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Beast Control Starts From Zero Points

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Opening her eyes, Qiao Sang found that she was dressed as a junior high school student. Then came a mock test. Is she afraid of 985 graduation? She was afraid… What is the test for? What is the name of the final evolved form of the Stinky Loach? What planets have humans colonized? … Welcome to the world of beast control.
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Opening her eyes, Qiao Sang found that she was dressed as a junior high school student. Then came a mock test. Is she afraid of 985 graduation? She was afraid… What is the test for? What is the name of the final evolved form of the Stinky Loach? What planets have humans colonized? … Welcome to the world of beast control.

Beast Control Starts From Zero Points


Beast Control Starts From Zero Points

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Opening her eyes, Qiao Sang found that she was dressed as a junior high school student. Then came a mock test. Is she afraid of 985 graduation? She was afraid… What is the test for? What is the name of the final evolved form of the Stinky Loach? What planets have humans colonized? … Welcome to the world of beast control.
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Opening her eyes, Qiao Sang found that she was dressed as a junior high school student. Then came a mock test. Is she afraid of 985 graduation? She was afraid… What is the test for? What is the name of the final evolved form of the Stinky Loach? What planets have humans colonized? … Welcome to the world of beast control.
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The series Beast Control Starts From Zero Points contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Beast Control Starts From Zero Points Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Don't blame her

 Hanggang City, Zhehai Province.

  Class 37 of Wencheng Junior High School.

“Everyone's progress in this mock test is obvious to all, especially Qin Shou, who ranked second in the grade, just 2 points away from the full score. We should learn more from him.”

“Most of the students are good, but a few students didn't want to improve and even got a zero in the exam, dragging down the class average.”

“I won't name names here. I just hope that this classmate will do well for himself. There are only 21 days left until the high school entrance examination. With such results, he will not be able to pass the exams of Yushou High School or even ordinary vocational high schools.”

With his peripheral vision, the head teacher of Mediterranean Sea glanced at the window seat in the third row from the far right, and saw the girl with a ponytail sitting upright, with her back straight, looking like a good student.

 The corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily, what are you pretending to be? I am talking about you!

Of course Qiao Sang knew that the head teacher was talking about her, but she couldn't help it. She was not the Qiao Sang of this world.

 She only wore it two days ago, and she had to take the mock test before she even got used to it.

It was just a mock exam for junior high school, so of course she was not afraid. In her previous life, she had also been admitted as a top student in a 985 college.

 But she was confused as soon as she got the test paper.

  【What is formed by the awakening of the human brain? 】

  【What kind of extraordinary creatures are the heart scales attractive to, and what role can they play? 】

  【What is the final evolutionary form of the Stinky Loach called? 】

  【What are the planets that humans have immigrated to? 】

 This...what are these questions? !

In the end, she had no choice but to choose three long and one short questions, choose short, three short and one long, choose long, fill in the blanks randomly, and hand in the question paper blank.

 In the past two days, Qiao Sang has adapted to her body, and the memories of the original owner have come back to her. She has probably gained an understanding of the world.

This is a world dominated by beast-controlling. It has taken 32.05 million years since humans discovered that they can control beasts, and it has developed an absolutely mature social system for beast-controlling.

 It is said to be the era of beast control, but it is not the era of beast control for all people. When humans are 15 years old, their brains can awaken the beast control code through the stimulation of magnetic waves.

This beast-control code is both a contract and a space, which can perfectly connect the relationship between humans and extraordinary creatures.

If the brain cannot awaken by the age of 15, then there is a high probability that it will have nothing to do with beast control in this life.

Although the era of beast control has developed for tens of millions of years, human beings are still not 100% able to awaken to the beast control code.

Just last year, only 73% of the candidates in the national high school entrance examination had awakened to the Beast Control Code, and 27% of the candidates had not awakened. Even if some of them were gods of learning, they were destined not to be admitted to the Beast Control High School.

 Those who cannot control beasts can only be reduced to mediocrity and spend their entire lives at the bottom of the social class.

 This is a very real problem. If you can't control the beast, you may not even be able to move bricks.

