Memories of the Past Lives - Chapter 2 (fixed)

Memories of the Past Lives - Chapter 2 (fixed)

Hmm? This is…

My life before returning in the past

Melanie… Brothers…


As my memory gets rewind farther. I was baffled by the strange scenes.

Wait, what is this?

She reading some kind of strange box in her bed and while reading a novel-

What? How did I know what she’s reading?

Strangely enough, I can seem understand this characters

I possess a Nobody…

I mumbles.

The memory takes a turn to another view. I still saw the same girl.

She looks happy with her family

This world is so strange yet familiar

Like I miss this world… my family

My family?

A small tear fell from my cheeks as if I was saddened by these unknown memories.

Wha-what? Why am I crying?

I can’t stop my tears from coming out

Why do I feel my heart ache?

After questioning my tears, a memory takes me to another view.

The same girl… What's the connection of this girl to me?

The girl just came out from the convenience store and walked on her way home after buying something. As the girl waltzed on the sidewalk, she saw a child, crying in the middle of the road.

The girl notices something… an incoming car.

It was very strange because there’s no intention of slowing down.


The girl shouts, she runs fast as she could before the car can hit the child. As the car accelerates with no sign of stopping, the girl knows that someone will die.

When the girl touches the child, she pushes the child out of the car’s way.

“Please, don’t cry-”

After she said those words, the car hit her and screams echoed in the street.


*Cough Cough*

The girl coughs while trying to gasp some air as she is drowning in her own blood. As the crowd hurried to the scene, some people tried to call for an ambulance.

The girl was in so much pain. Her shoulder dislocates and limbs twist into gruesomeness.

The girl’s eyes are closing, wanting to end her pain. As the crowd voices only murmured from the girl’s falling consciousness.


I realized that the dying girl in the memory was me.

T-That was me?

I died in an accident

This is how my first life ended

How can I forget this

I live as Kim Haneul, a korean

I love reading web comics and novels

I live happily with my family


My tears began to burst like a broken dam.

I- I miss them so much

I’m sorry, I didn’t say a proper farewell before l-leaving

I should have said thank you for raising me

I should have said…

I should have…

End - Memories of the Past Lives

Chapter end

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