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Interstellar: Start As A Cleaner

2 Votes
In the interstellar era, Yang Bo discovered that he could randomly obtain abilities from the objects he killed! Kill a goldfish and swim +1! Kill a bat, sonic positioning +1! Kill a mouse, dynamic vision +1!
2 Votes
In the interstellar era, Yang Bo discovered that he could randomly obtain abilities from the objects he killed! Kill a goldfish and swim +1! Kill a bat, sonic positioning +1! Kill a mouse, dynamic vision +1!

Interstellar: Start As A Cleaner


Interstellar: Start As A Cleaner

(2 Votes)
In the interstellar era, Yang Bo discovered that he could randomly obtain abilities from the objects he killed! Kill a goldfish and swim +1! Kill a bat, sonic positioning +1! Kill a mouse, dynamic vision +1!
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Chapters 698
In the interstellar era, Yang Bo discovered that he could randomly obtain abilities from the objects he killed! Kill a goldfish and swim +1! Kill a bat, sonic positioning +1! Kill a mouse, dynamic vision +1!
Fantasy and magic lover
complains that he does not have enough information about... Everything, but if he demonstrated his strength, he would obtain greater rights and information more easily and raise the status of the citizen to a higher level. Of course, this is without the problems in the logic of the novel. It's disappointing. To be honest, I had high hopes for this novel.
May 19, 2024
Fantasy and magic lover
The novel was good at first, and after that it became bad. The hero of the novel had a motive and a goal, but after a while he became a salted fish. His personality turned into a lazy and childish one. The author changed the novel from exploration, wars, and advanced technology in space to grinding in games to obtain supernatural power, which he hides because, like the other Chinese novel, he must hide his power because the entire universe is hunting him, and he
May 19, 2024
The series Interstellar: Start As A Cleaner contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Interstellar: Start As a Cleaner Chapter 1

Chapter 1 A life like garbage

PS: This book is written in a way that opens the world bit by bit from the perspective of the protagonist. If you don't like it, turn right when you go out. Thank you.

“I didn't expect that in my last life I was like a blade of grass, and in this life I am like a piece of trash.” Yang Bo, wearing blue pajamas, stood behind the large floor-to-ceiling windows, looking up at the stars.

In the starry sky, there is a shining ring, which is so bright no matter day or night. It is a cosmic airport more than 30,000 kilometers away from the planet. There is a long shining ring below the ring. Reflective, that is the space elevator that connects the ground and the airport.

Yang Bo lived like grass in his last life. When he was in school, he was stepped on by the school bully. When he went out to work, he was stepped on by the workshop management. Even when he bought a house, he stepped on an unfinished building. He didn't dare to speak out, otherwise he would be severely punished. After a while, a series of changes made Yang Bo feel aggrieved. After sending his parents away, he also gave up!

Unexpectedly, when I opened my eyes, I would arrive in a civilized world with very advanced technology. This world has conquered the galaxy. Human beings have weapons that can destroy planets and even stars, huge warships hundreds of kilometers long, and machines on the ground that can exceed the speed of more than ten times the speed of sound. A, you don't need to study, you just need a biochip, which will allow you to master all the current knowledge of mankind.

But this has nothing to do with Yang Bo. This new body of Yang Bo does not know who his parents are, because Yang Bo is a factory baby, that is, the offspring whose father paid a sum of money and was reproduced through technology, and whose mother does not know who he is.

 Because...they say keep it secret.

 In this world, human beings themselves are also undergoing tremendous changes. Human beings are gradually divided into two parts, citizens and residents. Citizens are people who have been successfully injected with genetic medicine and can move freely within the interstellar federation.

 The residents are those who failed to be injected with genetic drugs. These people cannot leave their cities for the rest of their lives. Because of genetic failure, they cannot be implanted with biochips and cannot master the languages ​​​​of multiple galaxies.

The physical strength cannot withstand the underground vacuum high-speed tunnels traveling at tens of thousands of kilometers per hour for a long time, nor can it withstand the high-speed operation of the space elevator. It cannot withstand the cosmic particles and space radiation encountered in interstellar travel, and it cannot withstand the powerful energy of the spaceship jumping space. impact.

 So, in the name of protection, they allow residents to live in a city without doing any work and receive unlimited amounts of food from food banks.

 You can play games, walk around in the city, have free housing, and have all kinds of free living materials.

 But there is no right to reproduce. Even if you want to find a female companion to live with, they will suggest buying a robot to solve all problems. If you want to forcefully reproduce, then they will take necessary measures...

Of course they don't know how expensive it is to buy a beauty robot….

