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Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations

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Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations


Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations

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; 学神从无限就职开始
Swallow An Ox
Magical Realism;  
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The series Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations Chapter 1
Chapter 1: All-Class Master

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Did I not die? How did I end up here?” Li Chengqian stared blankly at the familiar classroom. He couldn't wrap his head around the situation.

At this moment, Li Chengqian saw the words on the blackboard.

“Grade 12 Class 5!”

“Countdown 100 days to the college entrance examination!”

Li Chengqian immediately sobered up and carefully looked at the familiar surroundings. He was so excited that his entire body was trembling.

“It's Tianyi High School, Grade 12 Class 5! 100 days before the college entrance examination!”

“I'm not dead! I've been reborn!”

In order to verify that everything in front of him was not a dream, Li Chengqian pinched his thigh hard.

Li Chengqian grimaced in pain, but he was overjoyed.

“I'm reborn! I've actually been reborn!”

“That's great!”

Looking at the big words on the blackboard pronouncing that they were 100 days away from the college entrance examination, Li Chengqian's tears flowed uncontrollably.

“In my previous life, because I failed the college entrance examination, my parents got into a traffic accident on the way to register me for a repeat year!”

His parents were usually extremely strict with him. However, when he failed the college entrance examination, although his parents had a trace of disappointment in their eyes, the two of them comforted him instead of scolding him.

Then, they tried all means to get Li Chengqian to repeat his studies at the best high school.

Ten years have passed, but Li Chengqian could still remember the disappointment in his parents' eyes.

The traffic accident was Li Chengqian's lifelong regret, not a day goes by without him regretting it.

“Since I've been reborn, I definitely can't let the regrets of my previous life happen. I must study hard and change the fate of my previous life.” Li Chengqian had determination in his eyes.

Just then, a piece of chalk was thrown from the front of the classroom, hitting Li Chengqian right on his head.

“Li Chengqian, you scored 28 marks in English this time, and you still have the cheek to be distracted!” Teacher Wang Jianjia was stern on the podium. She had expected better from him.

The classroom was instantly filled with the students' laughter.

“Pay attention. If I find you distracted again, you'll get it from me!”

Seeing Li Chengqian standing there in a daze, looking especially helpless, Wang Jianjia softened her stance, and her tone became gentler, “Li Chengqian, sit down. There are still 100 days before the college entrance examination. You still have a chance. Believe in yourself, don't give up!”

“Teacher, I won't give up. I will study hard. I will definitely get into university.” Li Chengqian finally came to his senses at this point and spoke extremely solemnly.

He wanted to make up for the regrets of his previous life. The college entrance examination was only the first step.

In his previous life, the college entrance examination was the beginning of his nightmare. In this life, he wanted to change everything.

Wang Jianjia looked at Li Chengqian in surprise, but she was sighing in her heart, “If only Li Chengqian was as determined when he was in his first year of high school, he might really have been able to get in. It is really too late now for him to come to his senses.

“It's just as well for you to come to your senses now. As long as you are determined, even if you fail to get in this year, you might be able to get in next year.”

“Pfft!” At this moment, Liu Daqiang from the class sneered.

Everyone's attention was now focused on Liu Daqiang.

“Liu Daqiang, what are you laughing at? You are being very rude!” Wang Jianjia said unhappily and looked at him sternly.

Liu Daqiang's family was especially wealthy. He misbehaved in school, often caused trouble and was a bully. He was a real trouble maker.

Wang Jianjia could of course hear the disdain and ridicule in Liu Daqiang's voice. She also understood why Liu Daqiang laughed.

Liu Daqiang was obviously laughing at the fact that Li Chengqian had the guts to claim that he would make it to university despite his lousy grades.

Liu Daqiang lowered his head, but he had a smirk on his face.

Li Chengqian made it to university? What a joke! Li Chengqian only scored 280 marks out of 750 marks in the mock exam!

If Li Chengqian could make it to a university, he could make it to an elite school!

“Alright, let's continue with class.”

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Li Chengqian heard Liu Daqiang's mocking laughter but thought nothing of it.

With his current grades and his previous learning attitude, he felt that it was normal for anyone to laugh at him.

“No matter what you say, it's not convincing. The only thing that's convincing is results!”

He knew that if he wanted to change the way others thought of him, he could only do so by improving his results.

If he wanted to change his fate in his previous life, he had to start from the college entrance examination.

He could only change his fate by getting into a university.

Li Chengqian tried hard to calm his mind and to focus on the teacher's lecture.

Subsequently, Li Chengqian's brows furrowed tightly because he realized that he couldn't understand the teacher's lecture at all!

Teacher Wang Jianjia's English was like Greek to him. He couldn't understand a single word.

“I've been out of practice for too long. I've basically forgotten everything about English.”

In his previous life, Li Chengqian had no aptitude for English to begin with, and his English results were especially poor. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a situation where he scored 28 marks.

After graduating from high school, there was no need for him to use English. He had forgotten almost all his English knowledge.

“Looks like I need to work even harder if I want to pick up what I've learnt from the textbooks.” Li Chengqian laughed self-deprecatingly, without the slightest intention of giving up.

He didn't understand the teacher's lecture because he didn't have a good command of English vocabulary.

After Li Chengqian realized this, he turned to the vocabulary list in his English textbook and was prepared to start from the basics.

A line of text flashed before his eyes…

[All-Class Master game in progress…]

[Game initiated successfully…]

[You have successfully entered the Student Class. Current Student Class Level 0…]

A translucent web page appeared in front of Li Chengqian.

Name: Li Chengqian

Intelligence: 10 (Average adult is 10 points)

Strength: 10 (Average adult is 10 points)

Agility: 10 (Average adult is 10 points)

Class: Student Level 0 (0/1)

Skill: None

Experience Pool: 0

“This is… the Class Interface of an All-Class Master game? The All-Class Master game that I was playing in my previous life, and when I was reborn it became my game cheat?” Li Chengqian's heart raced wildly, and he was extremely excited.

All-Class Master was a game.

In the game, players could take on various jobs.

Players could level up their job classes via their experience.

After reaching a certain level, one could obtain skills.

Just like the Student Class displayed on the interface.

Student Class was the basic class in the All-Class Master game.

If one wanted to take on another job, there was a requirement for the level of the Student Class.

When a Student Class leveled up to Level 1, one would obtain Skill Focus. When leveled up to Level 3, Elementary School knowledge would appear. When leveled up to Level 5, one would obtain Middle School knowledge. When leveled up to Level 7, one would obtain High School knowledge. At Level 9, one would obtain University knowledge. It is possible to continue further leveling up.

Skills obtained from class upgrades were divided into Novice, Competent, Proficient, Expert and Master stages according to proficiency levels.

Skill perfection meant that one had completely mastered everything without missing any detail!

The proficiency levels of skills could also be increased through the Experience Bar.

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Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations Chapter 1
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