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I Attained Invincibility In The Real World

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I Attained Invincibility In The Real World


I Attained Invincibility In The Real World

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The series I Attained Invincibility In The Real World contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
I Attained Invincibility In The Real World Chapter 1

1 Chapter 1: Panel and Breaking Limits Body
Dịch giả: 549690339
On the big bus.

Gazing at the rapidly passing scenery outside the window, Chen Sheng couldn't help but feel a little sentimental.

After five years, he was finally returning here again.

Regrettably, his loved ones were no longer here.

His once hometown had long since changed, and the people were now different.

Seeing the destination was about to be reached, Chen Sheng looked away from the window and down at the screen in front of him.

[Chen Sheng]

Updɑted on BοXƝ0VEL.cοm

[Strength: 0.86]

[Agility: 0.92]

[Constitution: 0.91]

[Skills: Breaking Limits (your body can be infinitely enhanced through training, and training effects will not decrease) (not upgradable), Breathing, Swimming, Running].

[Skill Points: 0.07]

[The average attribute values for a normal adult male are 1]

This was the panel that Chen Sheng had suddenly awakened a week ago.

Just looking at the data, it was quite pitiful.

However, this was precisely the reason why Chen Sheng returned to his hometown.

Five years ago, after his parents passed away due to illness, Chen Sheng left his hometown and went to work in a first-tier city.

However, for an ordinary person without a higher education or family background, it was extremely difficult to stand out in a first-tier city.

Even though Chen Sheng worked diligently and tirelessly, his salary remained consistently low throughout those five years.

Eventually, his health suffered due to years of staying up late and working overtime, and he nearly exhausted all his savings just to barely recover.

After recovering from the illness, his body had become weak and feeble. Even walking a little faster would leave him gasping for air.

It was then that Chen Sheng understood.

Earning more money wasn't as important as having good health.


He wasn't even earning much to begin with.

As such,

After awakening his Golden Finger, he quit his job and decided to return to his hometown.

“Wutong Village intersection is coming up, hurry up if you want to get off!”

The bus driver's shout interrupted Chen Sheng's thoughts.

He quickly got up, struggled to pull his suitcase from the overhead compartment, and walked towards the front of the bus.

After getting off the bus,

Chen Sheng stood at the intersection, looking into the distance.

Upon entering the intersection, there was a slope that led downwards, and after walking a hundred meters, he could see the golden fields on both sides.

Although Wutong Village belonged to Quanjiang City, a second-tier city.

However, since Wutong Village was located in a remote area, it had never been developed and still retained its rural appearance.


Chen Sheng motioned with his hand, calling over a moto-taxi from nearby.

The driver was a dark-skinned old man who, after hearing Chen Sheng's call, flicked away his cigarette and slowly rode his motorcycle over to Chen Sheng.

“Brother, where are you going?”

The old man grinned, a look of friendliness upon his face.

“To Wutong Village.”

“It's a bit of a distance, twenty yuan.”

“Eight yuan.”

Chen Sheng decisively pulled out an eight.

“No, no, eight yuan, and I'll lose out.”

The old man shook his head repeatedly.

“Then forget it.”

Without further ado, Chen Sheng immediately picked up his suitcase and walked towards another moto-taxi.

“Oh, you have a suitcase, so it'll be quite a bit more weight to bear…”

The driver rambled on with his excuses, but Chen Sheng had no intention of entertaining him.

He saw that Chen Sheng had already reached another moto-taxi.

The old man finally shouted from behind.

“Alright, alright! I'm afraid of you!”

Chen Sheng grinned, turned around, and directly mounted the moto-taxi.

The old man pursed his lips, muttered a few unclear words, as if grumbling.

But Chen Sheng ignored it completely.

After so many years of being away, the moto-taxi drivers here still hadn't changed their scamming ways.

For a less-than-two-kilometer ride, they dared to charge him twenty yuan.

If it weren't for the suitcase, Chen Sheng wouldn't even have been willing to offer the high price of eight yuan.

With a few bumps, the motorcycle slowly started, and the speed gradually increased.

The cool autumn wind blew against his face, and Chen Sheng involuntarily shivered before gradually adapting.

Looking at the familiar scenery on both sides, he took a deep breath.

The air of his hometown still had that familiar smell.