They will also give you a lot of advice. When you play the game for two hours, they will advise you to go offline for twenty minutes. When you are at home for a day, they will advise you to go for a walk. They will also advise you to volunteer several times a month. , contact other people and make friends. Your weight, heartbeat, breathing, and pulse can all be monitored through smart watches and then provide you with suggestions.

When you don't listen to the advice, they will send a psychologist to evaluate you. If you fail the psychological evaluation, you will be taken to the corresponding institution for free recuperation.

 At the end of the year, those politicians will come up with a perfect report on their care of vulnerable groups, with perfect data...

  Don't need a smart watch. Sorry, you can't enter any door, nor any elevator, nor can you take any transportation, even the so-called door of your home...

As for factory babies, this is allowed because professional factories have enough technology to ensure that your next generation is healthy, and if you don't raise them, the factory will give these babies to welfare institutions.

Yang Bo's predecessor grew up in a welfare institution. He had a happy childhood and a happy teenager. After he became an adult, he happily divided a house and had his own home...

"Maybe it's good to be a pig, but I don't know what kind of person the last pig who lived here was... no, a pig." Even though Yang Bo had various ideas, he had no choice in the end.

In the era of high technology, personal abilities are very small. If Yang Bo wants to jump off a building now, the drone police will arrive within thirty seconds and kill you first, because your jumping off the building may cause harm to other people. . Any information you receive will be visible to you because your citizenship level is F.

"Now that you're here, let's enjoy it." Although Yang Bo also wanted to visit the airport, in the end he could only accept the reality, no matter how angry and helpless he was.

“And the original owner died very strangely...” With half-year physical examination, smart watch and other blessings, and working and resting time according to their suggestions, what is the chance of the original owner dying suddenly?

                          bang! In the living room of about 25 square meters, there are sofas, coffee tables, simple and elegant decoration, and a virtual image transmitter. A goldfish jumped out of the fish tank.

"Master, your goldfish jumped out of the tank. According to Article 482 of the Federal Animal Protection Act, if the pet dies due to the owner's mistake, the owner's qualification to continue to adopt the pet will be suspended." In the room, a cooing voice The voice rang out.

Yang Bo immediately said: "I understand."

Yang Bo went to pick up his goldfish, but not long after he took over this body, he didn't pay attention to the carpet on the ground, fell to the ground, and then felt his hands were cold.

 Swimming +1!

A piece of information flowed through his mind, and Yang Bo, who immediately got up, was stunned. What are the benefits for time travellers? Or did the original gene potion not fail, but its ability is very mysterious?

The extremely powerful genetic warrior has various abilities, can control all elemental particles, is metalized all over his body, etc.

“Owner, according to the chip data in the pet's body, the goldfish has died. The video has been submitted to the court. The court will judge your behavior just now. Please use a No. 16 environmental protection bag to collect the goldfish carcass and wait for the next order.”

Yang Bo took a deep breath and stood up, feeling his legs hurt, but this intelligent system didn't care, it just cared about the goldfish. This is the so-called event-level priority.

There are standards for throwing away garbage here. Without smart biochips or smart watches, individuals cannot know which kind of reusable bags are needed for which kind of garbage. Once they are wrong, they will face various penalties...

"Master, what you are holding is the No. 18 reusable bag, which contains discarded electronic waste. The No. 16 reusable bag is in the third box on your left hand. It is recommended that the owner clean the room within the next 16 hours. The number of bacteria in the room will multiply. There is an outbreak trend, and it is recommended to use No. 2 cleaner to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the room and provide fresh air." The smart speaker in the room sounded again.

“Congratulations to the owner, the video of the death of the goldfish was submitted. Judging from the video, the owner is not responsible for the death of the goldfish. The court recommends that you receive free psychological treatment when you get a new pet.”

 “Thank you!” Yang Bo took a deep breath and had to say thank you.

 “Master, the goldfish recovery robot has arrived. I would like to suggest…”

Yang Bo took a deep breath and said he would find a job tomorrow. Even if he had to work hard, he would still have to buy a house. Because the house he bought was a personal property according to the law, and the current house belonged to the government, so it was under various surveillance.

“We still have to find some time to verify whether the benefits of time travelers are real.” Yang Bo muttered in his heart.

“Master, it is recommended to wear gloves when cleaning goldfish blood and use No. 5 absorbent cotton. It is recommended to use No. 8 garbage bags for used absorbent cotton. It is recommended to use No. 2 garbage bags for used gloves. It is also recommended to wash your hands afterwards..."

 (End of this chapter)

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Interstellar: Start As a Cleaner Chapter 1
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