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Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

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1 Votes

Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank


Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

(1 Votes)
Prince Bojji
Action;  Adventure;  Fantasy;  
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Chapters 747
❤️Hі) Мy nаme іs Paula, Іm 22 yеars оld) Bеginning SЕХ mоdel 18 +) І lоve bеing phоtographed іn thе nudе) Plеase ratе my phоtos аt ➤ Ssur.cc/id375083
Mar 18, 2023
The series Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank Chapter 1 – SSS–Rank Talent, Demon Lair!
Chapter 1: SSS-Rank Talent, Demon Lair!

9 Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

[Welcome to the Myriad World Continent!]


[This is an open-world game.]


[It is also a game where one plunders resources.]

[Every survivor will receive their personal lord talent for their future growth and development.]

[You will lead your subordinates to expand your territory as a king, competing with myriad countries for hegemony, and conquer the world!]


[Countless opportunities and challenges are waiting for you to explore.]

[In here…]

[You can even gain eternal life!]


When Li Xiang woke up in a daze and found himself on barren land, he knew that he had not heard wrongly.

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He had really transmigrated.

And he had even come to such a godforsaken place.

There were no buildings around him. In front of him was an endless plain, and behind him was a black mountain covered in rocks. There was no life at all.

The sky was gray, and even the ground was gray. Deep roars came from afar from time to time, making people feel unusually oppressed.

“The struggle for hegemony of myriad countries… is this my territory?”

Li Xiang took a deep breath and frowned.

At this moment, another voice sounded in his mind.

[The lord of a country!]

[From now on, you will receive three days of novice protection!]


[During this period of time, your territory will not be invaded by any foreign enemies. You can rest assured in developing your territory.]


[After three days, the protection will disappear. You will face the test brought by the terrifying creatures that live on the Myriad World Continent!]

[The initial beast tide will sweep through the territories of all the country lords in the Myriad World Continent. If the country lord dies, you will forever lose the chance to compete with the myriad kingdoms for hegemony, as well as the chance to live forever!]


[You have obtained basic land — area 10km x 10km!]


[Do you want to establish it as a country construction site?]


Li Xiang did not hesitate too much.

From this information, it was not difficult to know that the Myriad World Continent was not safe. There were many terrifying creatures.

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Being unarmed, he did not want to deal with such an existence. It was better to develop for a period of time first.

Soon, a golden light rose from the border of his territory, isolating this land from the outside world.


[The country has been established. Ruler, please expand your power to your heart's content!]

Next, it was time to develop the strength of the country.

Li Xiang studied it carefully and realized that if he wanted to develop the country, he could do it from five aspects.

They were [Military], [Technology], [Business], [Culture], and [Religion].


Each sub-category had its own unique aspects, and each had its own advantages.

Basically, the lords would determine which sub-category they wanted to choose based on their awakened lord attributes.

This type of lord attribute was completely random, and there were strong and weak.

It was split into ranks from F to SSS, a total of nine ranks, and the strength of each sub-category would increase.


Those who managed to draw strong attributes would naturally be able to expand their territory and even establish their own country and empire.

The Military and Technology branches were undoubtedly those who walked this path.

Those who drew weak attributes would have to think of ways to form an alliance with those talented kings. They could even provide resources to curry favor with the strong ones in exchange for protection.

Talents like Business, Culture, and Religion could not protect themselves in the early stages, so they could only choose to do this.

Of course, the most basic types of soldiers were available. As for whether they were weak civilians or well-trained soldiers, it all depended on luck.

Basically, everyone hoped that they could awaken a very strong talent.

Unfortunately, this system announced the probability of each rank's talent awakening.

Along with the F-Rank talent being 50%, when added together with the E-Rank and D-Rank talent, it accounted for 90% of the total probability.


Basically, most people's talents would fall within this range.

As for the highest SSS-Rank talent, the awakening rate was only 0.05%.


One could imagine that with such a large probability span, the improvement brought by a high-rank talent would definitely be exaggerated.

“It would be good enough to be able to obtain C-Rank.”

Li Xiang did not have much hope for his own luck, and he was thinking about how to know what talent he had awakened.


The next moment, a virtual information panel appeared in his field of vision, displaying rows of words.

[Personal Information], [Friend Information], [World Chat Channel], [Cross-Border Trade Channel], and so on.


These menus could be opened.

First, he checked his own information.

[Country Lord: Li Xiang]

[Talent: Demon Lair (SSS-Rank, only one), Territory Devour (Able to grow, current Rank)]


[Power: 5 (Affects soldier's attack)]

[Agility: 3 (Affects soldier's attack speed, movement speed, and critical rate)]

[Intelligence: 4 (Affects soldier's skill release efficiency and power)]

[Vitality: 2 (Affects soldier's defense and HP)]

[Strength: Mortal]

[Country Rank: Primitive Tribe]

[Country's Core Soldiers: None at the moment]

[Country's Building: None at the moment]

[Equipment: None]

[Resources: None at the moment]

“SSS-Rank talent?”

Li Xiang rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

The highest rank talent was drawn by him?

Moreover, he seemed to have more than one talent?

Li Xiang breathed quickly and took a quick look again.

[Demon Lair (SSS-Rank, only one)]: You have obtained the birthplace of the primitive demon, and all the demon soldiers in the fantasy legends fight for you.


[Territory Devour (Able to grow, current Rank)]: When you devour other hostile and neutral territories, you can also devour their territory attribute and raise it to a higher level!


“Damn! This is real!”

“The only one SSS-Rank talent, and an Rank growth-type talent!”


“Aren't I invincible now?”


Li Xiang was extremely excited.

Just from that “only one” words, he knew that this demon was definitely a top-rank soldier, and its strength was definitely extremely powerful.


The stronger the initial soldier, the higher the starting point.

This meant that compared to the other country lords, in the early stages, he could quickly accumulate resources, expand his territory, and increase his strength, leaving the others far behind!

However, this Demon Lair had not been set up yet, so he could not breed demons for the time being.


Li Xiang turned his head to look at the pitch-black mountain behind him. He looked at the cave on the mountainside, deep in thought.


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Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank Chapter 1 – SSS–Rank Talent, Demon Lair!
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