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Hero Blessed By His Nemesis, The Largest Human Traitor!?

129 Votes
Somewhat being a hero! Shinichi Toyama was suddenly summoned to a sword and magic world by the blue demon king. The demon king has a cute daughter who loves delicious food and just came for that to the human world without any intention to harm humanity. However he is troubled by the resurrected heroes who attack him every day to kill him. Shinichi who came to a different world with great pains embarks on the mission to repel the heroes with the scheme to become a strong devil!!
129 Votes
Somewhat being a hero! Shinichi Toyama was suddenly summoned to a sword and magic world by the blue demon king. The demon king has a cute daughter who loves delicious food and just came for that to the human world without any intention to harm humanity. However he is troubled by the resurrected heroes who attack him every day to kill him. Shinichi who came to a different world with great pains embarks on the mission to repel the heroes with the scheme to become a strong devil!!

Hero Blessed By His Nemesis, The Largest Human Traitor!?


Hero Blessed By His Nemesis, The Largest Human Traitor!?

(129 Votes)
Somewhat being a hero! Shinichi Toyama was suddenly summoned to a sword and magic world by the blue demon king. The demon king has a cute daughter who loves delicious food and just came for that to the human world without any intention to harm humanity. However he is troubled by the resurrected heroes who attack him every day to kill him. Shinichi who came to a different world with great pains embarks on the mission to repel the heroes with the scheme to become a strong devil!!
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Somewhat being a hero! Shinichi Toyama was suddenly summoned to a sword and magic world by the blue demon king. The demon king has a cute daughter who loves delicious food and just came for that to the human world without any intention to harm humanity. However he is troubled by the resurrected heroes who attack him every day to kill him. Shinichi who came to a different world with great pains embarks on the mission to repel the heroes with the scheme to become a strong devil!!
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Mar 10, 2024
The series Hero Blessed By His Nemesis, The Largest Human Traitor!? contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Hero blessed by his nemesis, the largest human traitor!? 001

Chapter 1: Barren strife

He found himself in a strange place. Even in such an abnormal situation, Toyama Shinichi wasn't distressed. He was an average 17 year old second year high school student. However, his extreme rationality and unmoving heart made him much more unique. When he was in fourth grade of elementary school, he was in a car accident and while the onlookers screamed, he calmly operated his phone to call the emergency services while ignoring his mangled broken left arm.

"You have two or three screws loose in your head”

It wasn’t a surprise that his father was amazed. Regardless of the reason, even if he was teleported to some fantasy setting from his seat on the train to some stoned reception hall with a massive magic square (thoughtlessly) or summoned to an anime-like different world he accepted this unrealistic phenomena easily. However, the calm and brave Shinichi froze, he unknowingly started to sweat waterfalls.


Desperately trying to control his whole body, which began to tremble without permission. He stared forward forgetting to blink. A giant with a height of more than 3 m from first glance, about twice the size of Shinichi sat in front of him. With limbs thicker than large trees and a chest and belly covered with muscles more fit to armour a tank. The giant was only wearing a loincloth and a cloak, looking like the incarnation of violence, pure violence. Reminding Shinichi of a Spartan soldier from ancient Greece. The difference was like an elementary student who faced yokozuna or fighting against a brown bear. The giant's skin was deep blue and a pair of huge horns grew from the side of its head, so it was obviously a monster.
However you looked, there was no chance for Shinichi. However, the reason why he felt fear from the core of his body wasn’t easy to understand.


The giant looked at Shinichi and nodded after examining something. That movement alone caused the surrounding air to tremble and hit Shinichi's body like a rough wave. Perhaps it was due to some supernatural power such as magic or qi. The giant in front of him couldn’t have such strength. It overwhelmed the surroundings simply by breathing.

(This is my death)   

For Shinichi who had never tried fighting, there was already an unbelievable difference in power and there was nothing else to understand so instantly Shinichi had accepted the serious matter of death with a sigh.

