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I Unlocked Beast Language And Became A Bigshot After My Rebirth!

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1 Votes

I Unlocked Beast Language And Became A Bigshot After My Rebirth!


I Unlocked Beast Language And Became A Bigshot After My Rebirth!

(1 Votes)
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Chapters 162
i like the story i hope it won't be MTL in the next updates
Oct 03, 2023
The series I Unlocked Beast Language And Became A Bigshot After My Rebirth! contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth! Chapter 1



The system has activated, binding is in progress…


‘Binding what?' Xia Xin thought to herself that she had read too many novels and was dreaming about it.

‘But that was not right. Aren't I on a mission in the African grasslands? What happened next? I thought I was being chased by a pride of lions. What happened after that?

Ouch, my head hurts. This system kept loading, and the noise was so loud that my head was about to explode.' Xia Xin thought.

Xia Xin shouted, “Shut up!”

Yes, Master. Turning on silent mode.

It was finally quiet, but the panel in front of Xia Xin kept updating all kinds of data. She suddenly felt her body light and then fell asleep comfortably.

When Xia Xin opened her eyes again, the curtains were suddenly pulled open, allowing the strong sunlight to shine into the room. She blocked her eyes with her arm.

‘How could there be someone in this world who woke me up like my mother?' Xia Xin thought.

Xia Xin flipped over and covered her head with the blanket.

“Xin, wake up! Sleepyhead, you have an appointment with the director today. Have you forgotten? Hurry up and get up. I'll go and see if the congee is ready.” the person said and patted Xia Xin's butt and pulled the blanket off her head.

Xia Xin was in a daze as she listened to the conversation outside. She thought it sounded familiar.

“There's no room for discussion about the house. You don't have to tell me about this anymore.” The woman's voice was filled with impatience.

“We're all family. Why can't we help?” asked the man. He looked helpless and sighed.

“Why didn't they think of helping out when they were taking care of Mom and Dad? Now that they were going to demolish the buildings and divide the houses, they finally remembered us.” said the woman. Her unyielding attitude did not leave any room for negotiation.

‘House? Demolition? Could it be?!' Xia Xin thought.

Xia Xin suddenly sat up. She got up too quickly and felt dizzy. She held her head and looked around. This was the bedroom of her old house, where she had lived since she was young.

However, ever since Xia Xin's parents passed away, she had moved out of this place. Later on, it was also directly demolished. This place that carried the family's memories disappeared without a trace.

Xia Xin happily jumped out of bed barefoot and opened the door. Her parents at the dining table turned to look at their disheveled daughter.

Before Gu Fan could reprimand Xia Xin for not wearing her shoes, Xia Xin rushed over and hugged Gu Fan, saying, “Mom! My dear mother!”

Xia Xin's action confused Gu Fan. Then, Xia Xin let go of Gu Fan and ran to hug Xia Song's neck. She said, “Dad! Dad!”

Xia Song patted Xia Xin's back and said, “Okay, okay, okay. Seems like your favorite is your mom, and I'm just Dad to you.”

Gu Fan finally reacted and slapped Xia Xin's butt. Gu Gan said, “Hurry up and wash up. You're going to be late, okay?”

“Yes, madam. I'll go now,” said Xia Xin. She let go of Xia Song and saluted the commander at home. Then, she hopped into the bathroom.

While humming a song and turning on the tap, Xia Xin looked at herself in the mirror. She was so happy that she completely realized what was going on. She was reborn. Moreover, it was before his parents passed away. Their family of three was still around.

‘But… Was I dreaming? Where was the system from last night?' Xia Xin thought.

[Congratulations, Master. You have successfully unlocked the Beast Language System.]

There was only a line of text in front of Xia Xin, but there was no movement. Xia Xin frowned and asked, “Why is it a mute system? Can't you make a sound?”


Silent mode has been turned off.

‘It has intelligence?' Xia Xin thought. As she washed up, she recalled what had happened before.

Xia Xin was indeed on a mission in the African grasslands. The zoo staff followed the television production team to Africa to film a documentary on wild animals.

As expected, an accident happened. Xia Xin, the unlucky one, was chased by the pride of lions.

At that time, Xia Xin's mind was thinking, ‘What are these guys thinking? Why did they attack me for no reason? I should at least know why the lion pride suddenly chased after me. I'm not a prey, and I can't die just like that!'

Then, Xia Xin was pushed down by the pride of lions, and then she saw the system.

Recalling the things that happened before her rebirth, Xia Xin's heart could not help but tighten. Her death was too tragic, and she died without a complete corpse. It was not a surprise that she could unlock the Beast Language System.

However, the most important thing was Xia Xin's parents outside the door. Today was the day she met the zoo director, which was also the day of the car accident. Xia Xin was the only person who survived the car accident.

Since Xia Xin had been reborn, she would not repeat the same mistake and would protect her parents.

Standing at the door of the bathroom and looking at her parents, who were still arguing at the dining table, Xia Xin suddenly broke the argument between them and said, “Let's take the subway later. I'm going to be late. Plus, there's a traffic jam on the way.”

Xia Xin's parents turned to look at Xia Xin. Gu Fan looked at the time on her phone and asked, ” Why don't you call your uncle, the director? It's fine to postpone the time.”

“We've already made an appointment. How can we break our promise?” said Xia Xin. After she sat down, she picked up a spoon and scooped up the congee in her bowl. It was her favorite pumpkin congee.

Gu Fan and Xia Song looked at Xia Xin in surprise. They felt that their delicate child had indeed grown up.

Xia Xin, who had loved animals since she was young, wanted to work in the zoo after graduating from university. Gu Fan and Xia Song had no choice but to contact their old friend, who was the director of the zoo.

While waiting for the train at the subway station, Xia Xin said emotionally, “It's been a long time since we went to the zoo as a family.”

Xia Xin said that because she had not had her parents by her side for a long time, but when her parents heard it, it felt different.

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I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth! Chapter 1
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