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Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances

52 Votes
An amnesiac female and her playboy husband's love story. The mystery and secret behind her loss of memory, the honest girl fights for the truth, the charming, unconventional and gentle husband wags his tail to invite the wife home.
52 Votes
An amnesiac female and her playboy husband's love story. The mystery and secret behind her loss of memory, the honest girl fights for the truth, the charming, unconventional and gentle husband wags his tail to invite the wife home.

Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances


Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances

(52 Votes)
Flight of the Dragon, Dance of the Phoenix; 替身娘子; 龙飞凤舞
Comedy;  Historical;  Romance;  Wuxia;  
An amnesiac female and her playboy husband's love story. The mystery and secret behind her loss of memory, the honest girl fights for the truth, the charming, unconventional and gentle husband wags his tail to invite the wife home.
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Chapters 9
An amnesiac female and her playboy husband's love story. The mystery and secret behind her loss of memory, the honest girl fights for the truth, the charming, unconventional and gentle husband wags his tail to invite the wife home.
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Mar 10, 2024
Yuzu Lee
English is not understandable. It’s difficult to understand grammar, the commas are in the wrong places, and dialogue is written wrong. It’s not: Have a happy day, “she said”. It is: “Have a happy day,” she said.
Oct 30, 2017
The series Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances Chapter 1
Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 1



Follow the adventures of Feng Ning as she unravels the mystery of her past, hidden under a cloud of amnesia, and a new found romance with her estranged husband Long Fei.

The Memory Loss of Mrs. Long San

When consciousness penetrated her brain, she just woke up, with a splitting headache, and her ears buzzing. She strenuously opened her eye, she can see the faint moonlight, but all was in a blur. She seems to be lying on the cold ground, moving her finger, she can feel the icy water and damp earth, and her nose smelt the grass. As if she were in a field near the river.

She was gasping for breath, her head was in a great pain, she unconsciously raised her hand to touch it, only to find that her arm felt heavy, she tried to massage her head, but her hands was sticky with wet blood.

She wondered, what was wrong with her?

A man ran up to her side, panic impatiently asked, “how are you? Are you well? “

She couldn’t answer a word, pain cost her to lose strength, she seems to be still bleeding on her head, her eyes blinked hard, trying to see this man before her, but she can only see fuzzy outlines.

The man seems impatient waiting for her to respond, he dragged her to the shore, he reached down and groped in her clothes, mouth, screaming: “where is it?”

It? What it?

In a distance there came the noises, buzzing in her ears, inaudible, the man rummaging her clothes must of hear it, because he quickly stood up, turned and ran away.

Soon, a rowdy crowd rushed to her side, they carried torches and shouted, the torch is lit, stabbing, she closed her eyes, yelling at them, she’d hear. “She’s here, found, found her … …”

Found her? Who is looking for her?

She was hurting badly, not knowing what happened, and she sank again into the darkness.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the top of an unadorned bed, she moves, she felt a soft blanket covering her, and she was lying on the bed. Her head did not seem so painful, she reached out and touched her head, she felt some straps around it, and it turned out to be bandaged. She slowly turned around, looked at the room.

In the middle of the room stood a round table, only one round tray on the table, a teapot and four glasses upside down. Under the table are four chairs, a table into the, it is clear that someone was sitting here before. Chairs drawn out means that people will come back again soon, the tea on the table tells her that this person must be a servant.

By the window in the room was a small case, bronze mirror comb Rouge box jewelry box clean. Against the wall there is a big closet, the objects there seem to belong to a girl. At a glance she knew that this is a girl’s room.

Furniture and furnishings are to the minimum, without any decorations,  the room seem plain, monotonous, she assumed that owner of this room that was not pampered. Footsteps coming from outside the room, she does not know why, she quickly closed her eyes, she tried to memorize the location of the windows and doors in the room just in case she will need to make a move

She instinctively thought of this, feeling somewhat confused, as if something was wrong. Not knowing what to expect.

A maid walked into the room. She opened her eyes, when she saw the maid, she did not recognize her. And it was at this moment, she finally realized what was wrong,  she cannot remember anything.

