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The Most Generous Master Ever

1 Votes
1 Votes

The Most Generous Master Ever


The Most Generous Master Ever

(1 Votes)
; 授徒万倍返还,为师从不藏私
Su Yu
Action;  Adventure;  Fantasy;  
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Chapters 850
after ch 117 why is it in mtl???
Jun 27, 2022
The series The Most Generous Master Ever contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
The Most Generous Master Ever C268 – 100,000 Years of Cultivation
Chapter 268: 100,000 Years of Cultivation  

As soon as the Path to Heaven appeared, undercurrents surged in the surroundings. All the Holy Lands began to exert their strength. Some innate supreme beings who had never appeared gradually appeared.

In the Great Desolate World, a silent competition began.

At this moment, the strange origin in the darkness was still secretly planning an invasion.

The three strange kings, who were only left with three giants after Ye Qiu killed them, secretly gathered in a forbidden area to discuss something.

“F*ck, Ye Qiu's strength actually broke through so quickly. If this continues, it's almost impossible for us to kill our way back.” In the previous battle, King Chao Luo, who was lucky enough to escape, said angrily.

The other two kings also looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Currently, other than the Eastern Wasteland, there are also mighty figures guarding the other domains. It's really not easy to cause chaos.”

“What should we do if this continues?”

After pondering for a long time, Chao Luo suddenly said, “The Eight Desolates have become one. The myriad races have gathered together again, and the Path to Heaven has reappeared in the world. What do you think will happen if we provoke the conflict between the myriad races and push for a calamity of the myriad races?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the two kings were stunned. They looked at Chao Luo in disbelief. They did not expect him to be so ruthless that he could even think of such a dirty move.

If they could really push for the war of the myriad races, they could sit back and reap the benefits without needing to do anything.


The two kings immediately agreed. However, how to promote the war between the myriad races was a question worth pondering.

At this moment, in Violet Cloud Peak, Ye Qiu didn't know that a shocking scheme was on its way in the deserted and strange forbidden area.

Ye Qiu stood silently in the garden, covered in mist. His gaze was tightly locked on an immortal peach tree in front of him as he pondered.

“The growth cycle of the immortal peach, based on the mortal world, needs three thousand years to bloom and three thousand years to bear fruit without the help of external forces. If it were to bloom and bear fruit, I'm afraid I would have long become a withered bone in the tomb.”

At this point, Ye Qiu fell silent for a moment and shook his head. “No! If I want to break through to the Deva Realm, I have to use the help of the immortal peach. Looks like I have to think of a way to use a supreme precious medicine to accelerate its growth.”

However, after thinking about it, he no longer had many precious medicines in his hands. Ordinary precious medicine did not have much effect. Even the quality of the precious medicine that was purchased and the return triggered after the nesting doll was not much higher.


While Ye Qiu was thinking about how to find fertilizer to accelerate the growth of the Immortal Peach Tree, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan'er had already obediently walked over and silently stood behind him.

Ye Qiu turned around. After last night's rest, they were all in good condition. He nodded in satisfaction and said, “Hmm… I'm sure you know what happened yesterday, right?”

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan'er were stunned for a moment before they quickly understood what their master meant. It was nothing more than the Path to Heaven. Did Master want them to challenge the Path to Heaven?

Lin Qingzhu was fine. She had inherited the sword technique from Ye Qiu, and her strength was considered outstanding among her peers. However, she had yet to fight the genius Paragon experts of the other domains, so she did not know what their background was. Previously, Little Pixiu was only a small boss. The true experts were still lying low.

Looking at their stunned expressions, Ye Qiu walked to the Immortal Peach Tree and broke off a branch. He said, “The immortal path here is your only chance to become an immortal. You've been following me for a long time. You should also know that the path of cultivation is filled with tribulations. If you want to become a supreme immortal, you must have an indomitable determination.

“In the human world, spring, summer, autumn, and winter can be seen in a hundred years. You can see dynasties changing in a thousand years. Under the wheels of history, countless people have been eliminated. I don't want you to be eliminated in this competition. I hope to see you in the heavens.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan'er's hearts trembled. They were incomparably touched. Actually, they had this feeling a long time ago. They felt that they were getting further and further away from their master.

This master who had always protected them would eventually leave them. They just didn't know when this day would come. They felt extremely uncomfortable after hearing Ye Qiu's words.

However, as they became more knowledgeable, they gradually understood something. It was impossible for them to become immortals with their aptitude. The final outcome might be to guard this mountain alone, guard the ancestral tablets, and silently grow old.

Ye Qiu was delighted when he saw their sobbing gazes. Seeing that the atmosphere was achieved, he no longer hid anything.

“Qingzhu, Wan'er, ever since you entered the sect, I have had high expectations for you. I don't want my disciple to be eliminated by the times. I don't have much time left. Before I leave, I hope you can really grow up and be able to stand alone. Are you confident?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Lin Qingzhu's heart trembled. Her body trembled as a firm belief appeared in her heart. She gritted her teeth and said, “Master, I'm confident.”

Lin Qingzhu knew very well. Her master had such high expectations of her. Even if she had to risk her life, she could not disappoint her master. She wasn't good with words. Most of her thoughts were expressed in her emotions.

Ye Qiu was delighted when he saw her determined gaze. Very good. Looks like the chicken soup is working. It has to be you. You've always been good at drinking my chicken soup.

Seeing that her senior sister had already expressed it, Zhao Wan'er also said firmly, “Master, I will work hard.”

After hearing their attitude, Ye Qiu's expression was still very calm. He only smiled in relief. He then said, “The Path to Heaven has opened, and a great competition is about to begin. Your aptitude is limited, so it's already very difficult for you to reach this cultivation level. Compared to those true geniuses, it's indeed a little lacking.”

Hearing him say this, the two of them were very disappointed. How could they not understand this principle? But what could they do? Their innate aptitude was like this. They could only blame themselves for not having a good bloodline inheritance and coming from an ordinary background. Their master had already done enough. If Ye Qiu didn't do his best, they wouldn't even have the qualifications to reach this realm.

Just as the two of them were feeling disappointed, Ye Qiu suddenly said, “However, it's not impossible to kill your way out of this competition.”

As soon as these words were spoken, their hearts trembled.

What does that mean?

The two of them were stunned when they saw Ye Qiu's faint smile. He continued, “Today, I will impart you a hundred thousand years of cultivation to help you enter the Cardinal realm.”


“A hundred thousand years…”

As soon as these words were spoken, the two of them were instantly shocked and filled with disbelief.

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The Most Generous Master Ever C268 – 100,000 Years of Cultivation
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