(Haaa, 17 years old, my life wasn’t bad, but if I had one last wish I would have wanted to lose my virginity)   

There was nothing to avoid saying nor was there any reason to go crazy with fear. What did the giant think when Shinichi stopped trembling and silently stared back at it? The giant slowly approached him, he swung up both his tree-like arms──and made such an intense dogeza that an earthquake occurred.

“For goodness sake, help me!"
“Please! I will give you whatever you want. So do something about them with your wisdom!"
“Eh, Eh?”
“If you come with that depressing human, thou wouldst have taken advantage of my daughter’s kindness, again and againnnn───!!”
“Hey, calm down!" 

The roar of wrath that the giant raised became a strong wind like a typhoon and Shinichi clung to the floor desperately so as not to be blown away.

“I wonder how many times I thought I would kill them all! No, it's too late now──"
“Dad, please calm down"  

Just before Shinichi's grip reached its limit, a lovely voice came from behind the giant. At that moment the wind stopped and the face of the giant who’s face was distorted in anger turned into a smile in an instant.

“Oh, Reno. Your figure is still shining like a blue sun!"  

Standing behind the giant was a girl of about ten years old, wearing a gorgeous dress. Black glossy long hair, contrary to her pure white skin and big pink eyes. Everything was beautifully arranged and even Shinichi who wasn’t a lolicon thought she was a beautiful young lady.

“Dad, dont do such a thing right now"  

The girl pushed the giant back as he tried to hug and embrace her (fatherishly but not really).  

“Wha......do you hate father!?"

Although the giant was shocked, his daughter didn’t seem to care and walked in front of Shinichi, before bowing elegantly with the skirt of her dress.

“Nice to meet you, Onii-san. I’m Reno Ladel Krolo Petralah, but you can call me Reno"
“You're very polite. I am Toyama Shinichi, Toyama is my surname and Shinichi my name"
“Shinichi-san......that sounds strange, however you really are a person from a different world" 

When I got caught off guard by her polite greeting, I had also said my name and the little girl──Reno smiled softly. Shinichi admired her smile again, but her father emitted a terrible killing intent from behind, which made Shinichi tighten his face.

“By the way, you said different world, so this isn't earth?”
“Yes, I don't know where『Earth』is, but this world is called『Obum』"
“Was I summoned here with magic?"
“Yes, I want you to help me and my dad, we called you here"

Reno looked back at her father, he nodded to Shinichi's question and showed his affirmation.

“Hey dad, it's rude to not give a greeting”

“Dad! People who cannot give greetings are disliked by Reno!"
“I am the great blue demon king Ludavite Krolo Sema!"  

The demon king raised a voice full of dignity. However, now the fact that he doesn't want to be hated by this young girl was revealed, no matter what he did it was useless.

“......Hello, demon king, I´m Shinichi Toyama”

The fear of death that he had a while ago was shocked into another sense, Shinichi was the most capable at replying straightforwardly. Looking at the figure that had deeply lowered its head, the devil king nodded satisfyingly.

“Hoo, aren't you quite a polite kid? You understood quickly. You´re not like the previous worm that just dripped away the filth"

To this unexpected question, Reno responded with a bitter face.

“Yes, in fact this is my second time calling someone from a different world. The first person wasn't as calm as you Onii-san......"
“As soon as he saw me, he soiled himself and cried, it was astounding till he died making some unknown sound."  

Perhaps it was a heart attack due to fear. The pressure emitted by the devil king was on a level that could physically stop the heart.

“That person──no, it’s nothing” 

In an attempt to hear what happened to the corpse, Shinichi hurriedly asked. But because it was a waste, he didn’t want to hear the answer if possible. And as she read his thoughts from his complexion, Reno tried to explain in a hurry.

“Elder brother, I don't want you to misunderstand, but the first person──”
“Excuse me, demon king, Reno-sama”  

Before the end of the conversation, the door of the hall opened with a sound, and a maid appeared. This beautiful woman had silvery hair, brown skin and long ears───a dark elf.

“......What do you want, Celesta?"  

The devil king might have guessed the business was urgent. Mainly making a badly sullen face, the maid spoke quietly without shrinking.