The maid was standing in front of the bed, when she saw the woman on the bed awake, she said: “Lady you are awake.”

Lady? So this maid recognizes her? The woman on in bed let out an “Uh”, but was startled by her own voice. She wonders, how long has she been lying there for?

Maid seemed happy seeing this, she poured some water, putting her hands under the lady’s  head and helped her to drink some water. Just sitting up made her headache, she observed that the maid’s face, neither cold nor warm, but it seemed like was familiar to her. She quietly looking at her and thought what the hell is going on.

That the maid put the cup on the table, looking at her, she said: “Lady got hurt, or we have a good rest.”

Got hurt? Women on the bed tried to remember, but unfortunately she couldn’t remember how she got hurt, she couldn’t remember anyone including herself.

In this case if one were to ask “who I am” will it scare people? Or would it better to pick a security question, so she asked her: “I woke up, are you going to let someone know?”

The maid seemed surprised, she was silent for a while then said, “Er Ye is working. He is out running errands. Doctor said, that lady had hit her head, he gave some medicine, and you have to rest and take the medication to recover. ”

“You mean, the doctor said that it was nothing serious, so nobody needs to see me, right?” The maid was dumbfounded, she seems  to not know how to answer it.

The women in the bed tried to think harder, Er Ye, trying to remember these two names, she couldn’t come up with anything also couldn’t figure out who it was. she didn’t want to let this out, so simply asked, “what is your name? ”

The maid frowned: “Lady are you still confused? I am Xiao Qing. ”

“Oh, Xiao Qing .”She then asked:” Who am I? ”

Xiao Qing opened her eyes and mouth wide, stuttered: “Madame, is your brain damaged, you do not remember?”

“Yeah, it was damaged. “She gave calm and serious answer.

Xiao Qing , took a backward step: “Madame, don’t try anything stupid, Er Ye is angry, if you play dumb to try to distract him, he will surely punish you. ”

Madame, Second Master? The woman on bed was silence in thought, speculating she said: “you call me Lady, and mentioned Second Master, tell me, is he my husband?”

This maid was not so much surprised than she was frightened, and she turned and hurried out, loudly called: “come, come, call Doctor Chen  … … hurry call Doctor Chen…… “

The woman with amnesia was left alone in the room sitting on the bed, she touched the stretch of cloth on her head, and said to herself: “Well, I know now that he’s not my husband, but do you need to respond so intensely?”

She waited a long time Doctor Chen has not arrived, an old lady with four or five maid, came in. Her demeanor was imposing.

“I heard something happens to Madame, I came to see you.” Her eyes were sharp, she tightly pursed her thin lips as she spoke, her tone rather harsh.

“Thank you, may I ask who you are? “This woman is well dressed, and tidy, slightly wistful. Coming to see her, she did not know what is the relationship between them?

“Hmm, so you really do not remember? I am Wet Nurse Yu “The old woman look closely at her face, but she answered:” I am the person in charge of this estate. ”

So the old woman is the Wet Nurse, it seems this is a big estate. The woman sitting on bed touched her head and asked, “who am I?”

“You are called Feng Ning, you are the wife of my Third Master.” Wet Nurse Yu said while frowning.

“Third Master?” No wonder the maid ran out so fast, she had mistaken her Second Uncle to be her husband this was too much.

“Madam can you try to tell me, what do you remember?”

Feng Ning, don’t answer instead she asked: “where am I? ”

Wet Nurse Yu answered: “Beijing Dragon’s Estate. ”

Feng Ning began to ask: “what’s wrong with me? ”

“You hit your head.” Wet Nurse Yu  sneered:” you hit yourself silly, an absurd thing to do.”

“Do you feel stupid? “The old woman was obviously showing a bad attitude, Feng Ning ignored her. She shaked her head, there was a giant pain.

Wet Nurse Rong  stood at the bedside staring coldly at her, Feng-Ning-closed her eyes feeling a sharp pain, think again she asked: “where is my husband? “This problem can go ahead, don’t play dumb with her OK.

“What?” Wet Nurse Yu’s eyes showed surprising.

