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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement


She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

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; 退圈后她惊艳全球
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The series She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Most Beautiful Actress Gets Disfigured

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

At four o'clock in the morning, the dormitory building of the variety show ‘The Alliance of Gods' suddenly caught fire.

When the sleeping artistes heard the alarm, they woke up from their sleep and quickly ran downstairs. The girls who had escaped death hugged each other and consoled each other. Suddenly, a cry of surprise sounded, “Where is Yu Huang? Have you seen Yu Huang?”

Yu Huang debuted as a child star at the age of four. Due to her beautiful and cute looks, and her off the charts acting skills, she became extremely popular as soon as she debuted. In the 14 years of her debut, she became the most famous actress in the country. Her fans were all over the country.

She was the contestant with the most fans and loudest cheers.

Hearing the shout, everyone raised their heads to look at Yu Huang's room on the top floor. At this moment, the sixth floor had already been engulfed by the raging flames, and thick black smoke was seeping out of the windows.

Upon seeing this scene, some people's eyes turned red, while others were secretly delighted.

If only Yu Huang had been burned to death.

If she died, they would lose their strongest opponent!

The person in charge of the show, Lin Sha, realized that Yu Huang was not among the crowd. In a panic, she grabbed another girl's hand and shouted at her, “You live next to Yu Huang's room. Didn't you see her?”

Not only was Yu Huang the most famous actress, but she was also the fiancée of Xuanyuan clan's young master, Xuanyuan Jing. Nothing could happen to her!

The girl was so frightened that her face turned pale. She stammered as she explained, “When I went downstairs, I saw that Yu Huang's door was locked. I thought she had already escaped!”

However, Yu Huang did not come down at all!

The locked room was ablaze with fire.

A girl in a white nightdress was lying on the big bed. A poster had landed on her face and was burning against it. However, she did not move. It was as if she was dead.

Just as the fire spread to the bedsheets, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and a cold glint flashed across her hazel eyes.

Yu Huang looked at the flames in the room and was a little stunned.

Where was this?

Just a moment ago, she was still kneeling on the peak of the mountain. Why did she appear here the moment she opened her eyes?

At this moment, unfamiliar memories appeared in Yu Huang's mind. Only then did she realize that she was no longer in her original world. This was not Earth, but another world called the Holy Spirit Continent, a modern cultivation world!

Yu Huang had transmigrated from Earth's Doomsday Era.

Yu Huang was a mutant. Her mother had picked her up when she was out hunting. She was born without a sense of hunger, fatigue, or pain. Such physical characteristics allowed her to survive in the apocalypse world.

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She seemed to be immortal.


After living in the Doomsday Era for more than 200 years, Yu Huang watched her family and friends die one after another until she was the only human left on Earth.

After living alone for a period of time, Yu Huang finally couldn't bear the loneliness and climbed a tall mountain. She knelt on the peak of the mountain and looked down at this lonely world. Without hesitation, she stabbed a knife into her heart and ended her life by committing suicide.

In her final moments of consciousness, she seemed to hear a gentle sigh that came from ancient times. It was a male voice saying, “Go back!”

Therefore, the moment Yu Huang opened her eyes, she arrived in this world.

Yu Huang could feel the pain of her skin burning.


Wasn't she unable to feel any pain?

Yu Huang reached out to touch her painful cheeks, only to discover that a poster was burning against her face. Yu Huang hurriedly flicked away the burning flame, sat up straight, and walked to the window.

Realizing that she was on the sixth floor, Yu Huang hesitated.

This jump would either kill her or cripple her.

She looked back at the sea of fire behind her and immediately pushed open the window, then jumped out without hesitation.

“Someone jumped down!”

Everyone looked up and saw Yu Huang jump down from the window sill. Her slender body landed firmly on the cottonwood tree outside the house. She jumped down from the tree and landed gracefully on the ground. Everyone was stunned.

Was this still the fragile and delicate lady who couldn't even open a bottle of mineral water?

Seeing that Yu Huang had landed safely, Lin Sha pushed aside the crowd and walked towards her. As she walked, she asked, “Yu Huang, are you hurt? You scared me to death just now!” As she got closer, Lin Sha finally saw Yu Huang's face.

She immediately exclaimed, “Ah! Yu Huang, your face…”

The left side of Yu Huang's face was covered in black soot, and the right side of her face had been completely burned. One could even see the white flesh underneath through the red and swollen skin. That face, which had been voted the most beautiful face for the past two years, was most likely going to be disfigured!


The most famous actress was disfigured on her program!

At the thought of Yu Huang's disfigurement and the huge amount of compensation that she and the production team would have to face, Lin Sha's face turned pale and her legs went weak.