“Yes, they showed up again"
“What, those maggottss───!!"

Along with a deafening voice, hot air was emitted from his erupting emotions.  

“I can't stand it anymore! Calling this person is wasted, but with this hand I shall kill them all──"
“Dad, please calm down, things aren't so bad!" 

Reno quickly held her father's thick legs in order to calm down her fierce father. Then the demon king erased his aura instantly and stroked his beloved daughter's head.

“You're right, Reno became a really sweet child and I'm the luckiest dad of the underworld"
“Yes, Reno is happy to be born as daddy's gentle daughter"
“Hahahaa, when I´m praised so much, I will be embarrassed like a red sun!"

Shinichi was disgusted and couldn't issue a word to this foolish parent, but the maid must have already been used to it.

“Demon king-sama, I'm really struggling to have this chat with you, but please hurry up to the southern arable land now"
“Muu, that's right. Let me make the maggots who disturb my time with my daughter pay" 

That being said, the devil king put his huge palm on Shinichi 's shoulder.

“Just keep up, let me show you the reason why I called you"
“Eh? What do you mean──” 

A strange floating feeling wrapped around Shinichi before he could finish his words. And in a blink of an eye, the scene in front of him was transformed from a stone hall into a wilderness sandwiched between mountains.

“Teleportation, amazing......" 

Although I had experienced a different world transportation, it was still another story, but I just experienced an unexpected phenomenon such as magic and I feel unexpectedly excited. However, I don’t have the time to soak it up.

“Burn out,『Fireball』!!"  

It continued and a terrific roar echoed, a woman's cry was heard from afar.


Along with the flash of red light, a smell of scorching flesh drifted to my nose by a hot wind. While having a bad feeling, Shinichi looked around reflexively.

“Is that a minotaur?"  

A monster with a bulls head and a human body stood about a hundred meters away from them. It was likely to have received the explosion earlier. Its whole body was burnt with red sores and it collapsed while white smoke was emitted from its body.

“I, I still can fight......!!”

The bull-like monster was still trying to stand up, even though it was burdened with serious injuries. However, a blade was brought down mercilessly into its neck.

“He's a very persistent guy"

It was a male knight who was dressed in full body armour, his sword stained with blood. Behind him was a male warrior with an axe, a male ranger holding a bow, a priest who was holding a mace and a female witch with a twisted cane.

“That is......”
“These are the insects who kill my retainers" 

When the demon king murmured with hatred, he disappeared from Shinich’s side for a moment and appeared before the eyes of the knights.

“Incorrigible maggots, are you ready?"
“......Le, Let’s go, everyone!" 

Although the knight party was afraid for a moment due to the vicious aura released by the demon king, they quickly reintroduced their spirit and attacked all at once.

“Wind sword, iyaa!!”
“Explosive axe!”
“Triple shot!”
“Goddess, bring justice to the evil, 『Shock break』!"
“Burn out, 『Fireball』!!"  

High speed slashing, heavy striking, triple consecutive arrows, invisible shock and a fireball were knocked towards the devil king´s body.

“We did it!" 

The knight party had a smile of remembrance after feeding all their strongest skills properly to the enemy. However, Shinichi who was watching from a distance knew, even without spitting such a flag line, it was understood that this demon king wouldn’t be killed by an attack of this degree, which was like a mosquito bite.

“This time, again?"

To the face of the devil king who appeared to be fine and intact, scorn was floating through his anger.

“I don’t dare to accept this......damn vanish from my sight"  

Saying so he squeezed his right hand that was stretched out in the air as if he was crushing an apple. At that moment, the whole body of the ranger twisted and flipped.


Showing a dirty spray of blood meat and brain, Shinichi frowned. However, the knight party wasn't upset at all by the death of their colleague.

"Keep attacking, don't let him use magic!"

The warrior attacked the devil king with an axe blow. However, it was an attack inferior to a baby's slap, because the lump of strong muscles being attacked was strengthened even further by a huge amount of magic.