 There are extraordinary creatures who can carry hundreds or even thousands of kilograms of bricks with their bare hands at a time. Who would use human power to move them? It is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

 Even the dishes are served like this.

Even if the salary is several times higher than that of humans, restaurants would rather hire extraordinary creatures to serve food because it can attract more customers.

 In a world that is completely different from the common sense of society in the past, Qiao Sang, as a junior high school student who is about to take the high school entrance examination, feels so anxious!

 In the past, knowledge changed destiny, but now it is beast control that changes life.

Although she has the memory of the original owner, the original owner was a scumbag!

 His grades have been consistently ranked third from the bottom in the class all year round. Last month's mock test actually improved, and he ranked fourth from the bottom in the class.

But that was because I had diarrhea on the fourth-to-last exam day and gave up on two exams.

 The high school entrance examination will be in 21 days, and she doesn't expect to be admitted to a key high school. She is thankful to be able to go to a high school now.

 Qiao Sang listened carefully to the teacher's lectures, took notes, and kept looking at the textbook until the end of get out of class. He almost showed the sprinting attitude he had when he was approaching the college entrance examination.

“Qiao Sang, the duck egg that my boss is talking about is you, right?” Fang Sisi, the classmate at the table, lowered her voice and came over.

She was not questioning, but confirming. Although Lao Ban did not name anyone specifically, it was Qiao Sang who took the zero-score test paper and took notes on it openly without covering up the scores.

Qiao Sang nodded.

 In Qiao Sang's memory, her deskmate had a good relationship with her, and they would go out to eat and play together.

 One of the most important reasons why we have such a good relationship is that this person is also a bad student.

Fang Sisi was the one who simulated koala stomach last month and replaced her as the third from last in the class and the fourth from the bottom.

"Niu, I see you have written all the multiple-choice questions, but you don't even get a single point. This difficulty is comparable to other people's full marks." Fang Sisi gave a thumbs up to express admiration.

 Qiao Sang was choked and speechless. Can you blame her? If you want to blame, just blame the one who chose the short one!

 “What score did you get on the test?” Qiao Sang asked.

“263, 98 points better than last time.” Fang Sisi was a little proud.

 As expected of a bad student, he only gained 98 points after taking two more exams.

However, Qiao Sang only complained in his heart. After all, we are all bad students, so we should stop hurting each other.

 “Do well in the exam.”

 Qiao Sang was not being unconscionable in saying this. Although her deskmate's scores were a bit worse in her opinion, compared with her previous level of about 200 points, it was indeed obvious that she had improved during this period.

 “That's not true, my mother has been staring at me every day recently...”

Before she finished speaking, the person sitting in front of Fang Sisi turned around and said nervously: "Do you think it is true or false that Dai Shushu from Class 9 was escorted to Litan Beast Control High School?"

Fang Sisi sighed, "It must be true if it's been spread like this."

 Qiao Sang was flipping through the textbook.

The Dai Shushu they were talking about was the top grader in this mock test. As the top grader, she was recommended to high school. In her opinion, it was nothing to gossip about. The most important thing for her now was to read the secretary's knowledge points. “I heard that she was sent to hospital because she had awakened on her own.” The classmate sitting in front of Qiao Sang also turned around and joined the discussion.

This time Qiao Sang raised his head.

The Beast Controlling High School recruits future beast masters, so whether their brains can be awakened naturally comes first. People who can successfully awaken independently often have higher future achievements than those who awaken through magnetic wave stimulation.

  The first batch of awakened beast masters more than 30 million years ago all awakened independently. At that time, the proportion of beast masters only accounted for 0.01% of the population, which was absolutely one in a million.

It was not until 2563 years ago that a researcher named Chen Leshen discovered that the human brain can awaken the beast-control code through the stimulation of magnetic waves, and then the era of beast-control truly entered the era.

 But those who can successfully awaken independently are still the best among them.

"Are you awakening on your own?" Fang Sisi fell into deep thought, "Do you think it's still too late for me to hug her thigh?"

