Ultimate Assassin System Vol 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Storm Bear of Ax Gang

Translator: Vitus
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In the afternoon, a multitude boats went to-and-fro along the Lai Nao river bank while advertising eateries such as river carp.

The southern port, just like a giant prehistoric monster, stops and handles the passing ships.

But it is clear that this ancient monster’s mouth is not big enough since there are a lot of ships densely arranged outside the port. Some small vessels intruded carelessly, thus directly clogging the congestion.

However this usually this scene does not last because soon there will be some complication.

Some of the giant cargo freighters marked with aristocratic clan emblem, relied on their massive hull to push through to the port. The sailor’s of the giant freighters complain incessantly, cursing the middle and small sized ships arranged in the front to get scattered. And the sailor above the giant ship laughs while watching the distressed small vessels which are drawing back trying to evade.

After these bothering freighters roll by, some boats take advantage and follow-up to the port. But even after entering the harbor, the time to relax is far from arriving, because they have to grab the new shipment of goods at the dock.

South port now has a total of more than 70 docks, extending dozens of miles. This number sounds enough, but in reality, these terminals are logged with ships for 24 hours a day without interruption, even then there are still a lot of ships waiting outside.

On south dock number 68th, a fruit-laden ship was being docked. Suddenly, a gang of 7-8  muscular men gathered up. Their head was a dark-skinned, black-bearded man.

That black fellow cried in a rough voice: “Ship owner, where is the ship owner at?”

The fat ship owner saw that these people had encircled them, he couldn’t help but feel bitter. He then forced a smiley face and saluted with a hand cupped in the other: “I am the ship owner, why does the good man look for me?”

“What is going on? Heh heh. Good news!”

Good news? Heck, these ruthless scoundrel stalking can be good news.

Without waiting for the fat man to say anything, the man in black continued: “Your ship just arrived, certainly must be looking for porters for the goods. I have some people, and you now have help on your fingertips. You say, isn’t this good news?”

Fat owners kept up with a smile: “Please move aside good man, in fact, I have invited the… uh……”

Hearing this, a person next to the black man intentionally or unintentionally loosened his clothes, a tattoo of an ax impressively loomed across his chest.

The black-bearded man laughed a few times: “Haha, had invited someone? That’s just fine, let this brother enlarge their vision! I’d like to see who doesn’t give face to storm bear of the ax gang!”

The ax gang? A chill ran down the owner’s spine since he runs down this route frequently, he apparently knew about the ax band of black rock city.

Although the name of ax gang isn’t particularly large, it is still one of the mid-sized gang consisting of hundreds of people who from the eldest to the youngest all used axes and displayed proactive conduct.

The fat owner wiped the sweat mark under his hat, and he knew that he couldn’t hide today. The fat owner said: “In fact, what I’m trying to say is, please do prepare to help me with unloading.

I wonder what your fee is……”

“Ha ha, this fee isn’t that high, I storm bears have always been straightforward, let us settle the tr

ip at three silver coins…… “

” What? Three, three silver coins? This is daylight robbery! ” the owner sternly exclaimed. For the entire cargo to be transported, about 1000 back and forth trips were needed, that is to say, the unloading costs went as high as 30 gold coins.

Dear heavens, the profit from the ship cargo could reach at the most, a 100 gold coins. Excluding the cost of materials, remuneration of the sailors, ship repairs and maintenance costs, the net profit was only about 50 gold coins. But now someone asking for the larger share out of this made him furious.

There was a fierce glint in storm bears eyes, and he thundered: “Robbery? Damn, you have to apologize. Otherwise, I’ll chop you with my ax. My brothers make money with their strength, who the fuck is robbing you?”

The ship owner heart thumped when he saw the fierce glint in storm bears eyes. But he was unwilling to give away more than half of his profits and went silent.

“Yo, the shipment consists of fruits, the owner has good vision, they are in high demand during this season.” Storm Bears grabbed a fruit from a nearby box and chewed on it noisily. The time is running out, and these will probably rot within 2 or 3 days, it’s a shame to let them rot. Does the owner think otherwise?”

This sentence left the owner thoroughly discouraged. He knew that without conceding to storm bears demands, it would be next to impossible to unload his shipments. Moreover, the fruits would rot soon, and rotten fruits apparently won’t sell.

The owner waved feebly: “Then I would be bothering you.”

Storm bears gave a satisfied smile: “The captain is wise. Our boss always says money is something that’s essential for living. Hehe….”

The captain now had no intention of refuting storm bears, he just smiled and waved his hand wryly.

“Button up, get to work! Asan, summon the porters for unloading.” Storm Bear led the muscular men of the gang and disembarked the boat.

“Alright.” A muscular man replied, “Well, boss storm bears, isn’t that the deputy leader over there?”

In the distance a middle-aged man could be seen, his hands folded, with a smiling face, followed by a few dull and brawny people behind him.

“Ah! They have arrived to inspect. Let us go greet them.”

The sight of storm bears walking along with his gang seemed very very conspicuous. The middle-aged man on seeing tem also smiled and nodded. Storm Bear bowed his head and saluted: “Welcome deputy head.”

