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The S-Classes That I Raised

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The S-Classes That I Raised


The S-Classes That I Raised

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Action;  Adventure;  Drama;  Fantasy;  
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The series The S-Classes That I Raised contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 1
“The S-Ranks That I’ve Raised” Translation (Ch. 1)

tn: i’m not a real translator, nor am i a fan translator. in fact my (1.9 gen) korean is p abysmal. i just translated this for fun while i was reading, since there’s no tl out yet. i’m putting it up bc it’s better than mtl at least, since a lot of nuance gets lost in mtl and this author happens to use a lot of slang/expressions. also, i asked my dad anything i didn’t understand & that the dictionary didn’t help me w so that probably helps. idk any game terminology though so some of the names & such are probably wrong.

F-Rank Hunter.

The useless and pathetic F-Rank hyung[1] who dragged down[2] his amazing[3] S-Rank dongsaeng[4].

The title given to me, who halfheartedly lived my life that became a disaster and eventually consumed his dongsaeng’s life: “Perfect Caregiver”.

That’s right, this time, instead of putting myself forward, let’s just calmly look after that amazing guy.

Or that’s what I thought, but the S-Ranks are a little weird.

< Regression(1) >

“…Hyung, are you alright?”

That guy said. His side was bitten into and torn up so that his insides were spilling out, and he was asking if I was alright. The face of this nonchalant guy, who only turned a little pale despite dying, irritated me. Collapsed on the floor, I speechlessly looked up at my dongsaeng.

This guy was someone who constantly hindered me. Annoyingly amazing; all i ever heard[5] was to not drag down[2] this amazing guy. In the end, I dragged him all the way down[6] so it wasn’t all that wrong.

But anyways.

“……Why did you come here.” Having been saved, a curt voice spilled out of my mouth.

Why did you[7] do something like coming to find me, when you could’ve just pretended not to know what was going on and left me to die.

Rather than getting along well, we would be cold to each other every time we met[8]. When my leg was shattered, he didn’t visit me even once; when I asked for help with my limp, he coldly rejected me. That day, after telling me to stop exaggerating and just take the money, and then throwing me out, we haven’t properly spoken since.

At my question this guy smiled bitterly.

“‘Why did I come here’, fuck.”

He cursed, thinking of how I was getting angry when I was at fault. How high are the expectations I’m shouldering that you’d give away your life to save this one useless brother[9]. Crazy bastard.

Since when were we so close. If the news come out that you[10] died, damn it, I’ll get cursed at several times over.

But who are you to save me. I was angry. I was angry and frustrated by my pathetic-ness, not him. That’s right, I was always a terrible[11] hyung. Immature trash filled with insecurities who would harp on with complaints even in this kind of situation.

So just, leave me to die in a dungeon corner, why did you come find me!

“Listen well, hyung,” this guy ignored my question and said. “Lauchtas[12] fall asleep at 5 hour cycles. From now on, if you hide for just one hour, they’ll go into a slumber state. At that time you can leave through the entrance. I’ve already handled the smaller monsters, so as long as you don’t disturb the Lauchtas, you can be safe.”

Then this guy pushed a small blue stone towards me. It was a Gate Stone that makes an exit for leaving closed dungeons. You can only use it near the entrance, and it was a precious 1-person 1-time-use item.

I didn’t take the Gate Stone and said, as if I didn’t need it, “No thanks. You use it.”

At my words, this guy smiled. “I have one too. Though I probably won’t need to use it.”

…So having become one of the strongest hunters in Korea, he carries around a few of those precious Gate Stones, huh. I reluctantly took the Gate Stone.

Only then did that guy take his gaze off me and look at his wound. If it weren’t for the strength of his skills, he would’ve already collapsed and been on his dying breath.

“……If you have Gate Stones, don’t you have something like an elixir too.”

“Mm, I don’t. I have small potions but I don’t think they’ll be much help. Lauchtas have powerful curses on their claws.”

This guy smiled again. I didn’t know how he could smile right now.

But that nonchalant attitude soon reached its limit. This guy’s knees crumpled and his body collapsed forward. Reflexively, I caught his upper body.

The smell of blood that I couldn’t smell until now hit my nose. It was strong. I thought I had gotten used to it when I was going around the dungeon, but I still retched. I felt nauseous.

I had an impulse to throw the body I was clasping and run away.


I could barely hear the sound of his breathing. There was no answer. He also didn’t smile.

“……Did you die?”

My voice trembled. First of all, this guy dying shouldn’t have anything to do with me.

“Han Yoohyun. Did you die?”

Shit, this stupid bastard. If I come out alive alone, I’ll be cursed out. Meddling guys will crowd around to incinerate the trash bastard that destroyed his amazing brother.

“Are you taking advantage of me[13] to the end?” I muttered dejectedly.

So he was going to continuously bother me to this day. Now, I had to hide away. Nasty to the end,really.

[The Title “Caregiver” is in effect.
Caregiver Supplementary Skill - Last Repayment
The skills and abilities of Awakened Person “Han Yoohyun” will double in efficiency.
Duration time - 1:00]

An announcement window confirming this guy’s death[14] appeared. One of my title’s Supplementary Skills, a growth buff giving the skills and abilities of the other person after the other person’s death for one hour. Not to mention, getting double the effectiveness.

Strength burst through my body and at the same time a part of that guy’s memories was transferred.

'My hyung is an F-Rank Awakened Person.’