The classmate sitting in front of Fang Sisi shook his head, "Don't think about it. Others will definitely not stay in school if they are recommended successfully. If you knew in advance that you could go to high school, would you still come to school?"

Fang Sisi thought deeply about it.

“If I succeed in independent awakening, can I be expelled if I fail the cultural score?” Qiao Sang took a deep breath, his expression was very serious.

This question successfully made all three people look at her.

“Don't say you failed, even if you get a zero score, the school will ask you for it.” The classmate sitting in front of Qiao Sang joked.

"Don't think about it. People who can successfully awaken independently are always academic masters, not scumbags." Fang Sisi patted Qiao Sang on the shoulder, "I just had such a dream two days ago."

 Qiao Sang lowered his head and said nothing.

 The three of them thought she had been shocked and stopped discussing the matter of independent awakening.

Who knows how much effort it took for Qiao Sang to restrain his urge to look up to the sky and laugh wildly.

 Awaken independently!

 She successfully awakened on her own when she first came here!

But I didn't know what it was at that time, and I thought it was a golden finger. Later, when my memories merged, I realized that it was a beast-control code that would be awakened at the age of 15.

Since most people are awakened at the age of 15, she doesn't take it seriously. She didn't expect the gap to be so big!

Had it not been said that Qiao Sang was originally a poor student, she would not have known that there was such a big difference between independent awakening and awakening stimulated by magnetic waves when the memories were fused.

Without the pressure of the high school entrance examination, Qiao Sang felt much more relaxed when reading the book. He saw that some knowledge points were not just the rote memorization before.

 【The dark-haired turtle belongs to the earth system and often lives in desert tropical areas. It has black eye circles and is not good at swimming】

 You are a turtle but you are not good at swimming?

 You can't swim, why are you a turtle?

Why is your turtle an earth type instead of a water type?

 【Gangyi rats should not be exposed to rain, because their bodies are prone to rust and they like sunshine】

 Why do you, an extraordinary creature, get rusty?

Since the property of steel is that it will rust when exposed to rain like steel, why do you still like the sun?

Aren't you afraid of oxidation and rust?

 She saw too much common sense that made her want to complain.

 But because of this, Qiao Sang didn't feel pain when he saw these things. Instead, he found them quite interesting, and he memorized them without memorizing them.

 School was out soon.

Before Qiao Sang had packed her things and left her seat, a girl wearing black-rimmed glasses came over and said, "Qiao Sang, the head teacher asked you to go to the office."

 Qiao Sang was stunned for a moment, "I understand."

The girl wearing glasses is called Ma Xiao, who is the study committee member of the class. She is not surprised by the teacher's behavior of calling Qiao Sang to the office.

As the resident third-to-last player in the class, this is a daily routine for Qiao Sang.

The original owner Qiao Sang was used to it, but the current Qiao Sang is not used to it.

Especially when Lao Ban's spittle sprayed into her face.

“What's the matter with you! It's time to take the high school entrance examination and you've done like this! How can you explain this to yourself! How can you explain it to your parents!”

Qiao Sang took a step back silently, "Teacher, calm down."

It was so dangerous, I almost called Laoban...

"Calm down! How can you tell me to calm down! I have taught so many students and I have never seen you do such a bad job!" Lao Ban became more serious and continued his spit attack.

As a top student in her previous life, this was the first time Qiao Sang had been treated like this. She silently took a step back, "There is a reason why I got like this."

Lao Ban said coldly: "What's the reason?"

“Actually, I woke up on my own, but my brain hasn't recovered yet.”

At this moment, Qiao Sang was somewhat impressed by his own wit.

"Heh." Lao Ban sneered, "It seems that the teacher is usually very nice to you."

  Qiao Sang's face was full of doubts. What does this have to do with whether he treats me well or not?

I saw Lao Ban taking out an address book from the drawer, opening it and dialing a number.

 Not long after, the call was connected.

"Are you Qiao Sang's parent? I am Qiao Sang's class teacher. Can you come to the school if you have time now?"

ˈ˜Qiao Sang: “…”

 (End of this chapter)

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Beast Control Starts From Zero Points Chapter 1
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