“It isn’t even itchy”  

When the blow of the axe was bounced back only by the pectoral muscle, both hands swung down on the warrior's head. The speed and power was terrible and the 2 m tall warrior was compressed like a plate.  

“Hahaa, it’s a carrttoonnn......”  

Too much violence caused only laughter beyond fear. The Knight party didn’t try to run away yet and challenged the devil king further, while Shinichi showed a face of ridicule.

“Don't falter!”
“Yes,『Shock break』!"

While taking notice of the stupidity of these fools, the demon king released an attack without discipline from his right hand. And for the first time in this fight, he cast a magical spell.

“With the flames that illuminate the bottom of the earth, let them become dust 《Blue scorching sun》!!"  

A blue purgatory flame that was hotter than red, brighter than white, appeared on the ground. It turned into a dazzling light and burned everything in the surroundings.

“Hey, I´m dying!”  

Even if he was far away, Shinichi was ready to die from the hot air that was burning his skin. But just as his body was about to be burned, the wall of light that appeared before his eyes blocked the hot wind.

“You are slow”  

Next to the surprised Shinichi, when he noticed, the brown silver haired maid was standing there.

“Emm, Celestsan was it?”
“Ceres is fine, Shinichi-sama"
“Well thanks for the help, Ceres-san" 

Shinichi obediently thanked her and held his hand out for a handshake of friendship. However, Ceres glanced at his hand suspiciously.

“What is it? Are you going to caress my hips, that is unpleasant"
“That kind of expression is unpleasant”  

Although it was awfully awkward, Shinichi understood.

(Don't they have handshakes? Well, it's a different world and she isn't a human)

Again, Shinichi retracted his hand while realizing that this world was different from his understanding. While doing so, the demon king cambe back with a slightly refreshed face after he finished what couldn’t even be referred to as a battle, it was more like stepping on insects.

“Celesta, I'll leave the clean up to you. I will return to the castle"
“Certainly, Maou-sama”  

Ceres bowed deeply and avoided the vitrified ground with super high heat and headed to the back of the wilderness. When Shinichi looked closely again, in addition to that minotaur and the corpses of the knight party, there were many dead bodies of monsters laying around.  

“Was this a fight......?” 

Kill or be killed. There was neither justice nor morality, only the strongest survived and it was the law of survival in the jungle. Suddenly, the confusion caused by being summoned to a different world and the power of the demon king who crossed too much common sense seems to be unreal and no fear or disgust was felt. However, five people who weren't known died. That was the only reality Shinichi doubted. However, looking at Shinichi who had a painful appearance, the demon king snorted trivially.

“Hmm, if you call this game a battle, then I the blue demon king am not worthy of my reputation"
“I may treat that as playing around..." 

If this devil king was serious, the earth would crack and the heaven would split, and it would turn into hell looking exactly like an apocalypse. That's why that question came up again.

“Why did you summon me?"  

The demon king who had such mighty power called a poor and weak high school student and I don't know the reason for it. The truth Shinichi was seeking while having doubts and anxiety, the devil king waved his hand wildly and ignored his curiosity.

“I'm tired today, I'll talk tomorrow"  

In inverse proportion to his fighting ability, there seemed to be no sense of responsibility.

“Uwaa, it's rude to Maou-sama's habit......"
“Noisy! Today I will take a bath with my daughter and read a book before going to bed!"
“That's a crime! Reno is already at a good age (?) so let go of your daughter"
“Shut up, shut up! It's okay because Reno said,『I will marry papa!』"
“That's a story of years ago!” 

It was the foolishness of a parent, Shinichi forgot his honorifics and issued a rude criticism. The demon king didn´t retort to it and put his hand on Shinichi´s shoulder silently, before activating his teleportation magic again. For a moment, from the wet wilderness to the stone castle, Shinichi suddenly felt uncomfortable.

(Huuh? What about the corpses of those two men?)  

The ranger and warrior who were killed first, their bodies were also gone from the wilderness. Did they get burned by that blue flame? ──Shinichi did not think deeply about that question and soon forgot about it.