Did she ask for her husband? Feng Ning surprised: “Didn’t you say I was the wife of the Third Master? I was hurt, he doesn’t care for me? ”

The old woman stared at Feng-Ning, then pursed her mouth tight refusing to talk.

Feng Ning frankly looking back at her, remembered this cold bedroom, without the slightest trace of a man living there, very strange: “Here in the Dragon House is this my room? ”

“Yes.” ”

“Am I an abandoned wife? ”

“Had not been repudiated. ”

“Is my husband dead? “The maid before kept saying Second Master Second Master, and not Third  Master earlier?

“No”. Wet Nurse Yu was not happy:” you should not say such forbidden words. ”

“Then where is my husband? I want to see him. ”

Hearing these words, Wet Nurse Yu slightly squinted her eyes, staring at her for quite a while and turned around and asked the maid behind: “call Doctor Chen. ”

“Doctor Chen is my husband? ”

The old woman made a “huh” sound, then sat down on a chair, not answering.

Feng Ning was feeling less pain, but questions are piling up, she said, “Granny, how did I hit myself?”

“You tell me.” A terrible tone Wet Nurse Yu, apparently was impatient.

“So you think I am lost, I do not know how I got injured? “Feng Ning mind suddenly remembered the icy water, moisture and dirt, and dazzled the glare of Moonlight with torches. The strange man, he found something in her.

Wet Nurse Yu  didn’t answer her, Feng Ning  asks: “who is that normally take care of me? ”

Wet Nurse Yu  didn’t answer, Xiao Qing is back: “Lady I take care of you . ”

“What about my family? How long have I married? ”

Feng Ning asked harder when, over that Wet Nurse Yu   was impatient with her then pushed a table, rushing behind a maid: “Go look, why is the doctor taking so long? ”

“Oh granny, you don’t worry, doctors also have to do their things. We can continue to talk while waiting. “Feng Ning said.

“I’m not a granny. “Wet Nurse Yu  was very angry, she is a town called, rich also refers to coarse old woman, she is in charge of the Dragon House, how can you call them.

“Oh, that’s what Momma. “Modification of Feng-Ning was submissive, and asked,” Momma, you’re in a bad mood, or you just don’t like me? ”

This Mammy does not intend to reply, provided some care about nor Whitehead shot in the brain so obvious to say other people’s attitudes, this little lady, and what?

Who knows Feng Ning began to ask: “why do you think this is my Insanity Defense? ”

Wet Nurse Yu was the last straw, so bluntly: “you’ll do such a thing. ”

“I see. “Feng-Ning nor angry, but quietly pondered. The air in this room, these people face under the charge, she is certainly does not leave any impression at all, she really live here? She’s seen them?

“I need to trouble you to get me a mirror. “Feng-Ning-ask leaving a room full of people dumbfounded, sister has just been so humiliated, and wants to look in the mirror?

Feng-Ning looked at her reflection in the mirror from all different angles, in addition to the ugly stretch of bandage on her head, she’s quite happy with what she looks like, curved brow, big dewy eyes, small straight nose, little cherry-shaped mouth, such a great beauty. She felt, she should look like this right. Yet faced with these people was totally strange feeling … …

She looked and looked, and finally said: “Are you sure I am the Third Master’s wife, but even I didn’t get it, I don’t know if what you say is true or false? What if you mess with my head to deceive me? ”

That everyone looked at her with surprise, Yu Momma smiled angrily: “long time no see, you will face with gold, Xiao Qing look good. ” Xiao Qing was scared and she knelt on the floor, Yu Momma didn’t bother to look, and went on to Feng-Ning:” you explain to me, what you know, why we would lie to you, and what’s the use? “

Her anger really seems really challenged by Feng Ning. Feng Ning about her, what could she do? She doesn’t even know who is who these days, she’s just a blank screen, how could she? Thinking about this, left her feeling hungry.

“Well, get something to eat, I eat, and then get some sleep. When I wake up, maybe my brain would be good. ”

Everybody looked at each other, confused.

Less than an hour, spread all over the Dragon House: Lady Feng Ning messed up her head.

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Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances Chapter 1
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