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Simplified Beast Evolution Path

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Simplified Beast Evolution Path


Simplified Beast Evolution Path

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Action;  Adventure;  Fantasy;  
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The series Simplified Beast Evolution Path contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Simplified Beast Evolution Path Chapter 1

The Divine-Grade Simplification System Activated

“327 years ago, a strange phenomenon affected the entire world and caused countless creatures to mutate and give birth to numerous Beasts!

“100 years later, humans were the Beasts' prey and were constantly oppressed. However, it was also at this time that Beastmasters suddenly appeared.

“Those who have awakened their Beastmaster talent can make a pact with the Beasts.

“With that, mankind could survive and build cities one after another.

“Today was the most important day in your life. It will decide your fate!”

The academy director's voice was loud and excited.

Facing the two hundred-plus students on the field, he gave a speech about the sacred duty of a Beastmaster.

Su Bai stood in the crowd, clenched his fists, and felt even more excited.

‘Somehow, I was transmigrated to this world. Now, I'm finally going to awaken my Beastmaster talent,' Su Bai thought.

That's right. Su Bai was a transmigrator.

He used to be an ordinary college student in his world, living an ordinary life.

One day, Su Bai was hit by a truck and then transmigrated to another world.

After coming to this world, Su Bai studied hard for dozens of years because he had been waiting for this moment.

The Beastmasters had a relatively high status in this world.

At the same time, it was a cruel reality, and not everyone could become a Beastmaster.

To become a Beastmaster, one had to awaken their talent in Beastmastering through a ceremony at sixteen.

That was the only way to become a Beastmaster and then enroll in a unique academy to receive training.

As for the students who did not become Beastmasters…

The person was destined to live at the bottom of society.

“The awakening ceremony is about to begin. You are reminded to be silent from now on.

“Close your eyes and let your heart be as still as water… Feel everything that you can touch,” said the director.

The ceremony officially began, and the youngsters eagerly closed their eyes.

In a short while, the noises in the surrounding instantly fell silent.

None of the youngsters dared to be careless as this was a significant turning point in their lives.

The instructors were walking among the crowd.

Soon, there were a few glimmers of light. It was a sign of the Beastmaster's talent awakened!

As time passed, the youngsters who had awakened their Beastmaster talent cheered in joy and began looking forward to their future life as a Beastmaster.

On the other hand, the people still sitting on the ground with their eyes closed were highly anxious.

Su Bai closed his eyes and had no other thoughts.

Then, Su Bai suddenly felt a warmth in his cinnabar field, and a white light flashed across his eyes.

“Here it comes!” said Su Bai.

B-grade talent: Battle Up

Su Bai was overjoyed.

Only by awakening the Beastmaster talent could one control their own fate, and one wouldn't need to live in the shadow of a beast all day.

Suddenly, a cold and ethereal voice sounded in his mind before Su Bai could open his eyes.


Unknown energy detected. Began fusing… Fusion complete!


The system has been activated. Began binding with the Divine-grade Simplification System… Binding complete!

Su Bai took a deep breath and couldn't help but get excited.

‘The system… It's finally here! I had been transmigrated for decades, and I finally did it!' Su Bai thought.

Su Bai opened his eyes and saw no one around him. He realized that the awakening ceremony had taken him a long time.

Previously, this place was filled with many people of the same age.

And now, including him, there were only sixteen youngsters left.

“Not bad. The last batch of awakened candidates is decided,” said the director.

The instructor looked at Su Bai and smiled with satisfaction.

Out of more than 200 youngsters, only 16 were awakened.

This was a cruel world indeed!

However, the benefits of being a Beastmaster were absolute under the backdrop of cruelty.

Not only could they step into the upper-class society, but they could also control their destinies in this precarious world.

Just then, Su Bai saw a pure white leopard beside the instructor.

Su Bai was looking at it out of curiosity, but he didn't expect an information panel to appear.

Name: Snowpard

Level: Lower-3 Bronze

Potential: Mid-5 Bronze

Talent: Nimble (Normal)

Element: None

Nature: Gentle

Affinity: 91

Skills: Charge (F-level), Swift Move (E-level), Heavy Strike (F-level)

‘This is a function that comes with the system?!' Su Bai wondered.

Su Bai rubbed his eyes. He made a bold guess after ensuring he did not see things.

At the same time, the director had begun to spread the information to the last batch of awakened students.

“First of all, I'd like to congratulate all of you. You've obtained the qualifications to become a Beastmaster.

“But don't be happy too early! The world of Beastmasters isn't as simple as you thought. This is only the beginning!

“You will choose your first ever Beast egg in a while.”

The director added solemnly, “The most important thing in choosing a Beast egg is its affinity. The higher the affinity, the more compatible you are with the Beast. In the future, it will greatly boost its strength during battle or training.”

As he spoke, the director pointed at his Snowpard.

“Everyone can take a look at my Beast. It's my partner who has gone through life and death with me.

“Even if its strength is average, it's not afraid of facing a Beast of Mid-4 Bronze!

“A qualified Beastmaster definitely won't judge solely based on a Beast's level.

“At the same time, the more talented you are, the more Beasts will be willing to form a pact with you, and the higher its affinity will be.”

Everyone was envious looking at the Snowpard next to the director.

Su Bai saw it the most clearly.

‘A Beast of 91 affinities. No wonder the director was so proud and excited when he talked about it.' Su Bai thought.

After that, everyone followed the director to a large warehouse.

As soon as they entered the warehouse, Beast eggs of various sizes and colors were in sight, dazzling everyone.

“These are the Beast eggs you can choose from.” As the director spoke, he continued to explain, “All the Beast eggs in this area have been appraised, and their species and potential are evident. They are very suitable for beginners.

“Of course, you're the last batch to enter, so there's nothing good for you to choose from.

“However, if you want to choose an unappraised Beast egg, you must be mentally prepared. No one saves you from your willfulness and mistakes!” the director warned sternly.

“Sir! My family has already prepared a Beast egg for me.”

An exquisitely dressed young man in silk stood out and said.

the director nodded.

The surrounding youngsters all looked at the young man in silk with envy.

The Beast eggs that could be prepared in advance were bound to have an evident pedigree already and better potential options.

The commoner students had no choice.

They could only choose the Beast eggs from the warehouse provided by the school.

“You can start choosing now. Remember what I said, when you encounter a Beast egg with a low affinity, you can not force it to form the pact.” the director reminded them again, ” You'll only be at a disadvantage if you force it.”

As soon as the director finished speaking, everyone began to run toward the Beast eggs on the shelves.

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