn, and they even lost all of their forces in combat. Among the forces lost include one third of their total naval strength.

"The ones who defeated Papaldia were from a country in the far east outside the civilized areas, Japan, who allied themselves with Fenn. It's unclear what kind of weaponry they used to defeat the powerful empire, but there's no doubt that the aftereffects of this event will ripple across the entire Third Civilization.

"Next, the Gra Valkas Empire, also known as the Eighth Empire, has sent a request to the Holy Mirishial Empire to participate in the leadership conference held in our country that includes the top eleven countries every two years. Our government is carefully investigating this request and the motive behind it. It is widely believed that, because of their overwhelming victory in the war between the Gra Valkas Empire and the superpower Leifor, they should now be considered a superpower themselves."

The news ended.

"Hey, hey! Did you hear that?!"

There was only one hot topic among the drunks today.

"I heard! The Third Civilization's Papaldia Empire tried to bust into Fenn and got sent packing by a two-country alliance from outside the civilized areas!!!"

"A superpower getting done-in by some uncivilized countries, I don't believe it."

"Not that again! They got caught up with that emerging country Japan! The ones who saved Kua Toine when they were invaded by Rowlia."

"Now that you mention it, I heard that legendary Demon Lord Nosgoorah from the Third Civilization's myths came back to life, but Japan took it out with just a small platoon of troops."

"'Demon lord,' that must've been an exaggeration if that's all it took to deal with it. But with Leifor's fall and now another superpower losing in a local war, there's sure been lots to gossip about recently."

"Well, but you know, no matter how great Japan is, the Central World will always be peaceful. Mirishial is just too far above everyone else."

"Hahaha, ain't that the truth!!!"

The drunks kept on chatting.

Papaldia Empire, western region, island country, Kooze territory

Citizens were wallowing in the depths of despair. The Republic of Kooze had once been a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but, after twenty years of being bled dry by the Papaldia Empire, there was no longer any trace of its former self. The people now struggled with poverty and looked for any chance to leave the island.

The steelworker Haki was thinking to himself as he mined for ore in the magic gem mines. He heard that his household used to be one of distinguished knights. When he was five years old, his father left to fight off the Papaldia Empire. However, the superpower was too strong, his father died in battle, the country was conquered, and his mother was taken away by the imperial army. After that, he was taken to the mines, and he had been working there ever since.

At first, his heart burned with animosity towards them, but, knowing the empire's unparalleled national power and the strength of their military, it faded away over time, along with his despair. On the contrary, he started to wonder, why would the Republic of Kooze even try to fight back if they knew of the gaping disparity?

The other day, he heard on the news from the Central World's Holy Mirishial Empire that Papaldia invaded an eastern island, home to the Kingdom of Fenn. Apparently, the new trend in Mirishial was to watch news with pictures, but all he had was an old magic communications device, so he could only listen to it.

(Well, now there's yet another unfortunate country out there.)

That was what he thought. That's what everyone in the Kooze territory thought. This world contained nothing but despair. To live was to cut oneself off from everything else, they believed. Now, today's news was starting.

"……the Papaldia Empire army's expedition into the Kingdom of Fenn was defeated by the allied forces of Fenn and Japan, two countries outside the civilized areas; the imperial troops were completely wiped out. The imperial ships lost amount to one-third of their total naval strength…"

"Wh… What?!"

He hadn't heard wrong. The empire just suffered considerable losses and was defeated.

"What is this feeling?!"

Tears were streaming down Haki's face. Countries outside the civilized areas, ones that no one thought could possibly win, stood their ground. The listeners didn't know how much they lost to achieve it, but they held their own. Haki felt something pulse to life in his heart.

Papaldia Empire, imperial capital Esthirant, imperial palace

Remille was paying a visit to the emperor in order to request permission to destroy Japan.

"I believe you have already seen the reports, but…"

Remille summarized what happened.

"…as a result, the imperial military's invasion of the Kingdom of Fenn failed. Afterwards, Altarus's princess Lumiess announced the establishment of a temporary government within Japan. Other territories are starting to show unrest as well. If we allow Japan to do as it pleases, this cancer within the empire will only grow. Therefore, I have come to request that we officially declare war on Japan and authorize the extermination all of their people."

Emperor Ludius took his time responding.

"So the stain of this failure falls on Arde, huh… We must consider how to punish him later. However, they are just some uncivilized barbarians… They make light of our empire, a superpower… This displeases us. How excellent, Remille. Your original insight was correct. We were too soft. These barbarians must be exterminated, and the world must be shown what happens to those who defy the will of the empire. ……Here and now, in the name of Emperor Ludius of Papaldia, we declare a war of genocide on the nation of Japan!!!"

The Third Civilization superpower Papaldia Empire was essentially declaring that they would ethnically cleanse all Japanese people.

Remille of the imperial family headed to the meeting room in the 1st foreign affairs department. Normally, it would be unthinkable to meet with Japan, who had just been declared an "enemy," but Remille herself was the one who proposed another meeting after the battle in the Kingdom of Fenn was over, which the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also acknowledged.

Even if it was a local war, she still never imagined they could ever lose, so her steps were heavy as she walked to the meeting room. She imagined that this time they would act even more conceited than they were the last time.

