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Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife

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Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife


Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife

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Comedy;  Drama;  Fantasy;  Romance;  
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The series Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife Chapter 1

Translator Review:

I've skimmed through about a third of this novel, and I'm quite excited to be able to translate it. I was originally going to pick up Chu Wang Fei but fell in love with this series instead. You can also read my longer more detailed review on the NU page. This novel's flow of story and tone is most similar to Eight Treasures Trousseau, very politics heavy and character driven story. A lot of the story revolves around the complex web of relationships between the characters.

T/N: Translated by Jen on Broken Jinsei! Please do not repost my translations! All translations outside of Broken Jinsei are stolen and reposted without permission!

In the wide study, the various exquisite and rare decorations displayed in a picturesque disorder. On the Qin[1] table displayed a seemingly simple but in actuality a luxurious famous Qin. To the side, a sweet fragrance emitted from inside an incense burner. The scent light and faint, not at all strong, yet makes one feel it's partially good to smell. To one side, there even laid a guifei couch, and on top it scattered two books. One of the books was opened up and resting upside down on the couch. On the cover neatly displayed the words 'Record of Flowers'.

Looking again to that Many Treasure Shelf, under a meticulous eye, really makes one take in a breath of cold air. Every single one of those items can be called a peerless work. What was more rare was that each and every one was delicate and unrivaled. Any random one was at least worth thousands of gold.

Behind the Many Treasure Shelf, the most attractive thing wasn't the various single copy edition rare books displayed on the bookshelf, nor the famous calligraphy and paintings handing on the wall, but the man sitting upright before the spacious red sandalwood table, attentively writing something—-the sixth imperial son, Jin Qinwang[2], Li Hong Yuan.

The black colored brocade was laced with dark embroidery, yet the collar and cuffs were a bold and arrogant blood red. That dark purple pattern especially, always made one feel an indescribable strangeness, unwilling to take another glance. However, that unusually handsome face was like the most perfect masterpiece painstakingly carved by the best master. The distinct and cold eyebrow didn't diminish his features in the least. Just that pair of divinely crafted eyes, because of the pitch black color, appear to manifest his gloominess and difficult to approach.

A light knock suddenly sounded from the door.

“Enter.” Hearing that numbing voice, yet because of the emotionless coldness within, one didn't dare to raise even a tiny ripple.

A man dressed in black soundlessly and breathlessly entered. Kneeling down on one knee, he respectfully spoke, “Master, Miss Luo has arrived in the capital.”

Neither quickly nor slowly, the writing hand paused. In the time between ten some breaths, seemingly like as if he was frozen, there wasn't the slightest response. And that brush that was dipped in ink just now, following the pause, dripped a drop of ink that landed on top the paper. Coming back to his senses, the originally almost completed writing was thus made useless.

Li Hong Yuan placed down the brush in hand and slowly lifted his hand. Grasping at where his heart was located, his heartbeat was like a drum. This always steady pulsating heart, in these many years, facing any person, any situation, would never speed up nor slow down. Only whenever hearing her news, it would uncontrollably accelerate, no longer able to be controlled. He didn't want to control it, nor was willing to control it either. Amidst the rapid beating, it even carried a stream of sharp pain. Unable to restrain it, he lowered his head. From his mouth came a seemingly painful yet joyful low grunt.

This kind of feeling actually wasn't all that pleasant, however he nevertheless particularly enjoyed it.

The man that was kneeling buried his head lower. He held his breath, practically not daring to breathe. It hasn't been just a day or two since he started following by his master's side. At this very moment, he definitely can't make any sounds, or else……just thinking about that aftermath, really made all the blood in the body instantly turn ice cold. It's just, that voice of master's…….he really wanted to just die.

“Where at?” Seems to have returned to normal?

“There's approximately another hour before reaching the Luo Manor.”

“Prepare the carriage.”

“Yes.” He respectfully replied, then stood up and withdrew from the room. Upon reaching outside the door, he finally was unable to maintain his calmness and displayed a somewhat sorry state.

Outside the door, the close serving Eunuch Mu glanced at this number one shadow guard by his master's side with pity in his eyes. Only with matters regarding that Miss Luo, will master have true emotional fluctuations, and not, for the sake of dealing with others, put on a pretense. According to reason, during this sort of time, touched with a bit of human warmth, master should be easier to approach. However, the truth was the opposite. Often, at this time, master was the most peculiar, most terrifying, and the most frightening.

The shadow guard in black calmed his nerves and put on a blank face, “Master wants to use the carriage.”

Eunuch Mu nodded and turned to go prepare.

On the other side, because all the masters that had remained in Guang Yuan Prefecture's Qi'an Fu[3] had all entered the capital together this time, many things were brought along. The long line of horse carriages, unable to see the end from the front at a glance, drew quite a few pedestrians to stop their feet. Discussions sounded all around, all curious as to which high official or noble personage's family this belonged to.

“Miss, the capital city really is as lively and luxurious as those storytellers say.” A young girl dressed as a servant lifted a corner of the curtains and stealthily gazed out from the small crack. She spoke, seeing the scenery outside somewhat exciting.

From the side, a hand reached over and slapped the back of that servant girl's hand, reprimanding in a low voice, “Qing Ju, now that we've arrived at the capital city you can't act like it's Qi'an Fu. How can you still be this impulsive? If someone were to see, it would only make them say our miss is not composed, or even go as far as to say the Luo family isn't good. Have you thought of the consequences?” There was even a bit of coldness carried in the voice.