“Good morning, Shinichi-sama" 

He was woken up by the brown-skinned silver-haired busty beauty in maid clothes, even while experiencing a salivating situation for boys, Shinichi´s mood was melancholy.

“Well, it's not a dream" 

As he gave up, he descended from the luxurious bed of the allotted guest room.

“We are ready for breakfast, this way please"  

Following Ceres who left the room, Shinichi held a hand on his empty belly.

(Certainly, I haven’t eaten anything for a whole day already)  

Shinichi was more tired than he thought due to a series of amazing events, yesterday he fell asleep as soon as he entered the guest room in the devil king’s castle. Thanks to that, he still didn’t know why he was summoned.

“Here it is"  

The room was much narrower than Shinichi imagined when thinking of the word "dining room", which was only about one school classroom big. Nonetheless, the ceiling was quite high due to the fact that the demon king of more than 3 meters had to access the room. In the middle of the room was a high-marble table and in the back the demon king and Reno were already sitting and waiting for Shinichi to come.

“Onii-san, good morning”
“Good morning, Reno-chan”
“We shall eat first, before we talk”  

Since Ceres pulled the chair, Shinichi sat there and decided to have breakfast in accordance with the recommendation of the devil king. But when he looked at the dishes that were put out before him, he pulled a face.  

“Whats this?”

It was a disproportionate purple object that was placed on a very expensive dish, decorated with gold.

“It's Parbegto meat"
“So, its roasted Parbegto”

Ceres explained it carefully, but Shinichi didn't understand it at all and became silent. In the beginning, he had talked normally with the demons until now, but he was not talking in Japanese. Perhaps because of the magic of language translation that must have been done at the same time as the summoning, Shinichi used words from this world. For example, the word "roasted" which Ceres said earlier was actually pronounced as "Bibinna". It has been rewritten in the brain so that it can be understood by Shinichi in the translation of "Bibinna" → "Baked meat" → "Maruyaki" and gourmet dish. But this magic, which was a tremendous ability of translation seemed to not have installed the knowledge of this world in my head. Words that can't be translated into japanese remain in their original language. In other words, "Parbegto" is for me meat of a mysterious creature that doesn't exist on earth “Possibly?”.

"What's the matter, you're not eating?"

Looking at Shinichi stuck with a weird face, the demon king seemed to act strange, while lifting the purple meat with his hands and griping it with excitement. Apparently there was no poison──but it cannot be guaranteed that it was absolutely safe for humans, like a dog eating chocolates. Nonetheless, it would be rude to not eat the meal that was served, it was no use because he was hungry all this time. Shinichi decided to prepare himself, before he grabbed the Parbegto meat with his hands, he closed his eyes and took a bite.

I swallowed after having chewed about ten times and the impression coming out of my mouth could be described in one word.

"No, what's this, it's really tasteless!" 

Even though he knew that it was a rude manner as a guest who was treated a meal, it seemed that the mysterious Parbegto meat was tasteless enough to not be misrepresented even with large amounts of seasoning. It had a clay-like texture, a fishy smell coming out from the meat juice and the sweetness of the grease had a bitter taste. It was better to eat paper. It had a taste that shouldn’t even exist, therefore Shinichi couldn't even swallow it.

“It is obviously a matter of ingredients, so it wasn’t tasty if using a simple recipe such as roast baked meat......or is something wrong with my tongue?"

It may be delicious for people from this world who have different senses than earthlings. Then, looking at the truly intrigued Shinichi, the Maou swayed his head with a bitter face.

“Your taste is right.”
“Not only Parbegto but all the food in Makai is even for Reno......really untasteful" 

Although hesitating for a moment, Reno’s face showed a bitter expression as she explained, her expression was very different from her innocent smile.

“Don't ask me why, I don't know. But all the food in Makai is unpleasant”
“Emm, could you explain to me properly where Makai actually is?”  

Because there was a demon king in this world──Makai was strange, and he didn’t want to misunderstand this world.

“Let me explain"

According to Shinichi's request, Ceres who was waiting in the back spoke out.

