episode 2 life is so fun

episode 2 life is so fun

My life in this world is going much well. I am now 8. The time is going faster than I thought, I want to slow this path. I am enjoying my life. Mom and Dad always ask my wishes that I never thought. There is a peculiarity of the world which always reminds my mind, I am actually coming here to save them which can only be fulfilled by me. I always remind my mind that you have to go outside the house. Which I still can't. My mother also does not force me on this matter.
"Maymoh, you come here. You can lend a hand to my work if you want. Why sit and read story books all day."
I'm coming mom. I wasn't reading a story book. I was writing a little diary. [I have to go for their help. I'll write my story later.]
Yes, mother. Why did you call me?
"Listen. Now you have completed 8 years. You should take one of these 4 stones." (Mother)
Why? All these stones look beautiful. Why can't I choose all these stones?
"No. These stones depend on your profession. Look at the gold colored stone, it will be useful for your sword. And if you take this blue colored stone, it is magic stone. Again this red colored stone is your guide. It means you can become a nomad. It can take any form. And this black stone is a sign that you are like a common man." (Father)
"He should face another stone. This is to gain all the merits. And this is to fulfill all your responsibilities. And this is everything. Many have tried to return it, but to return it, he needs the blood of 24 different kinds of demons. And with that blood he is bathed." (Mama)
I will then take this dark green colored stone. And this is perfect for me.
"But this needs to be thought about."
no I don't want to think about it anymore mom. I think this is right for me. I want to travel, and this stone will help me, so am I right?
"Yes, you are right. But DEMON, only we ordinary people know 13 species. And we have been able to defend these 13 species well."
So what happened. I won't come back again. Are you not happy with me?
"Alright, we will give you this stone of yours in the right form. Before that, you learn two things from your mother and me. And in 3 months or 1 year, you will learn these two ways. I hope you can cook well. ?"
Ok I will learn these three ways in one year and go on my journey mom and dad. I am happy that you are with me.


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