Qing Ju stroked the back of her hand that was slapped red. Somewhat feeling wronged, she said, “Big sister Zhu, I won't dare to anymore.”

On the contrary, the girl reclining on a large pillow to the side, surname Luo, name Jing Wan, upon hearing this opened her beautiful eyes and helplessly laughed. Although she wasn't some peerless beauty, but because her skin was glistening white and flawless, looking at her made one feel warm in the heart and envious. It's just, her complexion was somewhat sickly pale, and she was too thin, so it's inevitable to lose some luster. “Qing Zhu, it's not that serious.” She slightly sat up and extended her hand. Like comforting a small child, she stroked Qing Ju's head, “Don't be impatient. Afraid, in the future, we won't be leaving the capital anymore. There's plenty of time to slowly explore.”

“Miss!” Qing Ju somewhat flusteredly looked to their family's miss. Miss was clearly still a year younger than herself, yet in front of her, she was always like a small child. And she always teased her like teasing a small child.

Jing Wan let out a laugh, but thinking of their current whereabouts, she hurriedly used a handkerchief to cover her mouth, except the banter in her eyes stayed the same.

Qing Zhu watched from the side, feeling helpless. This temper of Qing Ju's, more than half the reason was because of miss. The family's old madam pampered miss like she's the meat of her heart, even the caretaker mama[4] couldn't say too much. Then again, miss's temper was good, gentle and considerate, and even had the open-mindedness that other family's well-bred young ladies didn't have. When they were at Qi'an Fu, who knows how many madams and old madams liked her. But it was a shame, those family's sons and grandsons, the old madam didn't take a liking to. This time, coming to the capital, it was also partially for the sake of miss's marriage.

It's just, very soon the smile faded from Jing Wan's face. She felt somewhat nauseous and dizzy from the ride, making the others feel helpless.

Qing Zhu hurriedly took out a sour plum from a small drawer to the side and handed it to her, “Miss, bear it for a little longer, we'll arrive very soon.”

Jing Wan held the plum in her mouth, “I'm fine.” She closed her eyes again to take a nap.

The two servant girls, seeing her like this, truly felt heartache. Miss had always been healthy. The mama even said, she was never sick much in her childhood. Who knew after sitting for so long in the horse carriage this time, she would be this dizzy. In the beginning ten or so days, she'd vomited her intestines inside out. Her entire person rapidly decreased in weight, scaring all of them witless, slowing down the journey more and more. Afterwards, she improved a bit after they changed to traveling by boat. It's just during this half a day's carriage ride into the capital, she seems to be unwell again.

The noise outside gradually softened, should be arriving soon. And just as expected, not long after, the horse carriage stopped. Soon, Jing Wan's wet nurse's voice came from the outside, “Miss, we've arrived.”

The curtains at the carriage entrance was lifted. Her wet nurse and caretaker mama, as well as her other two first ranked servant girls, Qing Mei and Qing Lan, were waiting outside. Whenever they rode the horse carriage, it was these six people taking turns in serving Jing Wan.

Jing Wan was supported down from the carriage stepping on the small stool. The instant her feet landed on the ground, she felt much better. Finally don't have to suffer anymore. She patted her chest.

“Wan Wan, quickly come over and let grandmother see.” Luo Old Madam stood next to the horse carriage, ignoring the crowd of her sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren in front, and waved her hand at Jing Wan with much heartache.

This caused the crowd, who were preparing to bow to pay their respects and filial duty, to be unable to keep bowing, making it incessantly awkward.

Jing Wan hurriedly went forward to grasp Luo Old Madam's hand, “Grandmother.”

“Look at how pale this little face is. Are you still feeling unwell?” She caressed her face.

Jing Wan pursed her lips and smiled, “Grandmother, don't worry, this granddaughter is fine. Haven't we already arrived home. After resting for a bit and recovering for a few days, I guarantee I'll be white and plump again.”

“Indeed need to properly recuperate.” She turned her head towards her own eldest daughter-in-law. “Eldest family's (wife), the swallow's nest and similar tonics in the manor, send some to Wan Wan. This child has greatly suffered during this trip.”

“Yes, rest assured mother. Previously, when we received the letter, learning that third girl has suffered along the way, the things have long been prepared.” Wang-shi[5] appropriately replied and looked to Jing Wan with exceptional affection and heartache.

“En, how you handle things, I still feel reassured with.” The old madam nodded and replied faintly.

[1] Qin – Seven String Zither

[2] Jin Qinwang – The title is Jin meaning 'to advance' and his rank is of 'qinwang' roughly meaning Prince of first rank, the highest rank of wang. Wang can be translated as either King or Prince, though literally it means King as not only sons of an Emperor can receive the rank of wang, and sometimes not all imperial sons get conferred as a Wang. It's more or less no different than those nobility titles like duke, marquis, etc. Anyone can get conferred it but because of how high of a title it is it's usually reserved for the Emperor's sons.

[3] Qi'an Fu – There's two usage for the word 'Fu', both share the same chinese character, more commonly it's used as to mean 'residence' or 'manor'. However, it has an alternative usage which is short for 'Fu Cheng' meaning local city in a prefecture in which has a magistrate office located in it, or administrative city.

[4] Mama – The original term is pronounce 'momo', which is just a northern dialect of mama, and is a form of address for an elderly servant woman.

[5] shi – Means 'from the family of'; usually married women are referred to like this by their maiden surname, because it indicates which family they married from.

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