“Like us, the intellectual organisms which had been magical creatures from the time of birth are called『Demon Race』and the world where the demon race lives is called『Makai』”
“Hmm Hmm”
“Unlike the 『Human world』where the red sun rises and falls, the blue sun always shines in Makai and there is no night"
“Blue Sun? I want to take a look" 
“Anyway, as Reno said before, the food in Makai is often unpleasant"
“Most people don't care about it, but they eat it with no scruple......"

There was a sadness in Reno´s face telling Shinichi that she didn't understand the importance of taste.

“Is it possible to adapt to the environment the demons have evolved with fewer taste buds?”  

Organs to feel the taste in the tongue──the number of taste buds varies depending on the animal. There are many herbivorous animals that need them to avoid toxic grass, a few carnivores eat only certain prey. And there are also living beings that have zero taste buds like snakes.

“If you have a strong stomach that won’t allow you to get food poisoning or you've evolved, you don't need to have a taste"
“What do you think? A race that is resistant to venom will certainly feel dull"

Listen to Shinichi's guess, Ceres twisted her neck. Anyway, most of the demons don't care about the taste. Even though Shinichi felt unpleasant for the devil king and Reno, it was normal for them.

“Reno's mum loves to travel to various places, but a while ago she went to the human world"
“She said 『I'm going to meet a guy who is stronger than me』. Unfortunately, there was no such man to satisfy my wife"
“What kind of fighter was this?"  

It was a married couple who seemed alike indeed, but it was a great mystery how a gentle and good child, like Reno was born from this Maou and his wife.

“So, when Mom came back, she gave me a food of the human world named 『Bread』"  

Maybe the mother and daughter had the same taste as many of the demons and did not find the value to the human world meal? However, the reaction of the daughter was dramatic.

“It was really delicious......"

Reno remembered the taste and impression at that time and smiled happily.

As he later discovered, the bread was a dry-baked substitute that was mixed with salt and dried to make it last longer, so for Shinichi born in the gourmet giant of japan in the 21st century it would be rated 5 out of 100 points, because it's "eatable but salty, hard and tasteless". However, it was a blissful taste that made the reminiscent of a heavenly paradise, if you looked at Reno, which had been suffering by Makai food ingredients, which always had about a minus 1000 points.

“Since then, it is very painful to eat Makai's food......"
“I couldn't bear the figure of my gradually thinning daughter, so I decided to advance to the human world with their delicious foods!"
“The human world invaded by a child's food education......” 

Shinichi was amazed by the demons of the demon race, but he was convinced if Reno's sad face and the devastating taste of Makai cuisine was considered, it couldn’t be helped. Perhaps the meat of the Parbegto was a luxury item, as it was a meat given to the devil king and his daughter. Still that taste. It would be a good reason to start an invasion against the human world. Above all, even before the birth of Shinichi a war broke out due to black tea, so he couldn’t say anything to dispute it. However, the truth that  convinced  him, he adds that the demon king didn't made a quick point.

“If I haven’t misunderstood, you decided to advance to the human world and actually built a castle here, but you didn't slaughter and deprive any humans?"
“Eh, is that so?”
“Yes, Rino asked Dad to not do such a terrible thing"  

To the surprising truth, Reno answered with a smile.

“It would be easier to destroy the maggots......(Boss)"  

The father complained about the insects.

“Well......anyhow, due to the gentle Reno´s mercy, we chose this mountain area, where no one lives and we set it as our base"
“I understand” 

Shinichi trusted those words for the time being. The scenery outside when he saw the knights that attacked yesterday was a narrow wasteland surrounded by mountains on the left and right. It was a thin lean land which was not suitable for upland field crops, pasture and even the transportation was also bad. It was no wonder, even if the land had been neglected there was no good flavour even if it was cleansed.

“Nevertheless, the humans have sent troops to us without doing anything or sending a declaration of war!"
“No, that's not good......"  

