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The Witch Of The Cyberpunk Era

2 Votes

In the cyberpunk era, corporate alliances dominated the world, and both the humans and witches were ens*aved by advanced technology, becoming nothing more than fuel for society. Unwilling to become a company dog, Xu Yang decided to run away, while saving the cute and powerful witches from the giant enterprises, together they embarked on a road of innovation!

2 Votes

In the cyberpunk era, corporate alliances dominated the world, and both the humans and witches were ens*aved by advanced technology, becoming nothing more than fuel for society. Unwilling to become a company dog, Xu Yang decided to run away, while saving the cute and powerful witches from the giant enterprises, together they embarked on a road of innovation!


The Witch Of The Cyberpunk Era


The Witch Of The Cyberpunk Era

(2 Votes)
Action;  Adventure;  Sci-fi;  

In the cyberpunk era, corporate alliances dominated the world, and both the humans and witches were ens*aved by advanced technology, becoming nothing more than fuel for society. Unwilling to become a company dog, Xu Yang decided to run away, while saving the cute and powerful witches from the giant enterprises, together they embarked on a road of innovation!

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In the cyberpunk era, corporate alliances dominated the world, and both the humans and witches were ens*aved by advanced technology, becoming nothing more than fuel for society. Unwilling to become a company dog, Xu Yang decided to run away, while saving the cute and powerful witches from the giant enterprises, together they embarked on a road of innovation!

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Jan 11, 2023
The series The Witch Of The Cyberpunk Era contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
The Witch of the Cyberpunk Era ~

What Du Qianqian hated most was poverty.

Before returning to Shijin Building, Du Qianqian turned into an unknown third-tier model again.

The skin is slightly brown, and she feels like a beauty from a subtropical region. This new look does not have the beauty of Qingcheng, but the clothes are fashionable and expensive enough. Du Qianqian was impressed when he saw it.

Facing the glass window of the street shop, Du Qianqian saw that the brand logo of Tran Gordon was affixed to his short wool coat, the shoes were La Ruo's new seasonal products, and the watch was the timekeeper · Junting Huayan. , priced at 320,000 yuan. Du Qianqian spent a lot of time learning luxury goods. She is very fortunate that her transformation magic can also copy the clothes of the target. She can appreciate these famous brands without spending money.

If only it was your own face.

Material life has become Du Qianqian's highest pursuit.

She was tired of sharing facilities like the swimming pool, fitness center, cinema and sauna with other witches in the Real Gold Mansion, hating their chatter, and even grovelling in front of Farosa.

Du Qianqian is now going to pursue her own completely private enjoyment, and she still has 800,000 left on her card. Before the change, she would think it was a windfall, but now she just wants to add five zeros to the back, and even dislikes the speed at which she makes money.

She has transformation magic, and now there is the King of Phantoms, what else in the world can stop her from getting rich?

Du Qianqian went to a paid parking lot, which is located in the basement of a supermarket. Her electric flying skateboard was parked here for six hours, and the fee was 90. Du Qianqian paid with her own cash card, enjoying this peace of mind. Happy money. She was convinced by the material worship under the logic of corporatism. If you have money, you can do anything. The only legitimate pursuit of people is to make money.

If it weren't for the necessary low-keyness, she wouldn't even be able to use such a small skateboard, and she would have to change to a luxurious shuttle.

Thinking of this, Du Qianqian recalled those high-end shuttles in the island, the torture he suffered in the Sunrise Bar, and the poor and impoverished countryside in the southwestern border of Xia, which was simply the ugliest place in the world, called Du She shuddered when she moved, and she didn't want to go back to that hellish place where she was killed. A witch as powerful as herself was born in such a miserable place.

She's going to Silla to make money, by any means.

Du Qianqian had two drinks in the bar, and didn't go back until 4 pm. He was already a little drunk. He squatted on the skateboard, and regardless of the danger, he rushed to the highest speed. The apron of the Real Gold Building.

She saw that Xu Yang was also returning at this time, and the beautiful Zifeng was parked beside him.

