The human race lived for a long time being victim of persecution and exile. For millennia it was the species expelled from important territories because of the dominant strength of other creatures it was forced to compete with. Minotaurs, dragons, stone giants, beasts and tritons represented an enormous risk to a race that lacked a body designed for combat. The future of the species looked bleak and augured an early extinction, until a radical turnaround happened in a short time. An event that finally brought stability to the human race, thanks to two people who changed its destiny forever.

Guided by rumors of the existence of a Cave of Power, a group of hundreds of individuals formed an expedition that planned to obtain this coveted resource in order to face the disparity of forces with the other species. The journey was cruel and devastating for them, gradually tearing away their faith in the mission as they fell one by one, forming an ever-shrinking retinue. In the end, only two of those expeditionaries remained alive, who were fortunate enough to find somewhere on the planet a cave that saved humanity from extinction. As a result, the balance of power was restructured. In a short time, man was the one who expelled the other creatures from territories. Thanks to this power, the human race was able to organize a new hierarchy of species led by itself. Humanity discovered what it was like to live in calm, but they knew that this would not last forever, because the enormous power obtained in that cave was a limited resource. Those who acquired such a gift that day, received it with a couple of conditions:

- All the power granted to both of them -which received the name of Goan- was physically impossible for a human to handle, therefore it was granted to them in an inactive state. As a consequence, both could never make personal use of the Goan and would only serve as a transmitter to other people for them to exercise it; never giving an individual more than a tenth of the original power (the maximum amount that the human body would be able to withstand).

-The original Goan they received was immense, but not infinite. The power was lost when used by its active bearer. Its constant use would at some point generate its total consummation.

Such an inheritance ensured the defense of the species against predators, allowing the end of the itinerant lifestyle of humans. For the first time, sedentary colonies were able to establish themselves and eventually became kingdoms. The other species stopped hunting humans and a short-lived peace prevailed, which came to an end when the power of humans began to clash with each other. From then on, there were great clashes of Goan wielders until a victor prevailed; followed by periods of calm that were only part of a cyclical behavior that always ended up repeating history with a new conflict. However, a different hope was born when a group of Goan holders unexpectedly prevailed in a historic struggle against Mankuzo Móruvel. That event received the name of The Great Revolution; some years have passed since its occurrence and the changes generated by it have been subtle and scarce, although the greatest consequence of it is still to come. Meanwhile, the Goan received by humanity, which has served as fuel for all these confrontations, continues gradually its way to exhaustion.

Chapter end

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