The demon king was furious, but Shinichi understood the feelings of the human side well. Despite the land that was not used, suddenly a heteromorphic monster appeared in the place that was declared as their territory, possibly near their home. If left as it was, there could be danger of being attacked by the whole country, it was never a bad judgment to take the lead and attack. If there was a problem, it would have been that an unexpected demon had appeared and they had no chance of winning, and they should have sent out a scout and investigated if it was harmful to humans.

“The number of soldiers was about 6000, we were caught off guard and many of my people who had gathered in search of delicacies were killed”
“Naturally I was angry, I immediately killed half of the 6000 and chased the remaining humans away"
“......Well, that's the way to go" 

If you kill other people, even if you are killed you cannot complain. It was an unchanging iron rule even if it was in a different world. Shinichi had a painful look on his face, Reno saw it and panicked.

“Don't be sad, Onii-san. Nobody's dead”
“Eh? But just now, he said he killed half......" 

When Shinichi was confused by this obvious contradiction, the door of the dining room was suddenly opened from the outside.

“Maou, is very evil!”

Looking at the figure that appeared loudly, Shinichi rubbed his eyes as if he misunderstood what he saw. Behind the stiff body like a wrestler was the head of a cow that was cut off yesterday, which had rolled on the ground.

“Kalbi your body seems okay"
“Yes, thanks to Ceres"  

It seemed that it wasn't even an impersonation, listening to the caring words of the demon king.

“Hey, what joke is this......"  

The name of the minotaur was Kalbi, not very malicious. He was surely the person who was beheaded yesterday──

“More than that, they showed up again, Maou!!”
“......I guessed so”  

While reporting as expected, the demon king stood up with a bored look. He also touched Shinichi´s shoulder again.

“Let's go”

Shinichi responded silently to the short words of the demon king. While waiting for the instantaneous movement, he clearly predicted the sight of the nightmare.


“He appeared, the devil king!”  

A knight dressed in whole body armour barked while swinging his sword. In response to that, the warrior, ranger, priest, and witch also readied their respective weapons. By the blue burning flame, the people who were supposed to have completely disappeared stood in the same wilderness as yesterday as if they had rolled back time.


Even while attacked by a frozen fear, which was different from the time they met with the devil king, Shinichi understood.

“In this world, resurrection magic is normal......”  

The dead will revive. An irreversible phenomenon that was absolutely impossible on the earth. However, this is a different world where there is a miracle called magic. As if just like a game, it was easy to overthrow death. So while understanding this in his head, the knight attacked the demon king without showing his fear.  

“Today, I will receive that neck, wind dancer──"
“『Fang of earth』” 

Without letting the knight finish, the demon king kicked off a powerful magic from the beginning. Due to a myriad of fangs that grew from the ground, the knight party became skewered in a moment and was wiped out entirely.

“Totally annoying"

Despite such complaints, the demon king walked over to the remains of his followers, which had been killed by the hands of the knight party.

“Wake from eternal sleep, 『Death revival』"  

When casting a short spell, the bodies of the orcs were wrapped in a mysterious light and the cuts on their entire bodies disappeared. Then, the hearts that has stopped began to beat and light returned to the eyes that lost focus.

“Uu......Demon King-sama? I apologize again for causing such inconvenience"
“It's fine. Instead, if you can move, call those who aren't safe and carry the dead to the castle. Celesta should be preparing for their resurrection"
“I understand" 

Even after just being resurrected, the orcs rushed towards the castle, even though they were staggering.

“It's too easy for the dead to be revived......”  

To someone with the common sense of earth, Shinichi was only amazed. The demon king heard his words and instantly fell in a bad mood.

“This is cheating, look at those guys!”  

Maou pointed to the dead bodies of the knight party which had been skewered. Suddenly they were wrapped in a strange light and disappeared instantly from there place.

“The corpses have disappeared......did they teleport somewhere?"
“I don't like how it is. To prevent this, even if they were reduced to dust yesterday, why did they appear calmly again!"  

From the resentment of the demon king, Shinichi thought quickly.

“Usually it isn't possible to revive if the corpses disappear, right?"
“Of course! A dead body with as little damage as possible, at least half the head should remain, then you can use resurrection magic"  

Even if it seems to be unlimited for Shinichi, there is a limit to the magic of this world.