Wutong Village hadn't changed much since he had left five years ago.

Only some of the familiar shops had disappeared.

Chen Sheng also noticed that the Sha County Snacks he used to frequent seemed to have been renovated.

Perhaps he could revisit it later.

During his five years away, the thing Chen Sheng missed the most was the delicious food from his hometown.

Although Sha County Snacks could be found everywhere, each city had its own unique feature.

The Sha County food from his hometown was Chen Sheng's favorite taste.


The motorcycle gradually came to a stop.

Destination, arrived.

Chen Sheng got off the motorcycle, took out his phone to scan the fare for the old driver, and carried his luggage to his front door.

Chen Sheng's home is a three-story building with a courtyard in front, filled with fallen leaves and garbage.

It seemed quite big, but the housing prices back then were not as outrageous as they are now, and the location was remote. The seller was a friend of Chen Sheng's father.

In the end, Chen Sheng's father bought the house for less than two hundred thousand yuan.

If this were in a first-tier city, Chen Sheng would not have been able to afford it even if he had a hundred kidneys.

He took out the key and unlocked the iron gate.

Accompanied by a harsh rubbing sound, the door was slowly pushed open.

Chen Sheng walked through the front yard to the second floor. This was where the rooms for the family used to be.

The decoration inside was not extravagant – it was simply painted and tiled.

There were four rooms on the first floor, only two of which were in use, and the other two were just used as storerooms without any renovation.

Chen Sheng's parents planned to save money and renovate the house completely after Chen Sheng got married, and use it as a new home.

But now, it's not necessary anymore.

Due to the long-term unoccupied house, a thick layer of dust had settled.

After putting down his luggage, Chen Sheng rolled up his sleeves, found cleaning tools, and began his big clean-up.

The first-floor hall, plus the second-floor rooms, and a front yard.

By the time the house was completely cleaned,

The outside world had turned from day to dark night.


Chen Sheng lay on the ground, looking at the ceiling, feeling completely exhausted.

At this moment,

A rumbling sound came from his stomach.

He didn't feel hungry while working, but now that he stopped, the hunger came like a tide.

Chen Sheng didn't move right away; instead, he slowly got up after resting for half an hour.

When he left years ago, all the home appliances had been sold, and now only basic furniture remained.

He could only go out to eat first.

Chen Sheng remembered the Sha County Snacks he saw on his way back.

He had almost forgotten the taste of soup dumplings.

With that in mind,

Chen Sheng went straight out the door.

An hour later,

A full and satisfied Chen Sheng returned home.

He picked out a set of clean clothes and went straight into the bathroom.

After taking a shower and drying his hair,

Chen Sheng looked at himself in the mirror.

Under his skin, he could almost clearly see the outline of each bone.

As for muscles?

Barely noticeable.

“This is what the internet calls a skinny dog, right?”

Chen Sheng laughed bitterly, shook his head in self-mockery,

Then put on his clothes and left the bathroom.

After ten minutes,

Chen Sheng lay on the bed.

With nothing to do, he began thinking about his future plans.

Now he still had fifty thousand yuan in his bank account, enough for him to live for a while without rushing to make money.

In the following time, he planned to focus on recuperating his body.

Chen Sheng called out the panel.

[Strength: 0.86]

[Agility: 0.92]

[Constitution: 0.91]

[Skills: Limit-breaker Body, Breathing, Swimming, Running…..]

[Skill Points: 0.07]

[The average attribute value of a normal adult male is 1]

During the seven days of awakening the Golden Finger, Chen Sheng's attributes occasionally increased.

Whenever an attribute point increased, the corresponding value of the skill points would also increase.

In the skill column, it included all of Chen Sheng's body-related skills.

Only the Limit-breaker Body was an exception – it didn't belong to Chen Sheng, but was built into the panel.

[Breaking Limits: Your body, through training, can be infinitely enhanced, and the training effect will not diminish]

If the skill on his panel was really as powerful as described,

Would that mean… as long as he kept training, he could finally become a Superman-like existence?

Just thinking about it, Chen Sheng felt somewhat excited.

He secretly clenched his fist.

It was a good time to test it during this period.

With that in mind,

Chen Sheng gradually felt sleepy.

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I Attained Invincibility In The Real World Chapter 1
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