This bastard, seriously, to the end-.

'So he can’t get tangled up with me.’

Yoohyun was talking to someone. He sounded a little sad.

'Our relationship has already broken down but from now on we have to get farther from each other. Since, an Awakened Person qualified to be a Hunter doesn’t receive the protection of the law compared to an ordinary person.’

'If hyung becomes my weak point, those guys will definitely look for him.’

…Who are 'those guys’.

'Shit, deal with[15] all those jerks[16]!’

It was when my leg was broken. This guy was angry. And also sad at the same time.

'No, tell him healer support is impossible. That would be better for him. First let’s kick him out… but say that since we’re brothers, it can’t be helped, help is…….’

'Hyung, I’m sorry.’


'Please, don’t go into a dungeon.’


My throat tightened at my dongaeng’s memory. The surroundings were quiet but that guy saying 'hyung’ hurt my ears. The body I was clasping was cold and stiff.

I felt like I was going crazy. Of course, this guy made trouble for me to the end. Who are you to protect me. I’m the one who is the hyung. After losing our parents early, it was me, the hyung, who dropped out of school to take care of and raise my young dongsaeng.

“Asshole. Do you think I’m going to feel sorry if you do this?”

You’re the one at fault, by not saying anything.

I slowly lowered my dongsaeng’s body, which had lost its warmth, to the floor. This guy’s face looked relaxed. You think it’ll all be ok if you leave peacefully by youself?

“I’m not going to cry for you.”

Why would I cry for a guy who did as he pleases to the end. It’s a waste of tears. I raised my body. Checking my Status Window, I saw the new skills. They were all the highest grade and even buffed to double.

Laughter spilled out.

Just one hour. With the price of my dongsaeng’s life, for just one hour I was stronger than anyone in the world.

“Shit, what do I do with just one hour.”

Black Blood Smoke Emperor[17] Han Yoohyun should’ve lived 40, 50 more years. Yoohyun, this guy, would’ve been several times stronger than me even as a shriveled grandfather. How is one hour of 1-time-use any comparison.

“Idiot. Damned idiot.”

At my dongsaeng’s stupidity, I even shed a few tears. The label of 'genius’ was wasted on him. The world’s biggest idiot.

“Gigante Shield.”

With the skill’s use, a faint golden light surrounded my body. It was a shield that usually didn’t block the Lauchtas’ claws but with the doubling buff it’ll be able to withstand it even when bitten.

“Since this is all yours. So, I’ll avenge you.”

I slowly walked out of the crack in the wall I was hiding behind. I saw a huge beast lurking at the end of the wide space[18].

Lauchtas. 1st Rank polyp[19]. The dragon king of poisons and curses. The undefeatable judgement monster who appeared two times so far and both times handled the situation by enduring until the dungeon closed.

The 3-headed red dragon looked towards my direction. Of the 3 heads, the middle one had eyes that were burnt off. Lauchtas had immense regeneration powers but it looked like it couldn’t heal from Yoohyun’s bloody[20] injury in such a short time.

That’s right, my dongsaeng is pretty impressive. Right now I’m twice that impressive dongsaeng.

Fuck. You’re dead.

[1] hyung = a word used by men to call their older brothers or older male friends of a close (generational) age

[2] lit. “grabbed onto ankles”

[3] 잘나가다/잘나다: translating both to “amazing” but it’s slang that basically means awesome/exceptional/good&smart but sometimes used in a negative light (i.e. when you are jealous or when the person is acting conceited). 잘나가다 specifically means that one has become famous or does well in one’s job. 잘나다 lit. means “born well”

[4] younger sibling

[5] lit. “hear until ears are stingly hot” = when you hear too much of something (usually negative)

[6] see [2], as a play on words, “grabbed onto [his] ankles until they broke [and let go]”

[7] Korean rarely uses pronouns and rely on context. Given the tone of the story, I thought using “you” instead of “he” would fit better

[8] lit. “whenever we met, a cold wind blows”

[9] lit. “blood vessel”, but here it’s used to refer to a close blood relationship

[10] this time he does say “you”

[11] direct opposite to [3], i.e. lit. “born bad”

[12] idk what this is but it’s 라우치타스, pronounced “roo-chee-ts”

[13] lit. “make me eat water” but it means to “make someone get into trouble” or “take advantage of someone”

[14] lit. when in a battlefield, you shoot someone you’ve already shot dead to make sure they’re really dead

[15] means “handle” but can also mean “dispose of”

[16] lit. means offspring, so the closer definition is probably “brat” but that doesn’t sound serious enough in English

[17] 흑혈염제: idk what it means, just that it’s probably a nickname/title. 흑 = black, 혈 = blood, 염제 means salt but that makes no sense and the dictionary also says “avulsion (in medicine)” which. what. though that does make more sense than “salt”. or, it could be 염 = 연기 = smoke, 제 = emperor (someone who reached a high/the highest level in martial arts in martial arts fantasy novels)

[18] 공동: normally it means association/union/cooperation or collective/joint/communal/public… but that doesn’t make sense so I’m assuming it means something like “space”; it might be something like cave where 공=empty, 동=동굴(cave)

[19] idk!!! that’s what the dictionary says

[20] I’m not sure what it means; 혈염에 의한 = by means of 혈염 (either “blood salt” or “blood-dyed” or “blood smoke” or idk what)

21:13 ( ♥ )
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