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Login Before Others: Stone Age

1 Votes
1 Votes

Login Before Others: Stone Age


Login Before Others: Stone Age

(1 Votes)
Action;  Adventure;  Fantasy;  
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Chapters 309
Nameless Reader
what happened next? pls update quickly. I can't wait anymore huhu
Feb 06, 2023
The series Login Before Others: Stone Age contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Login Before Others: Stone Age Chapter 1

Back to the Game Before Closed Beta

Back to the game before the closed beta.

Jianghai City, No. 1 high school, Grade 12 class 8 classroom.

Su Ming sat in the corner of the back row by the window, lost in his thoughts.

Ten minutes later, he finally confirmed this unbelievable fact.

He was reborn!

He had been thrown back to a year ago!

At this time, he had just started his third year of high school.

At this time, there were still two months before the closed beta of Origin of Humans: Horde!

With the advantage of his rebirth, he was confident that he could get the opportunity to enter the closed beta!

Su Ming's heart was in turmoil.

Origin of Humans: Horde was a large-scale multiplayer VR online game that was said to have a 99% realism rating.

The content of the game started from the development of a primitive civilization, survival and reproduction, the construction of tribes, and the development of civilization.

Such a phenomenal game quickly took the world by storm and was highly popular.

Everyone thought that this was a game that was launched because of a breakthrough in virtual reality technology.

However, Su Ming, who had been reborn, knew.

This game was created by an extraterrestrial using the high-dimensional technology ‘Shizuko' with the purpose of conquering the Blue Planet.

In his previous life, the game had devoured reality in less than a year.

At that time, the resources, abilities, and troop classes that the players obtained in the game would become reality.

The world's structure was completely reshuffled!

The leaders of the large tribes became the new leaders of the Blue Planet.

As for the weak ones in the game, they would be directly reduced to the bottom of society and be slaughtered.

In his previous life, Su Ming had entered the game the moment the server opened, and after a year of hard work, he had become one of the top-tier players in the game.

The tribe he built led a region, and it was terrifying.

But even so, the strength of ten top players was still out of his reach.

Su Ming gathered his thoughts and the figures of the top players quickly flashed through his mind.

The Eastern Gods Tribe had the most powerful troop type.

The Saint Court Tribe.

The Bright Lamp Tribe had the largest territory.

All the famous players flashed through his mind.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that any one of these ten people could destroy a player of Su Ming's level of strength in his previous life with just ten percent of their strength.

The most important reason for their strength was that they were all closed beta players.

There were only 1000 beta players, and they could enter the game 300 days earlier than the open beta players.

Just the advantage of logging in early was something that the open beta players could not hope to achieve.

They could plan ahead, occupy areas with rich resources, recruit powerful troops, and obtain various unique resources…

When the open beta players logged in, they were surprised to find that most of the closed beta players had already occupied the Horde and ruled a region.

Just like that, the open beta went on for a year. The game and reality merged, and a disaster broke out.

Ancient and savage beasts appeared all over the world.

However, the players' strength was also synchronized with the real world. Although these berserk beasts caused a certain amount of turmoil, it was limited.

The most terrifying thing was that the extraterrestrial had arrived!

Through the game plane, they had directly opened up a channel to land on the Blue Planet.

Even though all the Earthlings had joined forces to resist, the technology of the extraterrestrial was far superior to theirs. Under the dimension-reduction attack, the humans lasted for three months before they were annihilated.

When he thought of the final battle, a deep sense of powerlessness still rose in Su Ming's heart.

The other party was too powerful!

It was so powerful that it made people despair!

Before he died, he had never thought that he would be reborn and have another chance.

There were still two months left before the closed beta of Origin of Humans: Horde.

As long as he could get a beta tester slot, he could enter the game in advance and plan his layout.

The most important thing was that he could rely on his rebirth's foresight to seize all kinds of opportunities.

An SSS-class troop, an SSS-class territory, and a series of unique rewards that were hidden all over the world!

“The only problem now is the activation code!”

Su Ming's heart stirred.

The activation code was the most important part of logging in to the closed beta in advance.

The number was completely random, similar to the lottery. You could choose your own number, and the prize would be drawn half an hour before the closed beta. Only the players who entered the activation code were qualified to enter the game.

In his previous life, after Su Ming had picked his own number, the number he picked was only two numbers away from one of the winning numbers.

This made him so angry that he was vexed for a while.

As such, even now, he could still remember the activation code very clearly.

“Now, this string of activation codes is mine!”

Su Ming's eyes shone.

Without further ado, he had entered that string of activation codes!

As Su Ming thought about it, he secretly took out his phone from the drawer.

He entered the web address and went to the game's official website.

Immediately, the extremely simple and crude official website appeared in front of him.

No one would have thought that this trashy-looking official website would be so popular in the future.

In fact, the game's popularity started after the beta players entered the game and began to promote it.

At this point in time, almost no one would notice such a ‘low-key' game.

[Binding identity]

[Beta testing qualification]

[Equipment purchase]

He looked at the few lines of text on the official website.

Once Su Ming locked his identity with great familiarity, he found the activation code for the closed beta and started typing it in.


Very quickly, he finished typing and submitted his request. Su Ming held his breath in nervousness.

He did not know when that person had reserved the activation code.

It would be troublesome if it happened earlier than he did! Even if the possibility of this was extremely small!

But soon, a notification popped up on the official website.

“Activation code has been successfully reserved! The following is your detailed information.”

[Name: Su Ming]

[Identification number: 51xxx]

[Closed beta activation code: XYZ3456…]

[Pre-planned internal test ranking: 001]

[Countdown to the opening of the prize: 60 days, 4 hours, and 32 minutes]

“I've succeeded!”

When Su Ming saw this, he waved his fist in excitement.

Moreover, looking at the order, he was the first to enter the activation code.

It seemed that no one had noticed this unknown game at this time.

After all, to play this game, there was something that had a high threshold.

Gaming equipment!

There were three types of gaming equipment in Origin of Humans: Horde. Gaming glasses, gaming helmets, and gaming pods.

The gaming glasses were the cheapest, priced at 5000 Yuan. They could experience the basic game graphics, and the degree of realism was only about 50%.

The gaming helmet was priced at 30000 Yuan, and the degree of realism could reach more than 90%. In terms of gaming experience, it was almost the same as the gaming pods that were priced at hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

The only drawback was that he could only be online for a maximum of ten hours.

The gaming pod could allow the player to stay online for up to a month by replenishing the body's nutrient solution in advance.

Su Ming also wanted to buy a game pod directly. That would save him a lot of trouble.

But as a student, he was really short on money.

If he were to go home and ask his parents for hundreds of thousands of Yuan to play games, he would definitely be able to get a leather belt to his buttocks.

Although the gaming glasses were cheap, the realism was too poor, so he did not even have to consider them.

“I can only choose the game helmet!”

Su Ming touched his chin and made his decision.

“But I don't even have the money to buy a helmet!”

Suddenly, Su Ming discovered this bleak reality and felt a headache coming on.

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