As always, Xu Yang was wearing a well-covered outfit, very low-key, and was a complete mystery guest. He raised his hand to greet Du Qianqian.

"Welcome back." Xu Yang said. Du Qianqian entered the Shijin Building with the key, so he could tell who entered.

"Hi!" she greeted extra loudly.

"Change back." Xu Yang looked at Du Qianqian, she was ever-changing, but her temperament was always the same.

"I don't." Du Qianqian said.

By this time, Du Qianqian was so confident that he didn't even care about Xu Yang.

"Alright then." Xu Yang shrugged, he was waiting for the two sisters here.

Soon, 101 and 102 came over and took off the new suits that Xu Yang made for them from the Zifeng. Opened the lid and took a look. It was completely familiar materials and styles, but the size was completely customized according to their new body. 102 happily thanked Xu Yang, and 101 also nodded to Xu Yang.

102 wanted to make an extra statement. She saw a stranger present and didn't recognize that it was Du Qian's change, so she dismissed the idea and just waved at Xu Yang implicitly.

"Let's go!" 102 picked up the suitcase and ran back briskly, 101 also disappeared.

"They're not very smart." Du Qianqian said contemptuously, before returning to his original state, "I'm much better than them."

"How to prove it?" Xu Yang looked at Du Qianqian, "How do you know that you are better than the two of them?"

Encouraged by alcohol, a strong impulse flooded into Du Qianqian's heart. She believed that she could do anything and change everyone's impression.

"Bet it," she said. "I can make 300 million in Shilla."

"300 million," Xu Yang couldn't help laughing, "How do you do it."

"It doesn't matter! The key is whether you want it or not." Du Qianqian said proudly, "If I really bring the money back, I want you to admit that I am strong."

"Then, it's settled." Xu Yang nodded.

Immediately afterwards, Du Qianqian, like a peacock, swaggered off the tarmac and walked to the witch activity center, ready to eat a big meal. Her thoughts are already wandering in the sky, and she is crazy. She will use all means to accumulate wealth, and she will use all means to completely satisfy her desire for wealth.

Don't let Du Qianqian do anything wrong. Xu Yang said secretly. If she is playful, her destructive power will be high, and she still has to send some stable and experienced people to set off with Du Qianqian.

The witches are all very proud, proud of their powerful power, but in different forms.

What Xu Yang is most concerned about now is the voting in Anjiu City.

During the campaign, the propaganda machine continued to operate and turned into an advertising campaign. The target of boasting changed from fast-moving consumer goods to congressional candidates. The selling points changed from efficacy, packaging and taste to campaign promises, education and work experience. People who spend money in this area can easily attract the attention of the public.

Judging from the type of votes, celebrities are the easiest to get a large number of votes, and the last to get about 30,000 votes. Their fans are full of energy and willing to spend money, and their participation in this aspect is higher than anyone else. Even at the expense of resigning and taking out loans, everything is aimed at raising the idol in his mind to a high position, and his action power far exceeds that of ordinary citizens.

As a person who did not exist in various files, Xu Yang had no right to vote and could only watch on the sidelines.

However, he found it very interesting. There are many similar independent cities on the coast of Taixizhou and Tequila. The mayor rather than the management dispatched by the company controls the affairs, which is regarded as a diversified representative of the urban ecology.

After passing through the entrance hall, Xu Yang returned to his office. The little fool had been waiting for a long time. As soon as he saw him, he ran over happily and jumped into his arms. He was much more agile than before.

"Ugh..." The little fool stuck to Xu Yang's chest.

As soon as he saw the little fool, Xu Yang felt that the flow of time had slowed down.

Xu Yang teased her, then prepared food for her and took the building blocks out of the box.

"Quack, quack, quack." The little fool gestured to Xu Yang, indicating that he was in danger, Farosa was very angry, and she was afraid that she would swallow Xu Yang alive.

"It's so cute." Xu Yang didn't understand what he meant.

Sitting in his office chair, he searches the citizen forum posts in reverse chronological order, wondering about the cause of the election.

Xu Yang found that it all stemmed from the big debate in the online forum. Since two weeks ago, online citizens have been discussing how to change the status quo, and finally put their ideas on legislation.