"…How impertinent."

However, if she thought about it, their declaration of war on Japan was much easier, it helped cut through the bureaucracy. In addition, once the Japanese citizens hear from their own diplomats that the superpower Papaldia Empire had declared a war of genocide on them, they would be utterly consumed by terror. That was a nice thought as well.

Remille opened the door to the meeting room. Greeting her were the familiar faces of the ambassador Asada and his assistant Shinohara.

The meeting began.

"……I believe you know the results of the battle in the Kingdom of Fenn… For the sake of the citizens of the Papaldia Empire, have you considered the requests from Japan that we delivered last time?"

Japan's demands were for the extradition of a large number of people, including the emperor and Remille herself, suspected of having a hand in massacring Japanese citizens at Nishinomiyako; reparations for the families of the killed citizens; and reparations and a formal apology towards the Kingdom of Fenn.

"Hmph… You should already know the answer. We refuse."

"Is that so… Well then, regarding Japan's next steps—"

"We have something we would like say as well," Remille declared, cutting off Asada's words. "You have incited rebellion in the empire's vassal states and offered protection to those who seek independence, incurring the wrath of His Grace, the emperor. You barbarians fail to understand that what you're doing is wholly unnecessary. Your country has continued to underestimate the strength of a superpower. And the people in charge of making decisions for your country, are they under the impression that they alone are completely safe where they are now? How naïve. That foolish thinking will lead to your downfall. It has bought you the emperor's fury and will lead to your annihilation.

"Pitiful citizens, the Papaldia Empire has declared war on the country of Japan, and we will completely exterminate you, down to the last person."

Asada looked astonished.

"Wh… I can understand a declaration of war, but what do you mean by 'exterminating down to the last person'?"

"It is exactly as I say."

"Are you saying you're going to conduct ethnic cleansing against all Japanese people?"

"Precisely. After the two of you return to your country, you will be killed by our invasion force. Be grateful that I am merciful today; you will not be killed now."

"……You're a real piece of work."

As Asada's temper rose, his face became more and more expressionless.

"So in this world, a superpower can only put up this much of a front, huh… Personally, I hope I never have to deal with you barbarians ever again."

"Heh, such are the ramblings of a dead man."

Asada, the primary negotiator for Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Papaldia Empire, left the room along with Shinohara.

After Asada and Shinohara departed from the 1st foreign affairs department, they headed back to the hotel to retrieve their luggage. Along the way, their carriage suddenly stopped.

"! What's going on?!"

There was a man dressed in black standing in front of the carriage. As he approached the carriage, he spoke to them.

"I'd like to speak with you for a bit. My mansion is nearby. Would you be willing to have a chat there?"

Asada and Shinohara seemed to remember this man who was speaking to them… because standing there was the 3rd foreign affairs department head.

"Mr. Kyeos?! I apologize, but Japan and your country are now at war. We have nothing else to discuss. Please excuse us."

"Please wait a moment!! Whatever happens in this war in the future, it would be a mistake for neither of our countries to have a point of contact. At the very least, I would like to establish a secure means of communication between just myself and your country. I was thinking of giving you a magical communication device, but, if you cannot trust me, then I would not mind putting a mechanical communication device prepared by your country in my mansion."

"Are you serious? This is your country. If your superiors were to learn of this, you're the one who will suffer for it."

"Indeed, I would not be let off with just a slap on the wrist. However, if there were just one point of contact somewhere here, then your country would be less likely to 'airstrike' it, right? There are a number of people in the imperial family and leadership who still lend me their ears. It's just a single communication device, I don't think it's such a bad trade for your country."

"Airstrike?! …It seems you've done some digging into us. I understand. I will discuss your offer with my superiors."

Kyeos's mansion looked out over the sea, and it was on a large plot of land. Later, a communications device and the requisite electric generators were secretly installed there.

That day, NHQ's ratings were over 70%. Japanese citizens all over tuned in to catch the news, which was playing on repeat. These people who had no knowledge of military affairs shook in fear.

"The Third Civilization's superpower, known as the Papaldia Empire, has declared war on Japan, and they have stated their intent to the Japanese government to enact ethnic cleansing. I repeat. Ethnic cleansing, in other words, it is their country's intention to kill every citizen of Japan. The prime minister will be holding an emergency press conference in one hour concerning this announcement."

The newscaster kept repeating this announcement in confusion. The news stations only had information on the differences in numbers of ships and soldiers, so the Japanese citizens became agitated upon learning those numbers.

"Since the end of World War Two, it has now been seventy years since we were last at war!!! Now, after seventy years, we are at war once again!!! The enemy wants to conduct ethnic cleansing, to kill off all Japanese citizens, including myself. What will happen to Japan then!!!"

Japan, a country of peace, was now at war because of the absurdity of another world. Their seventy years at peace were broken unilaterally by another country. The citizens of Japan kept watching their televisions, gripped by worry.

TL note: I changed a line in chapter 27 that was made more clear in this chapter; namely, that Remille's request wasn't actually approved before, just that her request to meet the emperor in order to get approval… was approved.

NHQ doesn't seem to be a real Japanese television station (I didn't search super hard), but it's probably just a riff on NHK.

 —  — Chapter 29

Chapter end

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