“Good, good, so you are Storm Bear. What’s the status of business progress here?”

Storm bears on realizing that deputy leader also knows him, gained a great deal of face, he breathed heavily and reported: “Doing well, doing well. We just made a fortune earlier.”

“Um, okay. The pier you manage here is a major source of wealth, do not let your gang down.”

Storm bears blood boiled up, he responded loudly: “Yes, please rest assured deputy master, I will make very effort to raise the efficiency of the gang.”

Deputy head smilingly said: “Good, good. But Storm bear, this pier is most sensitive,  so be careful. I heard that you crippled a sailor a few days ago?”

“Uh… I was just trying to scare the owner, who knew that his sailor wouldn’t give up without a fight, so I ended up making a mistake…… I hope deputy head could forgive me.”

“That was a thing of the past since it was for the gang, how can I blame you. Since you can fight as such, I need your help to deal with someone, from now onwards you will be working for me.”

“Thank you for the promotion deputy head! Deputy head in fact, who is it that we need to kill? I’m desperate to get it done.” Storm bear’s face flushed, he looked very excited. He knew he had a chance of succeeding if he could seize this opportunity. Thus, the position he held would greatly be enhanced.

“Well, there is a man. That guy is a gambler, owes us a lot of money since a long time. He doesn’t have much ability. I want you deal with him quickly to send a reminder to all those who owe us.”

“Deputy head rest assured, tonight I’ll go and kill him.”

“Pretty straightforward.” the middle-aged man praised him and said to the person standing at the back: “Ten gold coins to storm bear. Storm bear, this will be your reward for finishing the job, I hope our brethren feel alright about it.”

Storm Bear took the gold coins while trembling” “Thank you, deputy head.”

It was the first time that Storm bear had this much money, although he earned 30 gold coins earlier, that was the gang’s money, he is unable to pocket any of it, this is because the gang has specially assigned people to collect that money. His payment for every month is fixed, sometimes he gets a little more reward for his exploits, but his net worth never exceeded 50 silver coins.

The deputy leader patted over storm bear’s shoulder, a goodwill gesture. Then leisurely walked away.

Once the deputy head walked away, the gang members rapidly gathered and congratulated storm bears. Of course, their eyes were staring straight at the ten gold coins.

“Let’s see, let’s see…. I can still pocket a lot, ah, I Storm Bears is what kind of person? First, let’s look for the gambler. After he is done, I’ll go find some cute girls with big boobs and fat asses.”

“The boss is wise. I would like to tag along.”

“The boss is mighty. I’ll come along as well.”


Afterward, the group of muscular men gathered around storm bears and flattered him crazily.

At this time, storm bears did not notice that at his side, an ordinarily faced man was staring at the gold coins with smoldering eyes.

“I never imagined that I could make extra money from this task……”

That is Tang En, he monitored storm bear for quite some time, but he didn’t attack recklessly.

After being personally taught by the old butler, Tang En knew that assassination in this world was not as simple as pulling a trigger, doing that is only a microcosm of assassination.

There is still plenty of work to do. This includes the collection of objective data, analysis of target strength, behaviors, and to develop the most appropriate plan to kill, selecting the scene, simulation of hands-on scenarios, development of evacuation routes. When an accident occurs, how fast can he handle it, proper judgment, and so on?

The work is tedious, and sometimes you merely observe, at times the assassination is done without much effort. But someday if you have planned it, it has to be done on that day itself.

Tang En cherishes his life, at least until he kills Sethman, he cannot afford to die. So he doesn’t mind spending some more time to complete the tedious work, to finish the preparations to kill.

Since storm bear promised the deputy leader, he naturally didn’t neglect his job.

By pushing some money to the informants, Storm Bear quickly determined the identity of the gambler.

“Oh, it is that horrible gambler, this job is as good as done.”

Storm Bear knew the gambler, in fact, the muscular men around him all had a particular understanding of that person. Firstly, because the gambler swindled the people from the dock to get food to eat. And second, this guy is rotten to such a state. There are many people talking shit about him.

“He seems…. Like a pier 49th handyman.” One of the brawny men with good memory even remembered where the gambler did odd jobs.

Storm Bear said: “go, go.”

“Do it right now?”

“Idiot, I mean to scout, how can I kill him on the dock itself? Last time I crippled that sailor, but was arrested and got into trouble.”


The scouting technique of storm bear was undoubtedly at the lowest level, by moving to-and-fro on the pier, they can monitor their targets. But now the movement of these muscular men looked even more dramatic. Luckily, their monitoring target, a skinny man wearing a three-cornered hat, failed to notice them.

The thin man at this time quickly ran towards the pier, close to the vessel to catch the detached cable, it will be fixed it on the side of iron posts, and then plank the bridge to draw boats on the shore.

After all this was done, that skinny man held the three-cornered hat, turned and walked towards the coast.

“Uh….” on looking at this man’s face, Tang En opened his mouth wide, a little dumbfounded.

“Today you will die ah… It seems I won’t have to return the 20 silver coins.”

Chapter end

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