The "Company Alliance Law" formulated by the Company Alliance has become outdated. It is too partial to entrepreneurs, so the citizens demand a new and comprehensive law that approaches various improvement programs.

Public opinion intensified, to the point where the mayor had to give in, when he must not have expected to die in the square.

In addition, there are opinion leaders and intellectual elites who have contributed to the flames. Seeing that public opinion cannot be violated and social change is the trend of the times, they have changed their position. Originally, they used classics to discuss the freedom of the corporatist market system. A certain degree of supervision and control is aimed at catering to trends and attracting attention.

Xu Yang entered the data portal of Anjiu City to observe the process.

At present, there are a total of 3.5 million valid votes, and each adult citizen can only cast one vote for one candidate. According to the number of votes, there will be nine city council members from more than 2,000 candidates, who will form the first council. .

A social commentator named Saburo Otsubo wrote a press release detailing the votes, campaign ideas, features, and advantages of powerful candidates.

Risa Ohara 1.2 million votes (advocating social reform; having her father's political legacy and the support of her husband's family Shenlin chaebol; promising to establish a social security system; tough external attitude, trying to tax big companies, full of reform vigor. The advantage is that she is the majority of the The only candidate the citizen has ever heard of)

Katsuragi Shallow 300,000 votes (advocating to reduce crime; supported by the citizens of Aizu City; civilians are rich in affinity, but lack experience in big city management. The advantage is that decisions are made based on moral sense and conscience, there is no complicated interest entanglement, and it is a faction in an underground city. , not afraid of threats)

Ken Fujiki made 430,000 votes (advocating to improve the business environment and promote the economy; a large business owner who is proficient in marketing; supported by a number of intercontinental capitals, but with great background problems; the advantage is that it can provide overwhelming publicity, long-term enthusiasm for public welfare, and social positive image, known as the last conscience of entrepreneurs)

Higashino Shinsuke 320,000 votes (advocating to expand the game industry; more familiar is his live broadcast room "Super Game Room" and his live broadcast name "Super Game Master", an evergreen tree in the traditional game live broadcast circle; countless fans; traffic Amazing; the advantage is that there is a strong immunity to the depression that is common in the industry)

Season 150,000 votes (advocating the use of powerful journalism and media to carry out social supervision; the daughter of the president of Corner House Media; too young; the advantage is that it has rich practical experience and undercover experience)

Pine Horse 200,000 votes (advocating the expansion of the entertainment industry; a Mesozoic idol with many habitats in film, television and music, UU reading www.uukanshu.com has a large number of fans; looks very handsome; the advantage is that when the votes fall behind, you can summon millions of Yin soldiers)

Watanabe Takuya 190,000 votes (advocating rebuilding the city, leveling skyscrapers, and expanding the living circle; a civil politician; the disadvantage is too pragmatic, and the publicity fee is not enough; the advantage is that it has a very detailed planning that is very intimidating)

Lila 350,000 votes (advocating the promotion of social justice by Nisto; rapid rise; the advantage of being able to use military forces to support the above candidates' claims)

Xu Yang also saw that there were 80,000 votes for the cyber monster. Just waiting for it to upload a real bareheaded photo, fill in its profile code and birthday, these 80,000 votes will become valid votes.

But he didn't want to get involved in this election whirlpool. The water inside was very deep, and it was left to Lila to deal with it.

What Xu Yang saw was the fragmentation of the times.

Now everyone is living in an era of exceptional diversity, which can also be said to be an era of fragmentation. Xu Yang said secretly. It can be seen from this vote that citizens cannot be of one mind and have their own opinions and demands. The whole society has different voices from head to toe, and people are moving in completely different directions. A person's ideas cannot even be used to convince his relatives and friends, so he has to find like-minded partners in the online world.

In such an era of all-encompassing renewal, it is even more necessary to recognize oneself and be patient and cautious. Xu Yang silently warned himself. Don't be carried away by temporary achievements, or do things that are quick for quick success.


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The Witch of the Cyberpunk Era ~
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