“So when I was attacking the army of those sneaky humans, I killed half, but left the dead bodies behind. Even though I said that I didn't kill everyone and left half of them, I was concerned that they couldn’t carry the bodies for them to resurrect!"
“Well, that's why nobody is dead" 

To be exact, they are dead, but they will be revived, so no complaints. As far as the previous knight party is seen, there is no doubt that there is also someone with resurrection magic on the human side as well. However, even in this world, even for the devil king, who was probably the most powerful, it was impossible to revive someone without a corpse.

(No way, there is a more powerful existence than the demon king?)   

If so, that person could challenge the demon king himself, but it doesn't seem to be that way.

(No matter how annihilated they were, I wonder if they´re revived by the church......if it is like a game, I never thought deeply about the mechanics)   

This is like a fantasy world game, but it isn't a mass of electronic information, but a real world where the creatures with blood and meat swing their feet. Then, even if it does not apply to the common sense of the earth, there should be some kind of law and mechanism. However, Shinichi didn’t get an answer to his thoughts. The information was overwhelmingly short.

“Well, Shinichi. Now I command you as your summoner"  

To Shinichi who was thinking, the demon king ordered him with a majestic voice that was suitable for his name.

“Kill the humans who won't die somehow!”

It didn’t match the power of his voice at all, the pitiful instruction. On the other hand, Shinichi countered with arguments.

“Even if you tell me somehow, I'm a poor boy who can't use magic”
“lend us your wisdom then!"

Shinichi thought with his hand on his chin.

“What, you can't say it is impossible? Calling a wise man who can save us from our dreadful situation, we activated our summoning magic for a long time. There should be some wisdom from the other side"
“I'm glad to be praised, but did you really succeed?”

There was no doubt about the power of the demon king, but Shinichi couldn't help tilting his neck. If the demon king had the ability to summon, then there were many more suitable people than Shinichi who was just a student.......

“No, I have succeeded. That evidence tells us that we are equal. You are not like the insect that I called the first time, your head is better and you are not a coward that dies abruptly"
“I see ”

There are many others who are smarter than Shinichi. However, it seemed that there was no one who had the courage to open their mouth, against an absolute strong man like the demon king.

(Nevertheless, it seems that tens of thousands of people have made it through)   

Well, whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, Shinichi was determined from now on.

“What happened to the first person?"
“My daughter begged while crying, so I decided to revive him and return him to his original world"
“So there is a way back to Earth. By the way, what if I refuse?”
“Then my daughter can't stay around this area......do you understand?" 

Devil king grinned with an evil smile. Only the Angel Reno had a conscience circuit, and the giant in front of his eyes was a brutal, selfish Demon King worthy of his absolute matchless power.

“It's not a compulsory choice......"  

Shinichi sighed inside his head. However, in truth he had understood a long time ago. The reason why he was elected from among the 700 million earthlings. A somewhat excellent brain and courage that doesn’t yield to an absolute strong enemy──

(Even the demon king burns to kill the immortal humans, by trying to exterminate the best of the plot......interesting)  

On the face of Shinichi, an evil smile as good as the one from the Maou appeared. A joyful spirit who was excited of defeating an enemy as long as they cannot be captured by common sense, this was almost impossible in the 21st century earth. He realised his harmful qualities rather than futility were asleep in his depths.

(If I throw away such an interesting thing in my life, I would be haunted by a wasteful ghost) 

You can demonstrate your ability and nature freely as much as you want in this different world, which could only happen in the middle of a game in Japan. Perhaps he would never get a feeling such as this in his entire life back on earth. It was enough to pay the danger of not returning to his old life as a premium, and it was probably why he was summoned.

“Certainly, Maou-sama” 

Shinichi intentionally dictated a polite phrase and declared while carefully kneeling.

“Let's definitely deal with the human 『Heroes』 who revive indefinitely with this hand"  

It was at this moment a human traitor was born, he was known as the most feared staff general of the demon king army.

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