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Everyone Has Four Skills

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2 Votes

Everyone Has Four Skills


Everyone Has Four Skills

(2 Votes)
Li Xinsui
Action;  Adventure;  Fantasy;  
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Chapters 570
Of spring
Chapter 615 completed. Mc is stupid, system and skill gain are a bit grounded. World building is meh. From what i have read in reviews author messed up a good story.
Feb 14, 2024
it's pretty good novel as of chapter 40 I am currently on🙃
Oct 29, 2023
The series Everyone Has Four Skills contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18.
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Chapter 1
Everyone Has Four Skills Chapter 1

Mo Xiu

At Shun City First High School.

In the classroom of Year 3 Class 1…


“There are still more than ten days left until the college entrance examination. Everyone must revise their theoretical knowledge, especially those who have yet to awaken their abilities. You must thoroughly research the theories behind your abilities. However, the awakened students must not be careless either. The college entrance examination will really determine a person's fate.”

A man dressed in black was standing at the podium. He was Gao Quan, the form teacher of Year 3 Class 1.

Unlike the other relaxed students, Mo Xiu's eyes were filled with seriousness and determination.

After all, Mo Xiu knew that the college entrance examination might not be that important to those with good family backgrounds.

However, to him, this was an opportunity to change his fate, an opportunity that he had no choice but to seize.

Gao Quan continued, “We will start self-studying until noon. After lunch, we will train at the training grounds.”

After Gao Quan finished speaking, he turned and left. Some of the students started chatting when they saw the form teacher leaving.

“Hey, have you guys heard? Zhou Qiuwu from Class Two awakened his skills yesterday. It's said that he awakened two skills.”

“Really? Two skills? That's too strong. He's pulling away from us. Do you know what skills he has?”

“Of course, he's from a prestigious family. There's no need to talk about his talent. Anyway, are you an idiot? Who wouldn't keep their skills a secret?”

“True, true!”

Mo Xiu ignored the students around him. Instead, he began to revise the curriculum from his first year of high school, which included the origins of skills, and the basic analysis of these skills.

He flipped to the first page of his notes, which detailed the origins of skills.

“Skills are a special gift bestowed upon humans by the heavens. A meteor landed on Earth, and the meteor emitted a huge light. Then, invisible radiation swept across the entire world, creating the current world. That meteor was named ‘The Beginning', and it is now being kept by the Sea Race…”

On the second page…

“From then on, humans were bestowed with extraordinary abilities, which are currently known as the four skills. Everyone has four skills. On the day of their 18th birthday, they will awaken their first skill. After that, they will awaken one skill every year.”

These game-like abilities landed on Earth, and Earth underwent a tremendous change.

Mo Xiu's birthday was tomorrow, and he had yet to awaken his abilities. If the college entrance examination could change his fate, then awakening would decide his fate.

The strength and use of one's skills directly determined the direction of a person's future development.

Therefore, when his 18th birthday was approaching, he was filled with anxiety.

Unknowingly, the afternoon bell rang.

Ring ring ring…

“Hey! Mo Xiu, stop reading. It's time to eat. Are you really going to start revising your theoretical knowledge from scratch?”

The person who spoke was Zheng Yi, Mo Xiu's only friend in high school.

Mo Xiu calmly closed his book and smiled calmly. “Why not?”

Zheng Yi was stunned for a moment before saying, “That's up to you. Let's go and eat!”

Then, the two of them went to the canteen to eat. The moment they sat down, Zheng Yi sneakily whispered into Mo Xiu's ear.

“Mo Xiu, there's a gathering tonight. Come with me.”

As Mo Xiu ate, he glanced at Zheng Yi and shook his head. “No, I have to train at the training grounds tonight.”

Zheng Yi pursed his lips and said, “How boring. Mu Qingyi will be attending this gathering as well. Don't say that I won't help you.”

Mu Qingyi was the class monitor. With Mo Xiu, they were the two most hardworking people in the entire class.

The two of them were usually the last to leave the school, so they usually had some interactions.

When Zheng Yi saw that Mo Xiu seemed to be very close to Mu Qingyi, he decided to play the role of a matchmaker.

“I won't go no matter who goes!”

“You're practically a block of wood.”

At the training grounds of Shun City First High School.

“Ah! So handsome! Mo Xiu has broken the speed record again!”

“That's right, that's right. He finished this 100-meter race in 7.65 seconds. Oh my god, could this be a school record?”

“The two of you, stop being love-struck. Can't you see Mo Xiu's face? Don't even think about it.”

A group of girls were discussing Mo Xiu.

The college entrance examination was divided into three categories. The first was a theory test, the second was a physical test, and the third was a skill test.

There was no need to explain the theory test. It would test the knowledge they had learned from their textbooks.

The physical test included a strength test, a speed test, and a combat test.

Meanwhile, the skill test involved using a computer-simulated enemy to test the usage and strength of one's skills.