Lin Sha forced herself to calm down and comforted Yu Huang with a trembling voice, “Yu Huang, don't be afraid. I'll take you to the hospital now!”

Yu Huang wanted to say something, but her body was weak. Before she could see Lin Sha's face clearly, she fell into her arms.

Lin Sha quickly hugged Yu Huang and warned everyone in a cold tone, “No one is allowed to leak the news of Yu Huang's injury!” Under Lin Sha's ruthless gaze, the female contestants nodded obediently.

Lin Sha then called security to escort Yu Huang to the hospital.

However, two may keep counsel putting one away. In the end, the news of Yu Huang's injury was still leaked out. Very quickly, the topic # Yu Huang's burns and disfigurement # appeared on Weibo's trending topics at lightning speed.

For a moment, there were people mocking her and some people expressing sympathy.

In the hospital.

Just as Yu Huang was about to wake up, she heard an anxious female voice say, “This d*mn girl is disfigured. The scripts and endorsements we previously signed cannot continue. We will have to face a huge amount of compensation for breaching the contract. I'm afraid we won't be able to pay enough even if we go bankrupt!”

Yu Huang could tell that the person who spoke was the Host's adoptive mother, Li Pingping.

Not only was Li Pingping Yu Huang's adoptive mother, but she was also her manager. She was in charge of all of Yu Huang's matters. Yu Huang's sudden disfigurement and the huge amount of compensation for breaching the contract made Li Pingping and Yu Rufeng feel suffocated.

Yu Rufeng said angrily, “Go and settle the score with the production team! Yu Huang got injured during the program, they must take responsibility for this matter to the end!”

“Even if the production team is willing to compensate, Yu Huang's face is already ruined. How can she continue filming in the future?!” Li Pingping felt indignant when she thought about how Yu Huang, her ATM, was destroyed and no one would be willing to earn money for them to spend anymore.


Li Pingping became even more anxious when she thought of another matter. “Ah Jun's girlfriend is pregnant and is planning to get married. Some time ago, I just got a loan and bought him a new villa. I have to pay him 50,000 yuan a month! Now that Yu Huang is in this state, we won't have any funds in the future!”

Ah Jun was the biological son of Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping, and was Yu Huang's elder brother.


Because Yu Huang made a lot of money, Yu Rufeng and her family didn't have any proper jobs. Yu Huang's elder brother, Yu Jun, was also lazy. He squandered his younger sister's hard-earned money on luxury cars.


Now that Yu Huang was disfigured, the family was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof and were worried that their lavish lifestyle would come to an end.

Yu Rufeng was momentarily speechless.

Li Pingping stared at the gauze on Yu Huang's face, and her eyes flickered as she said in a nonchalant voice, “That d*mnable girl is in this state now, so no man will like her anymore. I'm afraid Young Master Xuanyuan won't be willing to marry her anymore. We can't continue raising a good-for-nothing, right?”

Yu Huang was not their biological daughter in the first place. She was just a tool used by Li Pingping and her husband to earn money. Now that this money-making tool had lost its value, she definitely had to abandon it!

Yu Rufeng was a man, and he was well aware of how men liked beautiful women. No man would be willing to marry an ugly woman, let alone Xuanyuan Jing, who had a noble status and exceptional talent!


Yu Rufeng was even more shrewd than Li Pingping. With a gloomy gaze, he stared at Yu Huang and said, “An accident just happened to Yu Huang, so we can't directly chase her away. Otherwise, if word gets out, we'll be condemned. We have to think of a perfect way to force her to take the initiative to leave.”

Li Pingping agreed with Yu Rufeng's opinion very much. She said, “I'll give Young Master Xuanyuan a call first to find out what he thinks. If Young Master Xuanyuan is still willing to marry Yu Huang, then we'll continue to treat Yu Huang well. If Xuanyuan Jing wants to end the engagement, then…”

There was a flash of ruthlessness in Li Pingping's eyes. She said coldly, “Then we can only send her away.”


Yu Huang, who was pretending to be asleep, heard the couple's real plan clearly. She couldn't help feeling sorry for the Host.

The original owner of the body had been working hard for the Yu Family for 14 years. Even when her period came and her stomach hurt, she had to bear through it and act in film commercials. She had acquired wealth for the Yu Family. Now that her looks had been ruined, Yu Rufeng and her husband were busy calculating her remaining value.


They were a vicious couple!

Yu Huang didn't understand why her soul transmigrated into the Host's body. Now that she took over the Host's body, it was impossible for her to not seek justice for the Host!


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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Chapter 1
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