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Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha


Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha

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The series Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Chapter 0

"Oh my goodness, I die"

Was what I thought when that bright red mouth of that giant monstrous opened and rushed towards me.

 A remote city located at the edge of the continent, a small city called Malt at the edge of the Yalan Kingdom.

 In the low level labyrinth near it, "Labyrinth of the starters", I, who was earning daily savings while hunting a monster, a copper class low level adventurer, as usual went to the same labyrinth as always. In the start layer, there were skeletons, and I harvested goblins and gathered raw materials and magic stones.

It is a daily routine and today I did the usual as well. 

it is around the evening, I need to return to the city and get a payment for the materials from the adventurers guild and with that I can live for several days.

I intended to do so.

And yet, it appeared abruptly.

Because it is a labyrinth that I went to every day, I had never got lost in this labyrinth, but on that day I discovered a different passageway..

This was bad luck. Yes, it was bad.

Originally, I should ignore such things.


Adventurers say a lot about adventures, but recklessly rushing forward is a no.

Although, in reality, there are more people who rush in without thinking and I was a fool who can not be missed in that example as well.

Anyway, if a new passageway was found in the "Labyrinth of Starters" which is said to have been discovered long ago and was said to have been entirely explored, this is a major discovery.

Perhaps there is also a kind of high ranking magician or armor, or another treasures, or if you do not find anything, mapping it is enough for a huge wealth.

With that kind of stupid idea, I stepped in on that passage.

As a result, in a giant empty space while I was walking for a while, I faced a giant monster that appeared suddenly.

I think it was a dragon, but I'm not sure, as I never saw before such a creature.

Dragons are the highest rank of monsters, It is a monster that is said to have no enemy even if taken by several SS class adventurers.

Its appearance is varied, there are types such as a general dragon, others slender, and there seems to be a kind of frog giant.

It seems that the person who encounters it, is not able to survive, so it is unusual to encounter one, or no one who encountered one was able to live to tell the tale, so it's unknown because only things that can be confirmed counted in history.

Its strength is comparable to the kings monsters who are said to only exist four in the whole world, and those existences are without precedent, more like fairytales.

In other words, it means that I'm confirmed to be defeated by that monster without using even one little finger and...

such a thing appeared in front of me, what a luck..

I cannot even think about fighting so.. I tried to run away immediately, thinking that I would die if I did not run away.


I noticed, even if in my head I was running, my feet did not move.

No, in fact my entire body, no matter where I move it will not move.

I guess that's what one feels, but I know of one phenomenon.

When powerful magical powers are overwhelming, freedom of the body does not work at all.

There is such a thing, very rarely.

This is exactly that.

I could not tolerate the pressure of the dragon and was in a state where I could not move completely.

What I was able to do at that time was just asking in my mind why this had to happen, while staring at the monster in front of me, please do not eat me.

But the reality was not sweet.

The dragon opened its mouth wide and came rushing to me.

Oh, I'm going to be eaten.

If I thought before that it would be dangerous and not rush... either way, I can not do anything about this situation anymore.

As I can not move.

At my age of fifteen I became an adventurer, my dream was to become a platinum class.. I lived dreaming of climbing up to that class.

While earning and saving money, that dream has not stopped even now, I have been training everyday

Well then, my end is here?

It is unavoidable.

Both feelings of terrible regret and the feeling of being stopped from following my dream fully occupy my heart.

And my body fell within the mouth of the dragon...

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Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Chapter 0
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