There was no need for Mo Xiu to worry about the first two categories. After all, he was first in school for the theory component, while the results of his physical test were even better.

There was a saying in Shun City First High School. The results of the physical test could be divided into three grades. The top grade was Mo Xiu, the second grade was empty, while the rest of the school was in the third grade.

The only thing Mo Xiu was worried about was the skill test. Time was too tight, and there were only ten days left until the college entrance examination.

There would be very little time to figure out his own skills.

“I ran 100 meters in 7.65 seconds, and my fist power is 230.4 kilograms. I have to work harder. Since I don't know my skills. I have to improve my results in the two other tests as much as possible.”

Then, an abrupt and arrogant voice broke the silence.

“Mo Xiu, do you dare to compete with me?”

The newcomer was called Wang Xuanhu. He was in the same class as Mo Xiu, and his results had always been suppressed by Mo Xiu and Mu Qingyi. It could be said that he was firmly in third place.

As he had been below Mo Xiu all year round, he was very unhappy.

He couldn't stand how arrogant Mo Xiu had always been. Coincidentally, there were many people paying attention to Mo Xiu today, so he wanted to use this opportunity to embarrass Mo Xiu.

“Compete in what?”

“Compete in actual combat, of course. The college entrance examination is about actual combat. It's not easy to find an opponent to train with, right?”

Mo Xiu thought for a moment. Indeed, he did not have much combat experience. Thus, he agreed without any hesitation.

The two of them arrived at a square-shaped field with a length and width of 25 meters. The official way to determine the winner was to either leave the boundaries of the field or fall to the ground.

Mo Xiu's physique was terrifying, and no one had dared to challenge him throughout his three years of high school. Hence, this match had attracted a large number of onlookers.

At this moment, Zheng Yi squeezed into the crowd. When he saw someone challenging Mo Xiu, his interest was piqued.

He shouted, “Wang Xuanhu, are you itching for a beating?”

Zheng Yi wasn't being arrogant by saying that. In a competition where skills weren't used, Mo Xiu was invincible.

“Shall we begin?”

Mo Xiu said as he stretched out a hand and made an inviting gesture.

Wang Xuanhu did not answer. Instead, he took a big stride forward and accelerated towards Mo Xiu.

Zheng Yi shouted despicably from among the audience.

The two of them were not far from each other to begin with. Thus, Wang Xuanhu's sudden attack had caught Mo Xiu off guard.

However, Mo Xiu's expression was calm without a trace of panic. He exerted strength in his legs and advanced instead of retreating. Then, he arrived at Wang Xuanhu's right in a flash and punched him in the stomach.


Wang Xuanhu fell to the ground in pain. After a while, seeing that Mo Xiu did not continue attacking, he slowly stood up.

The audience started discussing. Most people felt that the gap between the two was too great and that Wang Xuanhu would definitely lose.

Wang Xuanhu lowered his head and seemed to be thinking about something. Then, he launched another attack.

This time, Wang Xuanhu dodged Mo Xiu's kick.

Wang Xuanhu, who had dodged the attack, did not continue attacking. Instead, he grabbed Mo Xiu's leg.

Mo Xiu would not let go of this opportunity and punched Wang Xuanhu's chest.

Just when everyone thought that the match had ended, Wang Xuanhu flashed a sinister smile.

“First skill, Burst Sting!”

As everyone watched on in disbelief, spikes suddenly grew out of Wang Xuanhu's body.

At this moment, it was impossible for Mo Xuesha to retract his fist. He could only make a clawing gesture with his hands to minimize the damage.

His hand firmly grabbed onto the spikes on Wang Xuanhu's body. Then, Mo Xiu borrowed the force and pulled out his left leg to retreat.

Although Mo Xiu was prepared, he was still heavily injured. His left leg and right hand had been pierced by the spikes.

Zheng Yi rushed into the arena and said angrily to Wang Xuanhu, “Wang Xuanhu, you actually used your skill. How shameless. I'll let you have a taste of suffering today.”

Wang Xuanhu had actually used a skill! Usually, both parties would tacitly agree not to use a skill in a competition. If they wanted to use a skill, they had to say so in advance.

Everyone knew that Mo Xiu had not awakened a single skill, so this was a deliberate trap by Wang Xuanhu.

The surrounding people also began to talk about how shameless Wang Xuanhu was. However, no one noticed that Mo Xiu was looking at his wound with excitement in his eyes.

Zheng Yi was about to charge forward when Mo Xiu grabbed him and shook his head, indicating for him not to.

Zheng Yi whispered, “Mo Xiu, how can you tolerate this? I'll take responsibility if anything happens.”

Mo Xiu pulled Zheng Yi behind him and walked to Wang Xuanhu step by step. He extended a hand and said, “Let's continue. How about it?”


The entire audience cried out in surprise. He was already in this state, yet he still wanted to continue?

Wang Xuanhu was stunned and did not speak.

“Right! You can use your skills!”


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